27 Sept 2011

BRUCE GROBBELAAR on KENNY DALGLISH: "He didn't lift any players when he first came in...''

Liverpool goalkeeping Legend Bruce Grobbelaar has been singing the praises of Kenny Dalglish, his former teammate and manager.

In a recent interview with the official LFC site, Grobbelaar gave his thoughts on how things changed at Anfield in the immediate aftermath of King Kenny's return to the hotseat:

"I’ve said it for two years now, the only person who could lift this place is Kenny Dalglish, and now he’s got it, hopefully he can carry on for many, many years’.

"He didn’t lift any players when he first came in – he lifted 42,000 people, and then lifted the players.

"That’s what we needed, and the players then turned round and said ‘this crowd is awesome, and we have to play for them’.

"He’s lifted the whole place. He had to."

We don't hear Bruce's thoughts about Liverpool that often so its great to hear his views here.

Jaimie Kanwar

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  1. a positive article....no way??? I am shocked. 

  2. The simple answer is that King Kenny should have come in years ago - well before Hodgson. Benitez was a curse on LFC but too many fans were taken in by his charade. 

  3. I dont agree with that..benitez was quality tactically second to none..boring play but we got results...n wen he wasnt given peanuts he got the rite players in world class players..we scored more points than wed ever got in the prem record points so u cant say he was shit...totally dissagree with that..we shud av funded him more money n then wed av won the prem..we was so close n then the owners stopped funding him how can they do that wen we basically had the prem in our sights...totally blasted man utd n chelsea out classed them...we wer so tight in defence n nobody cud break us diwn so disaplined...well done rafa

  4. I agree - Despite my reservations about his management style, it cannot be denied that Benitez did some great things for the club.

  5. O.O Jaimie. Haha a praise for Benitez indeed!

    Kenny is the right man but he also needed to come at the right time. Cikku, you should at least consider if Kenny himself was ready after going through everything of Hillsborough to be back in management with Liverpool. JFT96.

  6. Rafa knew what Liverpool was all about that's why he brought in Kenny. We won the Champions League, made the final a couple of years later and the semi finals regularly under Rafa with limited resources. He put us back ont he world map but fell just short of the Prem League.

  7. UEFA put us back on the map by allowing also rans to enter the Champions League.

  8. I think what Brucie is saying here is that the fans are as integral to the club as any player, manager or chairman and that what we say on internet forums, blogs, radio/tv phone ins, articles etc are part of our contribution to the club. 

    As tempting as it is to criticise and over-analyse players left, right and centre, as long as they have the right mentality, effort and respect we should temper our moaning and criticism for the sake of the team. The consistent slagging off of players like Charlie Adam, Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll has to stop. The provocative blogs and articles from Liverpool fans inciting mutiny against Kenny Dalglish has to stop. 

    This is the greatest club on the planet because of its fans. It's not a grandstanding opportunity or a chance to post snide and derogatory comments against players working hard for the team, even where the performances are initially not at the level we would have hoped. We have to be positive. The club cannot deal with anymore negativity after the last few years, especially 7 games into a new season. We're a club that's been through Hillsborough. We know pain. This right here, this is optimism. This the golden sky. This is the sweet silver song of the lark. This Is Anfield. 

    Enjoy it.

  9. Benitez was fabulous.  He brought defensive solidity and meanness unparalleled by most if not all of the other prem teams.
    He won the champs league and finished runner up BEFORE we had Torres.  He won the FA Cup, runners up of the carling cup and world championship.  Finished with record points hauls in his penultimate season and brought in some world class players:
    Alonso; Mashers; Reina; Torres; and made Carra, Lucas, Johnston & the amazing capt Gerard even BETTER.
    He brought in the new youth set up, blooded Kelly, Spearing, Shelvey and others and last but not least, he brought the King back.

    Houllier was good & brought about some much needed change but Benitez took us to the next level and made us consistent European heavy weights.

    He had his faults, he bought some tripe (who doesn't?) but with proper investment he WOULD have won the prem.  I have no doubt.

    I hoped Hodgson would have been good for us but he was awful - didn't lift a single player or fan from start to finish.

    The King came in and lifted EVERYONE.  However he will also need continued investment, patience and encouragment.

    This time around I think it'll come....


  10. Define 'curse' and make it relevant here.

  11. JK dont you feel well !!!!!

  12. It was a momentary lapse of judgment, brought on by Russian vodka, poisoned by Chernobyl.

  13. you`ve written a lot of cats!!! 

  14. benitez was a pillock 2 small things one should never forget alonso' aquilani bloody tactician

  15. davewestausregularguest2:11 am, September 28, 2011

    You are a fool.The best move for LFC is to bring BENITEZ back! One thing for sure is that KK with fail!

  16. davewestausregularguest2:13 am, September 28, 2011

    Why then, do you keep knocking him!

  17. Quality was Benitez's favorite word. Aquilani, Alonso, Kuyt, Torres, Mascherano, Lucas, Johnson, Skrytl, Agger, Reina, Rodriguez, Garcia, Bellamy. Amazing group of players, and he missed out on other big players too. And not only that he gave us some real memories, good enough to be put among the history of this club. Disgrace that he was replaced by a manager of Hodgson's stature. But now is good times. Dalglish is in charge and he is a good coach, and people shouldn't judge his capabilities but judge the players that don't try hard enough; Henderson for instance. 

  18. you are talking rubbish, lol