27 Oct 2011

LAWRENSON: "Finishing 6th would be progress for Liverpool..." Agree?

Mark Lawrenson stated earllier in the week that he believes Liverpool 'are not good enough' to finish in the top 4. For many fans, that is an incendiary statement, but if you think that's bad, you 'aint seen nothin' yet!

On Ireland's Today FM show, Lawrenson also stated:

"They [Liverpool] can’t finish in the top four positions but 5th or 6th will represent progress for them".

Do you agree with this?

For me, finishing 5th or 6th would not be progress at all; it would be a step backwards. This season's stated goal is to finish in the top 4, and after spending tens of millions of pounds on reinforcing the squad, Kenny Dalglish will know that failure to achieve this will have serious repercussions.

Despite recent stuttering form in the league, I think Liverpool have just as much chance as anyone else of finishing 4th.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If Lawro had remained Brighton's centre back would anyone be interested in his views ? Does he think he would carved a cosy litttle niche as a pundit without his LFC CV ???  

  2. Agree. 3rd or 4th place is a must this season otherwise i think it will have serious implications in the transfer market as we will be looking at the 2nd tier of player instead of the very best who will always want champs league.

     Whilst the europa league is still a european place it is actually a dogfight of a competition which i would hope liverpool can avoid.

  3. Sorry Mark this year we should be targeting f4th and FA cup and Carling cup trophies. that is Liverpool anything less would be a dissapoinment.

  4. Top Four is the goal. Period. Anything less is a step-back. The squad is good enough.

  5. Top 4 is the aim obviously but we haven't made it easy for ourselves. Because of the lack of Suarez-standard, goalscoring quality that we should have signed (or even attempted to sign) in the summer, we've left ourselves open to remarks like Lawrenson's.

    Personally, I agree that 6th or indeed 5th might be a backward step, but does anyone think that we're a better team than Spurs? Can we spread the goals out among the squad like Spurs? On this season's form, you'd have to suggest not.

    It might be defeatist, or it might be realist - but these questions have to be answered.

    And that's not even mentioning Arsenal.

  6. is this really a lfc legend? not really, what a harsh statement over this club and hes not the only one, keegan aldo barnes have all been talking bullsh*t recently wtf is wrong with them a legend doesnt talk like that towards his former club they're legends thanks to this club and now dissing the club with no reason and not backing them at all this is too stupid and immature shame on them

  7. I don't think it's defeatist thinking at all - it's always better to err on the side of realism IMO. At this stage, I don't think we're a better side that Spurs. We would've been if we'd spent the £75m splurged on Downing, Henderson and Carroll more wisely. $75m! Imagine the quality of player we could've got for that.

    Henderson will probably come good on about 3 years, but Carroll and Downing is money wasted as far as I'm concerned.

    The thing that sums it up for me is this: So far this season, £8m Charlie Adam has more goals and assists than Downing, Henderson and Carroll combined.

    The excuse that they're just 'settling in' cannot be used indefinitely, especially as they're premier league proven players.

  8. Agree with you 100%...imagine 75million..and players we bought..do you think if any other manager would have bought these 3 for this amount.??

  9. Despite a possible 5th or 6th place, any naysayers Who can't wait to see Kenny sacked will handed a huge delusion. Kenny is here to stay to rebuilding the Club in a long term view. FACT.
    And it depends from domestic competition & young players development: If We had a good run in domestic cups, a 5th or 6th place at the end could be easily considered a big step forward, especially if Players like Kelly, Robinson, Spearo, Coady and Sterling will make the grade.

  10. Is Downing a waste of money? No matter if We have different views (cause Downing is a superb winger for me, and not a waste of money), but We do know that players like Juan Mata, Silva & co are wage hunters, money grabbing  interested in CL's football: something that We can't guarantee.
    Kenny is trying to rebuilding the Club with good players Who are here to stay and improve their football: I can't expect that You can't understand these concepts...

