5 Sept 2011

Could this shocking accusation against Liverpool FC be true? Let’s hope so!

According to beloved ex-Manchester United defender Gary Neville, Liverpool deliberately tried to ‘deprive’ Man United of the title in 2010 by ‘easing off’ against Chelsea at the tail-end of Premier league season.

At the time, Liverpool and Man United both had 18 league titles apiece, and a victory over Chelsea would’ve handed United the advantage in the race for the title. Alas, Liverpool sadly lost the game, and Chelsea went on to deny Alex Ferguson's team a record-breaking 19th title.

In his Column for the Mail on Sunday, Neville argued:

"Some thought it would be a big test for them playing at Anfield with a couple of games to go and the title still up for grabs, but at United we knew that Liverpool would ease off if that meant depriving us of the championship, especially a 19th championship that would take us past their record.

"We'd heard rumours during the week that some Liverpool players had turned round to one of their young lads and said: 'There's not a f****** chance we're going to let United win this league'. I've no idea whether that rumour was true or not, but you could see the game was a nice end-of-season stroll for Liverpool”.

Neville is very clear with his allegation here: Liverpool deliberately conspired to underperform against Chelsea in a bid to stop United winning the title.

It’s a scandalous, nefarious accusation, and being a fan of good conscience and a passionate proponent of fair play and sportsmanship, I can only say with all sincerity that I hope this detestable behaviour DID take place, and the rumour is 100% TRUE.

As Liverpool fan, there is arguably nothing sweeter than seeing Man United deprived of trophies. In the words of Steven Taylor:

"It’s one of life’s legitimately sublime experiences; it’s so utterly…complete".


I also have it on good authority that the rumour to which Neville referred is true. (Well said, Carra!). And who can forget Steven Gerrard's sublime, inch-perfect assist for Didier Drogba's goal?

Beautiful football on so many levels.

A clearly wounded Neville further added:

"It didn't say much for Liverpool."

No, but it felt damn good!

Here's to many more years of depriving United of trophies.

Jaimie Kanwar

NOTE: To avoid the inevitable misunderstandings: This article is ironic, and tongue-in-cheek - I don't really condone teams underperforming to stop rivals winning. And I definitely do not believe Neville is ' beloved' in any way, shape or form.


  1. eh???

    After all the talk about cheating being abhorrent, no matter what, I'm shocked to see you supporting the idea of colluding to cheat against another team. I don't believe that it did happen and in fact the same topic was discussed at length again last season as to whether we should consider doing the opposition a favour seeing as we were out of contention, with all involved strongly agreeing that LFC should be the sole focus of those involved with LFC.

    Tbh, it would make us seem like a pretty petty and 'small' club to be so invested in the success of others, just because it would prevent the success of some other team. As far as I'm concerned, Man U have won more titles than us because they've had a combination of the better players, the better system and the better mentality. They've deserved their trophies so fair play to them. Them pulling ahead in the trophy haul should be seen as motivation for us to catch up and pull back ahead, not see it as some insurmountable haul.

    I'll never take to cheering on opposition teams in the hope that they can slow Man U down in our behalf. I wouldn't want us to hold onto players with such a mentality either. They're in the perfect position to prevent Man U from winning titles and should depend on nobody but themselves!

  2. Apologies - just seen the small print!

  3. He's obviously forgotten the Blackburn game when none other than King Kenny came to Anfield wanting a win to secure the title. We beat them 2-1. No favours given to anyone. All United had to do was win at West Ham and they would have won the league.

    But let's not let the facts get in the way of good Man U whinge

  4. he forgets blackburn in 95 and also he forgets when utd played everton in 05 at goodison utd didnt even try and just to rub it in neville got himself sent off in a 1-0 defeat meaning everton more or less got the champions league spot at the cost of you know who! but alas we know what happened that year.....what goes around comes around!

  5. Good article Jamie, glad to see your humerous side to the fore.

  6.  is the author the same son of punk who told that we should never sign Luis Suarez because he is cheat!!! This bugger should be locked in an asylum rather than allowing him to write articles about our beloved club or it's players?

  7. Gary Neville is not an amazing person, -please don't forget when Liverpool beat Blackburn so Manu could win the League, but Neville and co drew with West Ham.
    Please also don't forget when Liverpool beat Newcastle 4-3 helping ManU on the way to the title.
    And also don't forget when Liverpool beat Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea twice last season to help them again.

    And most important never ever forget ManU were a mid table team before the Premiership started, and took out hundreds of millions bank loans to buy the Premiership, the only way Liverpool's crown could be taken.
    Don't you get it, Liverpool will never steal from their own people to match Chelski, Manu, Man City, and Arsenal set up of selling their identity.

  8. Yeah nobody wants to buy them at the current asking price so
    the RBS bank will probably take control of Liverpool FC next month. So Liverpool
    FC will be owned by a bank that was bailed out by taxpayers. In other words
    Liverpool FC will be living off state benefits!

  9. Still, we did it last year instead so all's turned out well in the end. N n n n n nineteen.

  10. time to cancel those sky subscriptions and get onto the net.  If sky are going to give this mutant Neville airtime, they won't get my dosh.

  11. A quick check of the actual sums spent by Liverpool and Manchester United will tell you that Liverpool have spent more money on players since the start of the Premier League than United. Strangely enough in 1999 LFC spent treble the amount United did and we all know what happened that year.

  12. i read your article on suarez cheating stating that suarez was a disgrace and you would not condone it. when people argued against what you said you post this;

    JK "Any further posts that triumphantly condone cheating and/or argue that cheating is okay will be deleted."

    then you post this. those 7 year olds were right all along....

  13. Jamie is a clown!! He loves writing this type of article.