22 Oct 2011

DIRK KUYT: Some amazing stats as he reaches an LFC milestone

I've never been the greatest fan of Dirk Kuyt, and I've written several articles over the years highlighting 'the curse of the barren spell' that seems to affect him every season. However, as he approaches his 250th game for Liverpool, his impact at the club over the last 5 years cannot be denied, expecially when it comes to his creative return.

If Kuyt plays against Norwich today, it will be his 250th game for Liverpool FC, which in and of itself is a fine achievement.

What's even more impressive though is his Specific, Measurable Creative Contribution (SMCC) since arriving at Liverpool in 2006.

Here are Kuyt's creative stats after 5 full seasons at Anfield:

- Games Played: 249
- Goals: 67
- Assists: 48


- 115 goals and assists in 249 games
- Scores or creates a goal ever 2 games
- Averages 13 goals and 9 assists per season
- Directly responsible for 23% of all Liverpool's goals from 2006 to the present.

That's a fantastic return for a converted right-midfielder, it's just a shame that he hasn't managed to win a trophy yet with Liverpool, something that frustrates the player himself:

“They [Kuyt's Holland teammates] have enormous honours’ lists while I am the champion of winning nothing when it comes to trophies".

Kuyt clearly has trophy-envy, and at 31 years of age, who can blame him? If anyone in the current Liverpool squad deserves a trophy, it's Kuyt, and hopefully this will become a reality very soon under Kenny Dalglish.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He is a leader on the pitch, his grafting is infectious. His work in breaking up opposition play really can set the whole tone of a match (NB: he didnt start against Spurs) and as the stats show, his contribution in attacking areas is much too underrated by many fans.

  2. What a pity for Kuyt not to have won a single trophy with us over the years. Cannot say that I have ever been his biggest fan either but ask him to run through a brick wall and he will oblige.