  11. Lawrenson and hansen are great friends of Dalglish they wouldnt dare say the truth and undermine Dalglish.If Rafa was brought back instead of Dalglish and spent £130m in 6 months and had us languishing midtable losing leads at anfield against the lower clubs in Sunderland and Norwich,Hansen and Lawrenson would have the knives out for Rafa but because its Dalglish,oh lets insult the Liverpool fans intelligence.I feel Dalglish is giving everything in the league cup so he can keep saying we want silverware,yet under Rafa getting to a league cup final,2 champions league finals,winning fa cup and finishing second in the prem only losing twice was considered a failure.Under Rafa the expectations were so high because of Rafa .Gerrard and Carra used to come out and say we are Liverpool fc we should be winning the champions league and the premiership,now under golden boy Kenny fifth or sixth and a quarter final league cup appearance is a success,what a joke we are becoming.

  12. We have a good chance of making the top 4 this season but the final league positions will be out of our hands unless we finish 1'st .

    Personally I'd be happy if we finished with more points , more goals , more clean sheets & more total wins than last season .

    I'd be very happy with 2 semi finals & I'd be over the moon if we won a trophy .

    Its not all about facts & figures & the way we have both stubborn sides & the top sides reacting to us is almost more important .

    So far this season we had Man Utd picking their team to cope with our tactics & thats a massive compliment & that cautious attitude toward us is the biggest sign we are improving & have already improved .

    In terms of facts & figures if we get a single point more than last season , concede one less goal & score one more goal than last season then that is progress .

    We have already gone further in the League Cup than in Rafa's last two attempts & Hodgsons effort , that too is progress .

    We have won at Arsenal this season for the 1'st time in 10 years & we have won at Stoke for the 1'st time in 11 years , that too is progress .

    The Title is the dream ,

    Top 4 + 2 semi finals is the aim .

    Top 3 & a trophy is the Hope .

    Anything above 6'th with improved goal difference , points tally & games won + 1 semi final is the base line or what so many like to call "Realistic" .

    We are a much stronger outfit than we are being given credit for & that is insulting to us Supporters & lets hope it insults the players professional  pride too .

  13. Its time to have your nappy changed cos your talking cr@p again. you kenny dalglish by any chance

  14. Haha, I've always had my suspicions!

    At press conferences or post match interviews anybody noticed what a tough time Kenny gives to reporters? the other day in his post match interview he was asked if Carroll's goal will give the lad a confidence boost and he snapped at the reporter!  

  15. Downing should have at least 5 assists this season he has been doing his job up to the others including Suarez to start finishing those crosses off.
    Lets see if last nights victory will get us going in front of goal.
    The team is not playing poorly, just the finishing we need to start scoring.
    Man United are n't firing.
    Chelsea are inconsistent.
    Arsenal are vulnerable.
    Spurs have played well once this season.
    Only Man City are showing real form.
    So any position from second downwards is up for grabs this season.

  16. I'm no more Kenny Dalglish than you are a depressed morbid whinging old menopausal woman .

    However I am going to take yer question as a compliment because I believe it to be true when they say that great minds think alike , while your whinging & Liv4laffs driveling proves that the opposite is also true & that fools seldom differ .

  17. oh there you are, wondered where you disappeared to!

  18. S'cuse me , I was busy for a moment managing one of the worlds 10 richest clubs .... Ahem !

  19. I see, need any tips and hints on player scouting?? 

  20. "yet under Rafa getting to a league cup final,2 champions league finals,winning fa cup and finishing second in the prem only losing twice was considered a failure."

    Actually it was the 7th place finish and loss of Champions League football, not to mention him publicly guaranteeing 4th spot, that was the failure.  None of the managers of the other top teams could have survived a placing that poor either, guaranteed.

  21. Look at the facts of Rafas last season,a wafer thin squad due to lack of investment,Torres and Gerrard missed most of season and Mascherranos head was elsewhere.The beachball incident.Everything that season that could of gone against us did yet Rafa still managed to get to another european semifinal despite all this.Dalglish gets handed £130m on a plate and suddenly 6th and a league cup quarter final is acceptable.Wake up.Rafa wanted Silva and the deal was done but the yanks wouldnt pay £12m this is what Rafa was up against,imagine if Rafa was in now with these owners he would have the premiership sewn up by christmas.On guaranteeing 4th the reporter was going on and on and in the end Rafa had to guarantee 4th or you and everyone else would if saidif  he doesnt have confidence in his own teamto guarantee 4th  what chance have they got, WOULDNT YOU.

