20 Sept 2011

ROBBIE FOWLER: 'Superb' Luis Suarez needs to improve, and here's how...

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler believes that Luis Suarez is 'perfect' for the number 7 shirt at Liverpool, but argues that the Uruguayan striker can improve on his current goalscoring average.

In a recent interview, Fowler observed:

"Suarez has been superb, and Kenny deserves a lot of credit for backing his judgement on the player because the Dutch League isn’t one of the strongest.

"The only thing missing from ­Suarez’s game at the moment is goals. He has missed some ­chances, but if he can improve on that then he will be the complete player.

"Luis is a team player – that’s why the Liverpool fans have really taken to him – but as a forward you have to be selfish. He’s perfect for the No.7 shirt that Dalglish used to wear. He can be a legend at Anfield".

Suarez currently averages one goal every 233 minutes (1 every 2.6 games), a rate that can definitely be improved upon, but Overall, his specifc, measurable creative contribution (SMCC) since joining Liverpool has been very good.

To be fair, Suarez is not exactly getting great service at the moment from Liverpool's creatively-challenged midfield, but he's now gone 4 games without a goal, and this surely needs to change soon.

And for anyone who's forgotten the goalscoring genius of Fowler (as if!), here's another reminder:

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. even if suarez doesn't score..we have Andy Carroll ....oh i forgot he's for the future ..he will score in a few years ....well done king Kenny ....the future looks bright with Carroll..Henderson ..Adams..downing....carragher...spearing

  2. another "football" fan that doesnt have a clue.  Who actually did you want kenny to sign? 

    Carroll - looked fantastic last season, has great components to be a great player, yes we over paid, but has great potential
    Henderson - another one with great potential and has made a good start this year
    adam - one of the players of the season last year...
    Coates - one of the players of the winning copa america team and only 20.
    Downing - good player, and playing well for england as well now.

    Now i look at those 5 signings and think...not bad..

    You appear to be another Chelski, man citeh fan who just likes big flashy names, dude...its about a team and playing together and bar our last match vs spurs, we have looked very good so far

    just remember...u dont have a clue about football and ur be ok

  3. Carrol seems to be trying to do to much outside the box, which im not convinced is his game, he should stick to just playing off the last defender and allow suarez to play between the lines (as benitez liked to call it) Carrol should be bullying defenders like he did at newcastle, he seems to be a little boy lost at the minute for us.

  4. Well if you pay big money you expect big flashy names. if man city can buy David Silva for 23 million and we buy Henderson for 20million .....who's bought the quality and who's wasted the money.

    As for one of the best players last year ...Adams??so now one of the best players in the premier league cost 7million ...
    Then why did we buy Henderson at 20million???

    !!by the way i thought downing.. parker ..barton ..were better???

    King Kenny will be over thrown soon ...

  5. Suarez great buy; Carrol not so good...

  6. Some liverpool fans have become very fickle over recent years and are adopting the chelsea and man city fans approach. some liverpool fans have become spoilt brats and start calling for tha managers head if we loose a game. I dont know if its the playsatation generation who do think football mamagers games are a reflection of how you would do in real life or its just a lack of understanding of how football goes. Even when we where dominationg the league we still lost games and the league here are some examples;-
    1972-73 P 42 W 25 D 10 L 7 won league
    1973-74 did not win
    1974-75 did not win
    1975-76 P 42 W 23 D 14 L 5 won league
    1976-77 P 42 W 23 D 11 L 8 won league
    1977-78 Did not win
    1978-79 P 42 W 28 D 8 L 4 Won league
    1979-80 P 42 W 25 D 10 L 7 Won league
    1980-81 did not win
    1981-82 P 42 W 26 D 9 L 7 won league
    1982-83 P 42 W 24 D 10 L 8 Won league
    1983-84 P 42 W 22 D 14 L 6 Won league
    1984-85 did not win
    1985-86 P 42 W 26 D 10 L 6 Won league
    1986-87 did not win
    1987-88 P 40 W 26 D 12 L 2 Won league
    1988-89 did not win
    189-90 P 38 W 23 D 10 L 5 Won league

  7. Spot on, Philip. IN the 1983-4 season, we lost 4-0 to Coventry City but still went on to win the league.