15 Oct 2011

Jamie Redknapp: "Ferdinand should've been sent off. The referee got it wrong..."

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp believes that Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand should have received a second yellow card for his challenge against Charlie Adam in the second half of today's game.

After the game, which finished in a 1-1 draw, Ferdinand admitted that there was 'slight contact', but argued that it wasn't enough to send Adam tumbling.

Redknapp disagreed with that assessment:

"It was a goalscoring opportunity; I don't like to call for players to be sent off, but Ferdinand has already been booked, and if there was contact, then Ferdinand should've got another yellow card, and he should've been sent off. I think the referee got it wrong on that one. Then they're down to 10 men, and things are looking a lot different."

A sending off would've been ridiculously harsh, and unwarranted, so I'm glad the referee didn't see it Redknapp's way.

Kenny Dalglish also saw things differently, praising Ferdinand's honesty:

"With regards to the freekick I think it is much better to say how honest Rio was, when he says that he did touch him. They got a bit of luck and maybe that is the reward for his honesty afterwards".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. This fixture brings out the worst in us liverpool fans.  Technically Redknapp is right.   BUT If, as I expect Gary Neville was sitting next to him Would Redknapp have said this? 

    There will no doubt be some Liverpool fans who think we're a shoe in for 4th...think again.  Man utd gave us 60% of their true game today based on some dodgy anti lose tactics from fergie.  In our next match, Norwich will give us 100% of their A game as they've got nothing to lose.  There will definitely be harder tests than today notably from the likes of Stoke and West Brom.

  2. had it been a liverpool player he would have been off.todays reffs no bottle especially when man u involved. they were there for the taking again today, not clinical enough.

  3. We didn't take the three points because we didn't take our chances, plain and simple; it had nothing to do with the referee. De Gea was brilliant but we should have come away three goals to the good. No excuses.   

  4. Well said mate ..if manure had turned up we would been on the end of a hiding

  5. Well I have to say the ref was good today other than 2 major decisions (1) united handball should have been a pen (2) Rio should have been sent off . I think Kenny should have put Carroll on for the last 10-15 mins as I reckon he would of scored the winner. A good game all in all . United looked a mess! and goes to show that they are no better than Liverpool. Happy days!!!

  6. We played very well today, they had a game plan, park the bus and keep it tight, keep it at 0-0 then in the last 15 minutes with Liverpool tiring we will bring on 3 fast creative players to nick it 0-1. But old red nose got it wrong and his gamble backfired, if any one of the chances we got in the last 10 mins had gone in we would be talking about an excellent Liverpool victory and the media would be on Fergie's back for dropping Rooney. DeGea played very well and he kept United in the game, Reina was a virtual spectator throughout the match.
    A lot of positives from today's game, it was a disciplined professional performance against the current champions and only some fantastic goal keeping kept us from claiming the 3 points.

  7. ridiculous. whenever they 'turn up' to play, THEY get a hiding, which is why they came to smother the game to death

  8. nobody is a 'shoe-in' for anything, including united. it's wide open. now is the chance - home matches against norwich, swansea, qpr, newcastle, blackburn.... away to west brom .... TIME TO PUSH ON and go gathering points

  9. you really think the mancs want to be generous and drop points to us ,they were scared of getting humiliated thats why they didnt want to entertain the crowd.we totally dominated the game cos fergie didnt fancy his chances

  10. your wrong, liverpool have recently not let man u play there game, so give credit where it is due. same old story though, if liverpool play how we have done in recent times against utd we could go places, but the effort and consistancy has not been there ie spurs etc. would like to add that stevie g has maybe bought a lift and a difference to the team wouldnt u say????

  11. totally agree, its all about tactics,and all the bull about not putting rooney on cos his mind wasnt right , what a load of bollocks,he still put him on to try and equalise in the end 

  12. you really think the mancs want to be generous and drop points to us
    ,they were scared of getting humiliated thats why they didnt want to
    entertain the crowd.

    Isn't that a different way of saying exactly what I said?

  13. suppose so , my way was just a bit bias. the other games you mentioned that are comming up thier not going to be easy either,but as long as kenny and the team get thier tactics right against them we should gat max points.

