30 Oct 2011

KEEGAN on LUIS SUAREZ: "There's still one thing that he's missing..."

Liverpool legend Kevin Keegan was pleased with Liverpool's victory over West Brom yesterday, and after the game, he - like everyone else - was singing the praises of Luis Suarez, who was once again voted man-of-the-match.

Liverpool barely had to break sweat to beat a very poor West Brom side, but the team couldn't turn their dominance into more goals, something that Keegan believes might be a concern for Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish:

"It was never a game today. From the first minute onwards, they [Liverpool] totally dominated the match. The only thing that will annoy Kenny Dalglish slightly is that they didn't score more goals, and improve the goal difference".

Luis Suarez was once again instrumental in everything Liverpool did, and played a huge part of both of the goals. Keegan enthused:

"It's like they're an orchestra; everyone's got instruments and they can play them, but Suarez has the baton, and he's making the tunes.

"Wherever they go, he's creating space where there isn't any and chances where you don't think there is a chance.

"The only thing at the moment is he's missing more than he's scoring, but he will score goals; he has scored goals; his goal record is really good. He's a wonderful addition to the Premier League".

Roy Hodgson was unhappy with the penalty decision, and in his post-match interviews, he was adamant the decision shouldn't have been given. Keegan was in no doubt that the referee got it right, but he had some sympathy with Hodgson's view:

"When you see the slow motion, it's just poor defending from the forward, who made a rash challenge. Technically, it was a penalty.

"You don't mind penalties being given away when someone's through on goal, or they're going to score, and there's danger; but there was absolutely no danger, and that's what will disappoint the West Brom fans; it wasn't like Liverpool carved them open".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Unlike they got carved open for the 2nd.....lol

  2. Keegan's right. We need to score more goals especially from open plays.

  3. Funny how KK and the rest of the press saw the match versus how Jamie Kanwar did. Even the press that doesnt care for us admitted we were good from beginning to end but Jamie knows better than Kenny it seems.

  4. Roy Hodgson is a poor manager and a fool. He just got lucky and some fools at Liverpool gave him the manager's job. He was later found out to be clueless and was sacked. He is now trying to milk the penalty incident to gain sympathy with his club's herachy and the fans. That was a stupid challenge by the player on Suarez. The TV replays shows that the player had no intention of playing the ball. The referee as usuall wanted to avoid giving a penalty but the linesman had the integrity to signal the foul in the box, which is a penalty. Roy would have seen the replays many time and yert chose to claim that it wasn't a penalty. A fool must know when to keep his mouth shut, otherwise he would confirm what he is.

  5. Roy is a good manager, he has worked wonders with a lot of the clubs he's been with for years

    He just didn't fit with us

    Our fans found it hard to accept that draws were acceptable results and would prefer our manager not to be deferential to Fergie

    He was grasping at straws a little in his post match interview
    yesterday, Liverpool possibly should have had 3 penalties in first half,
    and were lucky to get one as lino gave it when Lee Mason bottled it

  6. Sorry, I have to disagree. The first poster is spot on about the penalty and Hodgson. Hodgson was an absolute disaster for Liverpool. I don't care how well he did at other clubs, he was sending Liverpool into relegation territory and HAD to be sacked. The man was a total retard in his footballing philosophy and his press conferences were an utter embarrassment. His WBA team were an absolute joke against Liverpool and lucky to have lost only 2 nil. I am glad we are shut of him. He is a smarmy nasty man and not the "gent" everyone in the press say he is. Good riddenance Hodgson!!

  7. the penalty, anywhere on the pitch is a free kick............simples!

  8. sour grapes roy!

  9. exactly lowee - people should be criticising the defending player for his stupidity in commiting such a rash challenge with Suarez heading away from the goal, rather than criticising the linesman for rightfully pointing out that it was a foul in the box. Which automatically equals a penalty.

    In regards to Suarez though, I'm surprised at how many chances he missed as I'd always viewed him as a very clinical striker in the Fowler mould. Nevertheless, he creates an extraordinary amount of chances for himself and I maintain faith that the goals will soon begin to flow if he continues to get a similar amount of opportunities throughout the rest of the season