23 Sept 2011

DAILY POLL: £110m spent, but are LFC still over-reliant on Steven Gerrard?

Liverpool have regularly been accused of being a 'one-man team' over the years, with Steven Gerrard allegedly carrying the club on his shoulders season after season. Whilst it's true the club has been over-reliant on Gerrard at times, is that still the case under Kenny Dalglish?

Since returning to Anfield, Dalglish has spent over £100m on new players, including £77m on Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez and Stewart Downing, three players you would expect to step up to the plate and have a major impact for the club.

Has this huge outlay been successful in lightening the load on Gerrard's shoulders, or is the team still over-reliant on the skipper?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I thought we had been going pretty well without Stevie except for the Spurs performances Stevie will give us even more when he fully returns.

  2. I chose option 3 in survey, however, Stevie hasn't played for ages now

    Do we still over rely on him? Let's reserve judgement until he has played 5/6 games but which team in history hasn't relied on their talisman?

    Even if he returns to 70% of top form, we will benefit greatly

  3. if you had of put LFC have detioriated and along with Gerrards injuries and age we are in a far worse situation  than when Rafa was sacked after a seventh placed finish and european semifinal with no money to spend for 3 years,I would have ticked this box.Everyone needs to understand Hodgson came in bought 5 or 6 players,all these players have gone. Dalglish has spent £130m and thats it,hes bought these players and thats it,there is no bottomless pit.This was our one chance to bring in real quality,instead he goes for unproven British players at inflated ptices.Bit like Souness if you ask me rips the team up and buys expensive british flops,Paul Stewart,Julian Dicks replacing Staunton,Michael Thomas,Clough.Dalglish replaced class players,Aquilani,Meireles,Torres,Mascherrano(Hodgson-Poulson) with unproven expensive British players.Like when Souness ruined LFC,Dalglish seems like he is going down the same path.It seems like Dalglish realises his buys have failed and is going back to Rafas free transfers and inspired cheap signings Maxi,Kuyt,Lucas,Bellamy,Agger,Skrtle(who had to be sold to get funds for Torres deal)Rafa always had his hands tied and couldnt build a squad.If Rafa had been given £130m Aquilani,Meireles,would have stayed add Gerrard and Lucas and Rafa  would have had £130m to spend on europes great talent to supplement an already great midfield,now we have no money and a mediocre midfield.Some peopl cannot see a priest on a mountain of sugar.FACT.

  4. comebackrafa, what did Rafa win with the countless amounts of foreigners that he signed? That is a bottmless pit my friend. You need to get used to the way our club is being run now. It is called THE LIVERPOOL WAY.

    What are you going to do when we win the Holy Grail with british players and I can put all my money on the line that it will be won with less money spent than what Rafa did. You wait and see, question is...

    What is the excuse going to be then for Rafa failing to win anything with the squad he built himself around Carra and Gerrard?

    Priest on a mountian of sugar? 4 seasons without a tropy is FACT a sign that Benitez was taking us... NOWHERE. 

  5. Is this what you call being run in Liverpool way????since when did paisley and the likes buy somebody for a price which doesn't reflect his lack of talent.

    Carroll ....35million and struggling ....but every kenny- can do -nothing wrong FAN ...says we signed Carroll for 5years not 9months ....Just Wait ...he Will come good

    remember when aquilani was signed and Rafael said we have signed aquilani for 5years and he was slated ...

    You call buying over the odds prices The Liverpool way...

    And by the way...Rafaels way got us the Champions league

    what Will your excuses be when don't qualify for champion league ...having had a shopping spree....something which Rafael never had

  6. You have no clue what you are talking about.

    Back in the days of Paisley there were no Man City Sheik's and Chelsea Russian billionaire's around who quite honestly have caused the inflations of what players are being payed for.

    Alonso should never have been sold and Aquilani should have never been signed. You are taking a stab at Dalglish who has not been back for a full season. What a joke.

    Rafa's way got us the CL who got the starting lineup wrong in the match and without Gerrard and Carra on the pitch who are LFC legends Rafa would have failed miserably. Point out another player signed by Rafa who has been better than that of Gerrard and Carra who cost the club nothing.

    To me it seems that you are writing of KENNY DALGLISH which Rafa will never in his life be able to compare with! Are you really that ignorant?  

  7. Rafas way got LFC the greatest ever sporting achievement in history and it wasnt just the final every round leading up to the final was inspirational.Trying to undermine Rafas achievement is a slur to his reputation.Alonso,Garcia and Cisse were 3 players who never played under Houllier.Are you saying Houllier would have won that trophy if hed stayed with murphy and Owen instead of Alonso and garcia.That same year Rafa also reached a domestic cup final.Following year Reina,sissoko and crouch come in for a pittance £21m combined,everyone laughed at Crouch really laughed until Rafa proved them all wrong and we go on to win the greatest ever FA cup final in history.Year later another champions league final in which we played with a woefully underinvested side considering the vast sums everyone else was spending.kuyt up front on his own,no £30 or £40m striker for Rafa,oh no he made his own money with the success he brought to the club in europe were the real riches are.Rafa wasnt given the luxury of no european football and given a kings ransom to splash out on players,hed bought Mascherrano that year for £18m on the understanding Sissoko had to be sold for £12m.Rafa cant build a squad oh no we had hicks and gillette then,imagine with these owners Rafa could have kept Crouch,Bellamy,Sissoko instead of selling them to fund other transfers.Rafa was going to old trafford and winning 4-1 and beating Real Madrid 4 days later 4-0.Rafa finished second in the premiership on 86pts highest ever never to win it 2 and a bit years ago.Even now Rafas legacy lives on his academy which he had the guts to implement changes is bearing fruit with his youngstera and the money Dalglish and Hodgson are wasting is Rafas great signings who made profits,Mascherrano,bought £18m sold £22m Ngog bought £1.5m sold £4m Torres bought £20.3m sold £50m.This club is bringing no revenue in,Rafa created all the wealth with european success having us a global club at the top of the tree ranked no1 in europe.Its disgraceful Dalglish is being handed all these riches on a plate when Rafa had to fight for every penny of H and G.

  8. I have said it before MANY TIMES and I will say it again, there is no hope for you.

    Keep on staring at the picture of Rafa which you have on your bedroom wall. It is pure fact that he will never in is life manage this club again and thank F*** for that. Rafa came and is gone with the wind. Can you still not see this? Gone GONE GONE GONE GOOOONNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE. What are you still holding on to? Good thing is that everytime I see you post it makes me even more happier that Kenny Dalglish is back. :)

  9. King kenny cando nothing wrong.....don't worry soon he will be Kevin Keegan

  10. If you read my very 1st post from http://www.liverpool-kop.com/2011/09/thankfully-this-has-only-happened-to.html then you will notice that I said that Dalglish got his selection and tactics wrong so you clearly are clutching at straws...

  11. When we were a one man team, we had players who now play for other top clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona. The one man team stuff was created by pundits who only watch highlights and bought into by fans who don't watch the game

  12. Hey guys.
    Stop living in the past. Rafa are gone.
    Can we LFC dieharts fan start unite and support what we have now for the sake of LFC AND The spirit of You'll Never Walk Alone.
    We do not have a choice but to support who ever are the Boss now and that is King Kenny. Long Live LFC.