23 Oct 2011

KENNY DALGLISH: Luis Suarez is 'suffering'

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has suggested that Luis Suarez may be feeling the strain over Patrice Evra's recent allegations.

In a post-match interview, Dalglish again made it clear that the club is 100% behind Suarez, but he also seemed to suggest that the the stress from Evra's unsubstantiated allegations may have been playing on the Uruguayan's mind during the game:

"Sometimes you don't finish [chances], but that doesn't take away from him [Suarez], his ability, and his integrity and everything else as a footballer.

"Some people pulled that integrity into question, maybe he's suffering a bit from that as well.

"We've got a hunded percent faith in Suarez and how he conducts himself"

The issue will clearly be on Suarez's mind but I doubt it has anything to do with his failure to finish his chances during the game.

As I highlighted a few weeks ago Suarez's shooting accuracy needs to improve. So far this season, only 29% of his overall shots on goal have actually hit the target.

Suarez is undoubtedly a fantastic player, and it should be remembered that he creates many chances for himself out of nothing, but there is definitely room for improvement there.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Seems strange that Kenny Dalglish has not recieved the same treatment as SAF, in one of his conferences that the FA has blocked him from speaking about the allagations,

    Kenny seems free to talk about them, offering his backing, commenting on how they have effected the player ect


  2. Suarez is amazing to watch but does miss chances, Liverpool are playing fantastic football to watch. We are not far away from a brilliant side!!!!

  3. i think kuyt and johnson need to go . kuyt has been a big let down .suarez is amazing like his style of play we do need new players if we want to win the premiership and get 4th spot . a lot of dead wood has to go carroll needs to show up as well dont know if he fits in  to the liverpool team time will tell a story

  4. To some extent I agree with this article, but Jamie it is clear that he is not a finisher like Torres , Owen, Fowler , or Rush. That is no criticism of him as believe he is Liverpools best player but the stronger aspects to his game are creation, movement, drawing defenders out of position which would allow the possibility of a number of goals for a partnering striker.
    Not to sound too negative, but the finisher we purchased for 35million just does not simply compliment Suarez's game. There are numerous times where Suarez has shown the ability for one touch passes and then spins and makes runs, or needs the ball early or some movement to thread a ball through after a dribble but I do not believe Carroll has the mobility or speed of thought to offer this. Again not criticising him as I feel sorry for Andy, the strengths he displayed at Newcaslte are not in line with our own footballing ethos which is why he is struggling. We miss a clinical finisher like Torres / Owen / Fowler / Rush who all had quick feet, offered movement, and finished off chances created by partnering strikers ... Suarez is not that finisher but I believe at the present moment he is Liverpools only World class Player that if coupled with the right type of Striker would produce a nightmare for most defences in the English League

  5. Jamie and Stevie should retire as both of them are past it.
    We should never of signed Henderson, Adam, Downing and Carroll as they are not good enough and should be sold asap Johnson and Kuyt should also be sold.
    I always knew we would struggle with the signings we made this summer as they are not good enough for Liverpool and should of signed much much better.




  7. williams simeon etete1:58 pm, October 23, 2011

    the two match lfc played within these two weeks should make mr,kenny act quickly to bring in the likes of HIGUAIN frrom real mad.and HULK from fc, porto,KARIM BENZEMA though morinho won't let him go to add sharpen up our attack in a way that once they (strikers) be in the box area make use of it and give us the goal as needed.

  8. Stop talking rubbish

  9. He needs help and it's up to Kenny to provide it. Sadly, we had 9 shots on target yesterday - 6 of which were by Suarez. The rest of the squad needs to step up before Suarez in my opinion.

  10. you want to say that he was our best player!!!!!!!!!!! we need to change things quickly and if kenny is not capapible he must be sacked.

  11. The reason Fergy has not said anything on evra and saurez is bercause evra has told lies

  12. Henderson should not have been brought in rather Bellamy should have continued and instead substituted Stewart at the 50th minute and bring in Caroll.