29 Sept 2011

JOSE ENRIQUE: "The league is not the best..."

La Liga or the Premier League - Which is better? Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique has played in both Spain and England, so he has the experience to give an informed opinion on the subject. So, which league does the Spaniard prefer?

Enrique gave an emphatic response when asked the question:

"I’ve played in both leagues, and for me there is no chance - Spain at the moment is not like here.

"Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two best teams in the world but the league is not the best.

"Here, it doesn’t matter who you play against, the stadium is always full, and the fans are amazing.

"Here, the referees make more play; the football is more free, and that’s why I think it’s the best league in the world".

Jaimie Kanwar

1 comment:

  1. Here..it doesnt matter. The referee can close both eyes on handball on 1 side and then inconsistently award a penalty to the other team with the same incident, let the player tussle out the whole day when he's on good mood or give a straight yellow card to player on first offence when he's on bad mood, accidentally forgot the backpass rule or even calling an offside for a throw in and above all, calling off a goal that's obvious (Tottenham vs Man Utd) and awarding a penalty to the offender and victimising the victim (Liverpool vs Chelsea - Malouda's crashing into the defender). Now that's football... you like it, you like it? hehehe