  22. Am surprised Brehon hasn't tried signing Paul Koncheskey once again. After all he was going to be the next england captain too

  23. Lemme see now , nope I've signed no over hyped over paid guttless foreigners who have done nothing but robbed us this past 5 years so I think I'll carry on tha way I am , thanks all tha same .

  24. Now yer just making shit up in desperation , Dalglish got rid of Koncheskey the 1'st chance he got & I never said a word .

    But with that said I'd have Koncheskey everyday of the week ahead of Aurelio , even if Aurelio wasnt a lying con artist living offa sick notes .

    Much better tactically , much better defensively , much better in possession , he is an all around much more consistent player & the way the fans treated him is a disgrace to our club as is how they treated Robbie Keane & Insua .

    Konchesky would have been an ideal back up for Enrique .

  25. Pity you didn't advise kenny to get rid of aurellio instead of Koncheskey. how did kenny make such a mistake. whilst your at it tell him to buy Luke young for 20million and peter crouch for 50 MILLION at least because he has scored more goals than Carroll..to partner Carroll ..any other useless English talent you find ...just buy it..

    arsenal sign Chamberlin for 12million and we sign Henderson for 20 million and look at both and tell me who signed the better player

  26. Henderson , obviously .

    Chamberlin like Walcott , tactically is a headless chicken & its only politics that sees them playing professional football at all let alone Premier League football .

  27. I totally agree with you Jamie that the team should be A LOT better than it is for the money that was spent on improving it (we only lost one first team player, seeing as Dalglish clearly didn't rate Meireles), but I continue to argue that you are overplaying Adam's contributions - especially if you're going to compare him to Henderson who is being played out of position (when he does play) and has a goal and couple of assists to his name also.

    IRT the money though, when I kept bringing up Frank Riijkaard previously everybody kept talking about how much money he spent to revitalise Barcelona. Funnily enough, now we've spent similar amounts apparently to just challenge for a Champions League place, whereas Riijkaard built a team soon widely recognised as the best in Europe again.

    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Dalglish is having a similarly slow start and will come good over the coming months too, instead of buying into the low standards demanded by most associated with LFC nowadays

    (BTW, even if we just look at transfers made in the last window alone it could be said that we could've found four or five better more suitable players for that kind of money, rather than just two! :-o)

  28. So if Mata or Silva came to us they would've been honourable, moralistic do-gooders, but if they choose to go to any other club (who might happen to offer higher wages but also offer better immediate prospects on the pitch too) then they're obviously just money hungry wasters??

    Wasn't Carroll loved by Newcastle, Adam by Blackpool and Downing by Villa? What's the difference other than the latter players weren't offered transfers by teams higher up the pecking order than us at the moment?

  29. Hodgson would've loved to have Silva, Ronaldo, Messi etc handed to him also.

    It's up to a manager to work with what he's got at the current time. Dalglish has been fortunate to luck into the biggest windfall we've had for as long as I can remember, but that doesn't mean that any of his failing predecessors have a right to try again under the new circumstances

  30. Maybe you're right about Adam - I guess we'll see over the next couple of months. Based on his history, I think he'll continue to do the business in terms of creative contribution, but we'll see.

  31. Rafa's btransfer record was not an honeymoon.
    For any good sign (Torres, Agger, Reina, Xavi) Rafa made a host of mistakes during the transfer window. Riera (not Downing) was a waste of money, as well as Nunez, Gonzalez, Josemi, Pellegrino, Kromkamp, Morientes and the list goes on.
    Rafa had good moments and there's place in the history of LFC, but Rafa is a man Who made some wrongs like every man of the earth.
    Stop to idolatrise him and think to support NOW THE CLUB AND THE MANAGER.
    If Rafa comes first for You, then You should switch your own Club for the next Rafa's Club, and becoming a wellow submarine.
    Kenny did some errors? I'm really happy of  what Kenny's doing just now, but if He had some errors, no problem, He has three years deal, and I will judge him on long term.