  14. Fergie bottled it! Thought Rafa had took Fergies place! With a team like that away from home with 3 attacking players surprised Anderson and Carrick did n't start as well and then takes off Young when he brings his subs on to try and win it and we still looked the team who was going to win.
    Should give KK some credit that Fergie shut up shop how many times does that happen?
    Realised against Norwich and Basel his team is n't capable of playing extravagant football and defend his team had been riding their luck in games.

  15. If it was a foul it had to be a 2nd yellow by the letter of the law, however sometimes a referee has to let some go, I think it was fair enough to just get the freekick

    The referee was pretty good overall, turning down appeals for free kicks from both sides a few times, we need stern refereeing like that

    We got away with one on the goal. As Gerrard was taking the free kick Suarez was standing offside dancing in front of the keeper. He should have been flagged offside

    Great to see how fit Gerrard looks. He tried to take Evra down the outside a few times, proof that he must really be 100% fit

  16. Everyone talking about overseas TV rights last week, Sky going to Singapore to interview Steve Mcmahon then the cameras are in New York in a bar before the game then Fergie nearly turns the game into the biggest non event of this century!Fergies team even left Gary Neville speechless:)
    All of us set down to see a classic, hopefully Fergie has lost some United support abroad.  

  17.  Patrice Evra has accused Luis Suarez of racism when they were having their fall out in the penalty area!!!!!!!!!

  18. maybe if they turned up we would of too you dope

  19. if i got paid what evra gets suarez can call me anything he likes ,hes lucky suarez never bit him,why is he always bitching,he done the same thing regarding the chelsea grounds man a few years ago

  20. UTD clearly came to Anfiled with the mindset of not losing the match. If you look at their starting eleven with Jones (a defender) and Fletcher in the middle of their midfield with all their best attacking players on the bench it does show that fergie was worried that they might get a hiding and went for the safe approach and it worked for them.

    We had enough chances to put this match to bed and that is where we failed. We however played some great football and a win would have put the cherry on top but the draw and our performance was not the worst result. Skrtel needs to be on the bench from now on.

    I am still amazed at how Kuyt manages to be selected on the right wing? Surely we have seen by now that he is not affective over there? If we are going to play him then why not play him upfront where he can score goals? He is a striker after all. We need somebody down the RW with pace, someone who can beat defenders and keep the ball in order to create chances. Kuyt does not fall under this category. I would rather use Henderson down the right but my first choice would be Bellamy.

    Where are all the Adam haters? He was brilliant yesterday and is only going to get better. Henderson had some great moments and had a positive impact when he came on. I think all the BS directed at our new british signings will soon disappear and it is going to make all these bafoons who have been slagging them of look like a bunch of prats.

  21. loke always refs are  man united fans the biggest currupt league in world its doesnt matter who they play ref have no balls face fergie after

  22. Redder a true liverpool legend! if he sat beside gary neville, sure both of the fighting punching each others! come on redder, give neville that brat a punch!

  23. wouldn't expect anything lees from a manc....

    of course you'll back Ferdinand.

    He was on a yellow, Adam ws past him and a foul was committed, minimal or not there was contact, and given the position Ferdinand should have got his second yellow.

    Mariner bottled it..if ferdinand hadn't already been booked he would have got a yellow for the foul on Adam

  24. Ye your so right as usual...Adam was awesome against a team with 7 defenders and guess what he ran with the ball twice what and did you see that great shot he took which almost beat the keeper ..oh i forgot it never reached the keeper cos the shot was so good it didn't get past the first manure in front of him..

    Get over it Adam is not as great as you claim. Young Kelly is more of a threat going forward than Adam and yet Adam is meant to be an attacking Mf.

    As for Downing ..Bellamy is a better option than him.Fact..

  25. fergie bottled nothing. he was looking at the bigger picture with a european game on Tuesday which is important due to the previous results Tuesday is a must win game.

  26. As usual you have no clue wtf you are talking about.

    How can Downing (a winger) and Bellamy (wideman/striker) be a better option than Adam (central midfielder)?

    Kelly is more of a threat than Kuyt when going forward mate. Adam has been playing the Alonso role if you have not noticed?

    It is you who has a gripe against the player and it is I who is taking note of the good he is doing for the team.

    Adam has and will continue to have a laugh at you as he is making the starting eleven everytime :)

    I think it is best you rather say nothing at all.

