12 Sept 2011

LFC v. Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea + Man City: Last 22 league games comparison

Liverpool's great start to the season was ruined by Stoke City at the weekend, but the club is still on track to achieve its ultimate goal of finishing in the top 4. In fact, the club's stats over the last 22 league games indicate that a top 4 finish is there for the taking, especially if current league form is maintained for the rest of the season.

Kenny Dalglish returned to Anfield in January 2011; Since then, Liverpool have played 22 league games. The table below shows the club's form in those games compared to Arsenal, Man United, Man City and and Chelsea:


As you can see, league form over the last 22 games is very encouraging, and Liverpool is right on track for a 4th place finish this season, which is the club's stated objective.

Predictably, Man United, Man City and Chelsea top the form table, but Liverpool are very close to all three clubs when it comes to points-per-game/Goals-per-game averages, as well as clean sheets achieved, and goals conceded.

The table also shows just how far Arsenal have fallen since January, and Liverpool have definitely benefited from their poor form. However, I fully expect Arsenal to get their act together sooner rather than later, which means the club cannot rely on just maintaining its current form; the team needs to take things to the next level and improve the points-per-game average, or risk being overtaken again by Arsenal.

Thankfully, Liverpool has everything in place to make this happen, and with Steven Gerrard returning soon, we may just have the extra creativity needed to turn home draws into wins and avoidable away defeats into draws, or even better, wins.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I do think there is quite a difference actually. Liverpool had no outside competitions, whereas Utd. did. Once chelsea lost against Utd. they drew and lost 2 games that had it been necessary they would have won. City had something to play for (3rd place) therefore their form is the best. Utd. had won the PL and so didnt need to win 3 of those games (9 extra points puts them substancially ahead) and Man City have got better over the summer. Chelsea have 10 points from 4 games (one against a side Liverpool lost to, and on the balance Liverpool were probably worthy of a draw- but Chelsea were worthy of a win) so Liverpool are quite a way off the top 3. They are getting better no question, but they aren't as close to Man Utd. City or Chelsea as this makes out. Bear in mind when Kenny took over Chelsea were having the worst run since they became title challengers, and this year Man Utd. are much better than last year.

  2. Nice article. Hopefully Gerrard force will help us even more.

  3. Keep clutching at straws scousers!!

  4. 19>5
    The European Cup involves a lot of luck with the draw etc.....the Prem is over the entire season....its not rocket science!

    We all laugh at your 5 jibes......oh how the mighty have fallen!
    You can't win the League so you clutch at straws!

    We also laughed at the Salford Seals 19 YSB banner before your game against Spurs.....your feeble response in the CL final v Barca was lame....ha ha haaaa

    Come on lets hear something different, you are making yourselves look silly now!

  5. Yeah , the UCL involves a lot of luck, like winning a penalty shootout thanks to an opposition player slipping, etc.