14 Sept 2011

A self-confessed CHEAT in charge at FIFA? No thanks.

According to ESPNsoccernet, an agreement is in place that will see current UEFA head Michel Platini assume control of FIFA when Sepp Blatter's current four-year term as Preseident of FIFA ends. Given the fact that Platini is a self-confessed, remorseless cheat, how does that make him suitable for world football's top job?

A source told the website:

"There is now widespread conjecture within the European game that Blatter won't be able to survive for the full four-year term, which is already designated his last term before handing over to Platini.

"The suggestion is that some sort of deal is being mooted whereby Blatter goes in two years and Platini takes over. With so much focus on the governance of FIFA, and so many changes being proposed, it would make sense for this change to happen and it would be widely welcomed.

"These are the rumours that are now circulating within Europe's corridors of power. Should Blatter step down early, there is only one creditable candidate to take his place, and that is Platini"

It's a sad state of affairs when the only 'creditable' candidate for the the most important job in world football is a man whose dream was to 'dive and get a penalty in a world cup semi-final'.

That is an exact quote from Platini himself, who offered a disturbing insight into the cheating mindset of footballers last year:

"I know why players dive. I've dived myself. We did it because we knew the referee wouldn't see it and because there were no cameras. If we could get away with it we would".

"It was always my dream to dive and get a penalty in the World Cup semi-final to make up for what happened when Harald Schumacher [the German goalkeeper] fouled Patrick Battiston outside the area. If I could have done it I would because I hate injustice. I just couldn't get into the box”.

It was his dream to cheat in a World Cup semi-final?! If that wasn’t bad enough, just look at Platini’s cretinous justification: it’s okay to cheat as long as it’s revenge against perceived injustice.

As we've seen, FIFA is riddled with corruption, and the sooner Blatter is removed, the better. However, how can a man who encourages and condones cheating inspire any kind of renewed confidence in football's main governing body?

Platini has made it clear than tackling cheating is NOT one of his priorities at UEFA, so why would that be any different if/when he takes the FIFA job?

Fighting corruption within FIFA is one thing, but what about the corruption on the pitch? That needs to be addressed, and Platini is quite clearly not the man to get the job done.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Business as usual it seems! Why do you expect change? Wanting change is totally another thing, indeed.

  2. I know we have two F’s in FIFA- But surely the F doesn’t stand
    for keep it French.

  3. I totally agree, people of his stature should not be saying statements of this nature, however knowing the corruption in FIFA, this statement was probably the thing that got him the job!!

  4. Watch video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY8O9qhFbj4

    1.43 in the timeline. Is this really just a perceived injustice??

    Not even a free kick awarded, let alone the red card and jail sentence it deserved