7 Oct 2011

FABIO AURELIO admits he was 'surprised' by Gerrard and Carragher...

Along with Daniel Agger, Fabio Aurelio is one of Liverpool's most injured players, and has spent 50% of his Liverpool career to date on the treatment table. In a new interview recently, the Brazilian revealed how he was pleasantly surprised by the focus and application of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher when he first arrived at the club.

Aurelio revealed how Gerrard and Carra always lead by example:

"It surprised me when I first arrived because usually at at a new club, the big players are more relaxed and easygoing in training, but the first thing I saw here was they [Gerrard and Carra] were the first ones on the training pitch; the first ones on everything; really professional.

"This is very good for the new players and the rest of the squad because they are doing more, so what should I do? I should do the same or more to impress.

"These are the type of players you want to have in your squad. They impressed me like that, and they still do".

Aurelio has also been impressed with Kenny Dalglish and Steve Clarke:

"He [Dalglish] doesn't talk about complicated stuff; he goes to the specific points, and what he wants.

"He's a very honest man, and he just wants to do the job as best he can, and he's had a very positive influence on the team since he arrived.

"Steve Clarke has been a very good addition to the club, and I think you can see his experience in the training sessions"

As of last week, Aurelio was back in training at Liverpool, but with the emergence of Jose Enrique, it's difficult to see where he's going to get games.

On the plus side, if he doesn't play, at least he can't get injured again! #dontplayfootballwithyourkidseither

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i think we should hang on a little longer he is always excellent when he plays, it will give jack robinson more time to improve.

  2. Gerrard and Carragher are true professionals. Not surprise to learn that they are the first players on the training pitch or at anything that concerns football in LFC. While the ever-talented Gerrad has reaped the rewards of his hard work, Carragher on the other hand will forever be devoid of a football brain no matter how hard he tries.

  3. I will always remember the passing crosses and above all the classic goals from his freekicks........... esp catching van der sar and Peter cech of guard. we still need him!! YNWA

  4. Aurelio is an excellent left back, just that he's always injured. But his presence make LFC squad has more depth on left backs..

  5. And that's why Carragher has only played nearly 700 games for the club and is taking his coaching badge...because he is devoid of a football brain. Enough said. 

  6. Aurelio could be a really useful back up to Adam. Gifted left foot spraying passes into the wings and channels (Champions League against Marseille few seasons ago comes to mind). I believe Rafa called him the best technician ahead of Alonso and Gerrard. Pity he's so brittle.

  7. How did you get time to talk with Aurelio? His playing schedule is so intense, it's a wonder he has time to breathe.