29 Sept 2011

DIRK KUYT: "What people seem to forget about Luis is..."

Dirk Kuyt recently expressed his frustration at no longer being a regular starter for Liverpool, but despite his disappointment, he's still confident in the potential of Kenny Dalglish's new-look Liverpool team. And like almost everyone else, the Dutchman has been very impressed by the club's man of the moment, Luis Suarez.

Like Suarez, Kuyt came to Liverpool from the Dutch Eredivise, and he knows how difficult it can be to make the step up to the Premier League:

"What people seem to forget about Luis, is that it really is a very big step to come from Holland and the Eredivise there.

"It's a huge step, and it's really difficult to be a success straight away. The style of football is different, and the pace is different too.

"He has done brilliantly from the very beginning, and he has become a very important player for Liverpool, but it is my belief he will be even better in the future.

"He's a great player already, but it still takes time to settle in, coming from Holland. He's still young, so he has time on his side to get used to new team-mates, and to get used to the Premier League properly."

The constant praise and ego-massage for Suarez is a little over the top in my view; I tend to agree with John Aldridge's view, expressed in response to Dalglish's contention that Suarez was already a legend at the club:

"Luis Suarez...is absolutely phenomenal but it’s too early to be talking about him as a Liverpool FC legend. He has the potential to be classed alongside the great No.7s like Kenny Dalglish and Kevin Keegan but it’s still early days"

Sometimes, too much praise can arguably be counter-productive, though it's totally understandable why Suarez elicits such a response: he's a brilliant, bona-fide flair player, the likes of which Liverpool have lacked for a long time.

Having said that, it's important to keep some perspective; the last thing we need is for Suarez to start believing his own hype, something that can often have a negative effect on a player.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We don't want him to do a Carlos..

  2. Kanwar - you're a complete fool. Using quotes as titles for your articles is poor for SEO - you're too busy copying the footballfancast network's method of trying to lead people in to increase traffic.

    Just as bad as koptalk. O and by the way - you still havent said if you're attending the Rafa Q&A evening. Haven't you got the balls to ask him about the "Benitez effect" to his face?

  3. Nah hell prob do a Macca

  4. Or he could do a Tevez,Macca and Owen!