14 Sept 2011

Wayne Rooney like Pelé?! Yes, but only if Pelé was a serial DIVER...

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson claims that greedy, disloyal, diving thug Wayne Rooney has similarities to the Brazilian maestro Pelé. That may be true in the Twilight Zone, but in reality, Rooney is not fit to lace Pelé's boots.

In what must have been a fit of drunken fantasy, Ferguson observed:

"Look at Pelé. He was a very aggressive attacker as well who could look after himself. So can Rooney. There are similarities that way in strength, speed and determination".

It's worth nothing that Ferguson focuses on the typical attributes associated with British players, rather on the qualities that truly set Pele apart, i.e. flair, technique, vision, imagination and creativity.

Yes, I'll concede that Rooney is an 'aggressive attacker' with 'strength, speed and determination', but that description could be applied to 99% of attacking players; they are not unique characteristics.

Another thing that sets Pele apart from Rooney is his attitude: Pele was/is a gentleman - the living embodiment of the pure joy of football; a great ambassador for the sport, who always played the game in the right spirit.

Rooney embodies everything that's wrong with the modern footballer: he's selfish, greedy, and only it it for himself, and what football can do for *him*.

Oh, and to my knowledge, Pele never besmirched the reputation of the game by constantly diving, which is another modern football trait that defines the way Rooney plays the game.

In 2006, Rooney stated the following:

"I'd never dive. I’d like to think of myself as an honest player. That’s the way I play. I don’t like diving, football doesn’t need it.”

Then, after he dived to win a penalty against Arsenal in September 2009, Rooney made the following laughable claims:

"Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player. I play the game as honestly as I can.".

You can say it as much as you like, Wayne, but it doesn't make it true. In any event, the following evidence contradicts his claims:

Exhibit A: Dive v Blackburn (2008)

Exhibit B: Dive v Spurs (2008) Rooney was booked for this one:

Exhibit C: Dive v Arsenal (2004)

Exhibit D: Dive v Arsenal (2009)

Exhibit E: Dive v Chelsea (2008)

Exhibit F: Dive v Slovenia (2009)

In the aftermath of the penalty incident against Slovenia, Wayne Rooney exchanged some words with fellow diver Steven Gerrard. Luckily, a pitch-side microphone picked up what was discussed between England's two most prolific simulators.

Exhibit G: Dive vs. Rangers

Exhibit H: Dive vs. Aston Villa (2009)

I would include Rooney's infamous dive against Villareal in this series but, alas, there is no video footage of it anywhere. The Villareal incident proved once again that Rooney is not only a cheat, but a self-confessed cheat. After the game, Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that Rooney had actually apologised for the dive:

"He apologised to me and said he didn't mean to do that. I think he's been watching Robert Pires too much. At least he apologised to their players. You'd never see Pires do that."

Rooney like 'Pelé? You're having a laugh.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. what about your fucking saint gerrard, he doesnt dive????!?!?!? gimme a break, once again u are obsessed with us u bindippers

  2. For a Liverpoo fan, you watch a lot of MUFC matches.
    Gerrard is the biggest diver in the Premiership.

  3. yeh am a Liverpool fan and I`ve seen Stevie take a dive or two - doubt whether theres enough to put together a montage like this though and SG has been around longer than Rooney - the big difference though manc is the fact that Gerrard has been dug up by the media for havin the odd dive whereas the embarrasment to scousers everywhere that is Wayne Rooney gets a complete walkover just like his whoring antics where swiftly forgotten after the stage-managed 'will he go-will he stay' charade

  4. Messi dives, Ronaldo dives doesnt make them it right but at the end of the day they are world class players just like Rooney.
    Gerrard asked for a transfer to Chelsea and then said Liverpool hadnt offered him a new contract when he had only just renewed 12 months earliar! Is that not greedy from so called Mr Liverpool. He got a pay rise scored a few goals and its all forgotton. Same with Rooney and hes not even a Manchester lad.
    I dont think they are in it just for the money but agents are. And if they are telling you this club is offering you this and this club that and your worth this. Then what do you say? Unfortunatly its the way football is. Messi Ronaldo and Rooney are 3 of the best payed footballers in the world because i think most people that know football would say they are quite probably the 3 best players in the world on top form. In that order.

  5. dont remember SG putting in any transfer request lad - Rick Parry dragged his feet on negotiations and Gerrard had his head turned by the chelsea lads when away with England but thankfully for us came to his senses - as regard the best players in the world this is a pretty subjective topic - all I know is I`ve seen Gerrard, and of course Messi, deliver in the really big games (Gerrard has two finals named in his honour) I`ve yet to see Rooney, by sheer force of will (allied to great ability) deliver the biggest prize against the odds for MUFC - until that happens he will be a great player in the opinions of a fawning media, and of course you jpsamra, only

  6. A dive or two? Maths not your strong point I take it. A thug? Wasn't it sir stevie g & his mates who assaulted 1 man. Then had the decency to hold his hands up in court, what with cctv evidence & that. Oh no, he got 1 of his scally mates to take the rap, & amazingly the corrupt justice system let's him get away with it. Or the several high two footers he normally gets away with. You wouldn't have enough time in the day to compile that video list. Oh, & loyal. Yes, stevie kiss the badge, I wanna go to chelsea. Unbelievable.

  7. o serial diver gerrard is the best..his dives are world class. and theres plenty to top rooneys. as i dont have a vendetta against the "fools" I dont write down or save every game the serial cheat has dived in. im glad the serial cheat is injured. hope he stays out of the game. the premier league stature has improved with him being out.FACT

  8. Actually the ones againt Arsenal and Rangers werent dives , look closer 

  9. Rangers one -

    Rooney's body is subject to laws of physics outside of those that the rest of us are???

    Give me a break dude, he launched himself into the air, hoping that the refs eyes were following ball

  10. Rooney is one of the greatest British player in last 30 years

    Biggest shame is Liverpool didn't snap him up years ago. These videos are an outrageuos indictment of how the media chooses who the cheaters are

  11. Gerrard v AC Milan, CL final 2005

    Almost got Gattuso sent off too, monumental piece of cheating

  12. Stevie was never going to Chelsea

    He played Parry a few times and got bumper deals out of it

  13. stevie g is a piece of shit diver.. know your role (mid table finish) you nut

  14. The fact of the matter is, Rooney can't hold a candle to Pele and shouldn't be in the same conversation with a player like Pele. End of discussion

  15. LOL, this article is pathetic! Whoever wrote this is very, very sad, not to mention delusional.

  16. rooney is not 'white pele'....in fact, rooney is 'white shrek'! LOL

  17. Bahahahah! The team that has Sturridge and Suarez is complaining about diving? This has to be a joke, hahahah!