12 Oct 2011

IAN RUSH: "If you're not confident you shouldn't be playing against Man United"

Anfield legend Ian Rush has no doubt that Liverpool can beat Manchester United this weekend, and believes that the club still have a big part to play in the title race.

Rush told LFC TV that the confidence-boosting Everton victory should be enough to motivate the players ahead of the United game, and he had this advice for players who weren't up for it:

"If you’re not confident you shouldn’t be going into these big games...I think it’s going to be an absolutely fantastic game, the atmosphere is going to be incredible at Anfield...These are when big players come out on top".

Spot on. International break notwithstanding, Liverpool are on a roll after three straight victories and the confidence from that run should be a good platform upon which to build for the United game.

Rushie has no doubt that Liverpool can win the game:

"It’s a big test for Liverpool, but I would say it’s a big test or Manchester United as well. We know they’re top of the league but they’ve got to get beaten sometimes.

"When you look at last season when Liverpool won, there’s no reason why we can’t do it again. Hopefully we can use our home advantage to get the three points. I’m excited about watching Liverpool. I think the football they play is good, and on their day they can beat anyone.".

What about the Premier League race - who will be in the mix in May?

"I think Chelsea will have a say in it; I think Tottenham will, and I think Liverpool will. Arsene Wenger’s come out and said Arsenal can’t win it; I don’t know why because anything is possible in football.

"Arsenal have a decent squad, so if you hit a run and get that confidence, any of these teams can beat anyone.

"That’s why I’m thinking if Liverpool can get a result against Man United it gives everyone hope there, and it fills the Liverpool squad – not players – the squad with belief that they can beat the top teams".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We can definately win subject to filding of proper team. This is a match which will set the direction of liverpool's future of this session. If we win than it will be a tonic which will give us too strong moral boost that we shall start thinking of wining a title and loss will throw us in the ocean of dispondency from where it should be vary difficult to make a come back. Threfore, No prejudice while selection playing 11. It must be the best. My choice is :

    enrique Aggar Carra Kelley(Jhonson)
    Ballmey Lucas Gerrard Downing
    Surez, Kuyt

    Bench : henderson, Adam, Carrol, Jhonson, Spearing, Dhoni and Maxi

    I think Ballmey in combination of Enrique with his speed and capabilities could trouble MU while I noticed Downing perfrom well when he played on the right therefore, Downing with kelly from the right can also keep MU under pressure while gerrard in the middle can control the game while the lucaas in deep can take care of MP counter attacks with Carra and Agar. When Agar over Leapes then Enrique should be left behind to give cover to Agar.

    It is not difficult for Liverpool to defeat MU. But we must take care of our defence. If MU score first than It should be difficult for us to contain them.

  2. if liverpool are to beat man utd they need to firstly work as a team and press high up the pitch for 90 mins. they need to attack as a unit and stretch utd. As they say the first form of defence is attack and that is what has bee lacking with teams when they play utd. last year we attacked utd, we closed them down and did not let  them breath. we where first to every 50/50, pressing there defenders to stop them starting any attack and as soon as we got the ball people where running their hearts out to support the attack. If we have this attitude then I am without doubt we will win the game.

  3. So a fter 7 games we must win this or face a battle just to try and scrape into 4th.To lose and be 9 points behind not one but two teams after 8 games will be a low point in Liverpools glorious history.Dalglish has spent £130m in 6 months and we now face the prospect of having the Graeme Suness mark2 era under Dalglish were all the money has been wasted and it could take at least 10 years to recover.I watched the Spain game last night and David Silva was awesome,Rafa wanted Silva yet Hicks and Gillette wouldnt stump up the £12m.We beat Everton who were down to 10 men.We lost to Spurs who crushed us albeit down to 9 men yet we were already losing.Cant help but think if Rafa was backed  saturdays lineup would have been Reina,Johnson,Aurelio,Agger,Carragher,Silva,Mascherrano,,Gerrard,Ribery,Villa,Torres.Yet we now have a scenario were Dalglish is reverting back to Rafas players who have been overlooked in favour of the big white elephants hes wasted all John Henrys money on.Yet Dalglish keeps saying these are for the future,what a joke.Rafas academy is the future,surely the £130m should have been spent on proven world class players and the great prospects in the academy should have been slowly integrated. 

  4. Liverpool will perform well this Saturday like they always do against Man U esp at Anfield. Gerrard and Lucas will be key to dominating the central midfield against Anderson and Clevearly. I have a feel Andy Carroll will start especially as he scored his 1st league goal and Kenny will be hoping his confidence will increase a lot more now.

    To the friend who made a comment above ... the reason we never got half the signings Rafa wanted was because of Hicks and Gillett and no way would Silva had come to Liverpool when City were offereing Champions League footy and would have doubled or triples whatever salary Liverpool would have offerered. Mascharanno wanted to leave to go to Barcelona when Rafa was still in charge and where the hell did you get Ribery from???

    Anyway, lets continue to support the manager and players currently at the club because only great things are expected to be achieved now.