  27. You are asking referee to send off Manchester United player in a big game, and an English player!?!?!

    Get real, it takes 2 red cards for him to maybe get one.

  28. Stephen you must be really ashamed of your teams performance and tactics:)
    Whole world watching as well!
    I could understand if you were a smaller Premier League club or a lower league club in the FA CUP playing for a replay.
    Kenny must have Fergie rattled already if he does n't trust his new attacking breed of football against a team rebuilding how is it going to work against Barcelona!

  29. "A sending off would've been ridiculously harsh, and unwarranted, so I'm glad the referee didn't see it Redknapp's way."

    I'm just wondering if you actually understand the laws of the game Jamie? Evidently the other Jamie does.

    Ferdinand had already received a (much deserved) caution. Persistent fouling, dissent and referee warnings should have led to a second yellow and consequent red card well before the Adam foul. 

    Realistically he could have received a (harsh, admittedly) STRAIGHT red for the trip. 

    Law 12 of the game states that:

    "If a player trips or ATTEMPTS to trip an opponent" he may be cautioned  and or sent off, especially if the player "[Denies] an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the players goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick".

    Adam moving towards goal? Check.
    A clear goalscoring opportunity (as CA has demonstrated on many occasions)? Check.
    Trip or ATTEMPT to trip? Check.

    Once again the media (and managers and players) become embroiled in the usual spurious and nonsensical debate surrounding contact or intent. There is NOTHING in the law regarding intent or contact. The attempt to trip, however little or no contact is made, is regularly enough to thwart an attacking players drive to goal.

    As usual JK you manage to appear both authoritative and informed without actually giving any sound and reasonable support to your argument. 

    Great with the spread sheets and the childish, attention seeking, CAPITALISED headlines... But once again extremely poor in supportive material.
    Steve W.

  30. two words - 1) nani - "The guy is the most disgusting cheat and on-field slime bag I have seen
    on a pitch in a long time, and no true football aficionado should get
    any joy out of watching his antics, regardless of affiliations, just as I
    used to shake my head in disgust at some of Ronaldo's play. The guy
    fishes for free kicks and penalties in the most shameless manner
    2) berbatov - "The incident involving Ferdinand would have been an incredibly soft decision as there was barely any touch" (last years penalty?)

  31. The last I heard, Charlie Adam got a call from the GB diving team for the 2012 olympics.

  32. Is that the only chance Liverpool have of beating Man Utd, playing 11 v 10.  Nobody mentioned Downing making a fool of himself on the touchline when diving to get Evra yellow carded.  Where were you and law 12 when Jamie Carragher (who gets away with murder) wrestled Michael Owen down when well clear on goal. Hypocrites.

  33. Who said anything about bellamy or downing replacing Adam ?? I implied that Bellamy is a better option and more of a threat than DOWNING .

  34. Stephen - Drop the derogatory comments from your comments or don't bother posting at all (I've edited your comment).  I have a different opinion to you. Get over it.

  35. It was a sending off but the contact was very minimal. We scored as a result. We should have scored a few more(Suarez, Kuyt, Skeletor). 

    It always looked like Hernandez would score.

    Draw a fair result but I don't know why Man U played an under strength side. 

  36. your a twat, fed up reading your negative shit. just fuck off and support chelsea or city, they have all the players you can wank over , you first class muppit. have you ever been to a game or even kicked a ball????????????

  37. This is one of the reasons i hate all of you "live as fool" i can discuss football with all other fans but not with all of you... you always have to blame someone do you? for God sake, we have already gave you a head start with playing an Old man, a dodgy keeper and an almost finish center back... Not to mention not playing our best center forward and an in form winger... despite all of these you still could not break us down for 90 minutes... your goal was because our mistake during the wall don't put that as you break us down... you never outplayed us, fools... do you ever really look at yourself and try to improve yourself instead of blaming everybody else??? there is always someone to blame is there? if not the referee then the owner. if not the owner then the "TV rights". if not the "TV rights" then what else? the environment you are in always need to change for you to win something are you??? you always need the referee decision to go with you for you to be able to win a game against us, imagine how many things need to be right for you to win the next tittle. so just drop it and concentrate on yourself you fools... don't get me wrong though, i do love football and that is the reason i have always respected what Dalglish have done... the only time that he has done wrong was when he sold Meireles i think... So BE REAL pleaseeee...