11 Oct 2011

Daniel Pacheco arrested...along with John Aldridge, Luis Suarez, Fernando Torres, Danny Murphy and Steve McMahon... (humour)

According to a recent Police report, Daniel Pacheco was arrested on Friday and is facing a burglary charge after allegedly relieving his neighbour of an X-Box 360.

The news report states:

"The neighbor reported earlier this month that his Southwest Albuquerque house had been burglarized and an Xbox 360 and other related equipment were missing. The victim later saw Pacheco playing on his gamer tag and believed he was connected with the burglary."

Bang to rights, then!

You've probably guessed that this is not the Daniel Pacheco on Liverpool's books, currently on loan in Spain (!) It's actually some guy from Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the US.

Pacheco is not the only one - there's a veritable rogue's gallery of criminals out there in the world with the same names as some of Liverpool's most well-known players. Check these out:

John Aldridge

"John Aldridge was arrested on suspicion of stealing a digger following raids in the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire last month. Thames Valley Police arrested Mr Aldridge after a suspected stolen JCB was found in a swoop on his scrap metal business".

Tommy Smith

"Tommy Smith...was arrested today...and booked on several charges, including failure to stop after an accident, DWI, refusal to submit to a chemical test, drinking in public and possession of a controlled substance"

Ian Rush

"Ian Rush yesterday denied allegations that he continued the trade of a Lowestoft company after its owners were arrested for involvement in supplying boats to drug smugglers. Rush, 43, told Ipswich Crown Court that while the business he set up produced the same type of high-speed craft at the same site in the town, he did nothing illegal".

Danny Murphy

"Members of the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office and Special Agent Charlie W. Moore of the Virginia State Police arrested Danny Murphy...in the residence of Rochette Hairston at 30 South Barton Street"

Gary Gillespie

"Those arrested from AFSC were Gary Gillespie...and assigned a trial date in federal court on July 21, with an option to pay, within 21 days, a $50 fine to avoid a trial. Some of those arrested, however, suggested that the $50 protest tax should not be paid and that instead the money be given to a relief fund for victims of the war in Yugoslavia".

Luis Garcia

"Bike Patrol officers arrested 29-year-old Luis Garcia on Thursday, September 22 and charged him with Burglary III and Grand Larceny. Police said Garcia and another suspect, who was arrested Monday, were responsible for a series of burglaries."

David Burrows

A news release from the U.S. Marshals Service says 30-year-old "David Burrows was found and arrested at 2265 E. 56th Ave. on Tuesday and is being held pending extradition or other court proceedings. Burrows is charged in Memphis with first-degree murder and perpetration of aggravated kidnapping".

John Barnes

"On June 14, police threatened to arrest John Barnes and several other Christians for wearing shirts with the message “Liberated by the blood of Jesus,” handing out literature, holding up signs on a public sidewalk surrounding the event, and speaking with event attendees about their faith. The event was held in a city park and was open to the general public, making the police’s suppression of Barnes’ expression unconstitutional".

Craig Johnston

"Former AMWU Victorian secretary Craig Johnston was jailed for nine months by the Victorian Supreme Court on August 27 for taking part in brief occupations of the premises of Skilled Engineering and Johnson Tiles during an industrial dispute over job cuts in 2001".

Fernando Torres

"Fernando Torres was arrested on a charge of driving with a suspended license ended on May 12, 2011, the Harris County Sheriff's Department reported".

Steve McMahon

"Steve McMahon was charged Tuesday with criminal impersonation, a class A misdemeanor, said Baldwinsville Police Chief Michael Lefancheck. McMahon, who is with the Lysander Bipartisan Coalition, is accused of gaining political strategies by impersonating Lysander Republican Coalition Chairman."

Luis Suarez

"Dominick Caminiti of the Gang Squad was the lead investigator and arresting officer for the bust, which rounded up Luis Suarez...as part of an 18-month investigation dubbed 'Operation Across the Bridge'"

Oh, and my favourite:

Steven Gerrard

"Steven Gerrard was arrested today after a brawl at a night-spot. The England midfielder remains in custody after officers were called to an incident in Bold Street, Southport, at about 2.30am".

Oh, wait...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Seen that Gerrard joke coming a mile off. How sad.

  2. Jaimie, while I understand this is meant to be funny, why is it that every article of yours that I am unfortunate enough to read, is derogatory about our football club?
    You claim to be a Liverpool fan, but 90% of your posts are cast my beloved team in a negative light. Usually slating the manager (past or present) and comparing us unfavourably to the scum at the other end of the "East Lancs"
    Do us all a favour, and start "supporting" another team, so you can annoy their real fans with your on-line tripe!
    Thank you and good night.

  3. Jaimie Kanwar was arrested today in relation to impersonating a news reporter, oh wait, got let off though as his reporting was so bad!

  4. [More] No news like bad news...

  5. Jaimie Kanwar arrested for defamation of character of liverpool f c :)
    Bail set at £1000000000000 !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. With supporters like you Jamie who needs enemies!

  7. Jaimie Kanwar arrested for a lack of a sense of humour:)

  8. Very good - had me guessing.....

  9. great one, Jaimie. Especially this one:

    "Steven Gerrard was arrested today after a brawl at a night-spot. The England midfielder remains in custody after officers were called to an incident in Bold Street, Southport, at about 2.30am". Oh, wait...

  10. You may have a little too much time on your hands, I fear... ;-)