21 Oct 2011

Manchester United: The reason for the England team's constant failure...

Over the last 21 years, the England national team has persistently failed at the World Cup and the European Championships. Blame has regularly been attributed to failed managers, and the so-called 'Golden Generation' of pampered Premier League primadonnas. However, there is one common denominator underpinning England's continual failure, and that is the negative influence of Manchester United players.

Wayne Rooney's recent red card against Montengro should come as no real surprise; in the history of the England national team, Man United players have received the most red and yellow cards whilst on England duty, and this poor disciplinary record has led directly to England's failure in major tournaments:


Second round: David Beckham is sent off against Argentina whilst England are on the ascendancy. England ultimately get knocked out.


Quarter final: Wayne Rooney is sent off against Portugal whilst England are on the ascendancy. England ultimately get knocked out.

EURO 2012

Qualifying: Wayne Rooney is sent off against Montenegro, and subsequently banned for the first three games of Euro 2012, which inarguably reduces England's chances of progressing out of the group stage.

Whatever way you slice it, Man United players have a habit of sabotaging the England national team. And it's not just players...

EURO 2008

England are managed by former Man United Assistant manager Steve McClaren. The performance of the team hits rock bottom, leading to an ignominious failure to qualify for Euro 2008.

England's best performance at an international tournament post-1966 was in 1990. England's squad that year contained only two Man United players (Neil Webb and Bryan Robson), neither of whom played any significant role in the tournament. England managed to get the semi-finals. Coincidence? I think not.

Conversely, in recent years, there is arguably a correlation between the number of Man United players in the squad and the continued failure of the England team.

The solution is obvious: limit the number of Man United players in the England team, and chances of success increase exponentially.

Alas, the FA has already confirmed that Rooney will be in the Euro 2012 squad, along with (probably) several other Man United players, which means failure is almost certainly guaranteed.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. the write of this article is a knob...and knows FA about football...stands to reason he must be loserpool supporter...no mention of all the other years England failed only highlighting the years MU players were involved.

  2.  Even as a Liverpool supporter - that's the most ridiculous sh1t I ever heard.

  3. Utter bulshit from a bitter scouse who is just myopic to facts.I wager you would make more sense when you are silent.You've chosen to take the well trodden road of being the one eyed blind man n focussed on trivial matters that involved the CHAMPIONS as opposed to the salient problems and frailties that have bedevilled the national team.I just dont have enough middle fingers to show you what you are.Nonetheless keep wanking and losing sleep over UNITED you imbecile.

  4. I do not believe this even deserves a reply .

  5. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha Jason youre such a tool hahaha

    United are a joke just like this article. My new name for United is Bolton 2, they came and tried to park the bus last week, FEAR FROM FERGIE hahahah

  6. That's because MU have the most players over the years in the England team