17 Sept 2011

SEBASTIAN COATES: 9 interesting defensive stats *Updated*

With Daniel Agger's regular injury problems, and concerns over Jamie Carragher's form, Liverpool fans will be hoping that new defender Sebastien Coates hits the ground running when he eventually makes it into the team. The question is, what can we expect from the player?

Coates comes with a great reputation, and we all know the standard facts about the player (nickname; height; international record etc), but what about his defensive capabilities? What kind of specific, measurable defensive impact could Coates have on Liverpool?

Here are some interesting stats from Coates' 87 club games for Nacional.

- Unbeaten in 71 out of 87 games (82% of games)

- Only 16 losses in 87 games (18% of games)

- 40 clean sheets (46% of games overall)

- 83 goals conceded in 87 games (0.9 goals per game)

- 22 yellow cards and 2 reds in 87 games (Yellow cards in 25% of games overall).

- Oct '09 - Dec '09: Helped the team to 9 straight victories

- March '11- Apr '11: Helped the team to 8 straight victories (6 clean sheets)

- At the end of last season, helped the team to 13 wins in the last 15 games, keeping 11 clean sheets along the way.

- Coates is only the second Liverpool player in history to make his debut against Spurs (the other was Djibril Cisse)

- Liverpool conceded 3 goals with Coates on the pitch (though in mitigation, the team was down to 9 men).

Of course, football is a team game, but from a defensive point of view, these are some pretty encouraging stats (Spurs game aside!)

Hopefully, Coates will turn out to be an imperious, dominating aerial presence, something Liverpool has lacked in central defence since Sami Hyypiä left the club.

EDIT: After seeing his performance against Spurs, I'm encouraged. Definitely commanding in the air; shame he had to make his debut in a 4-0 defeat though...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Anybody will do to get rid Oct carragher cannot

  2. Defence will fall apart without Carra's organisational skills. And he still puts more tackles in than anyone else. 

    Only idiots would want to see Carra dumped just because he made one mistake against Bolton and gave away a very dodgy penalty against Stoke.

    Get off his back and support the team or go and support Chelski. 

  3. Have I got the wrong end of the stick, or have you just said something positive about Liverpool FC? I'm confused.

  4. He makes one major mistake every other game. how many own goals and penalties he has given away in the last three years. i would say more than any other premier league defenders

  5. Coates will be the successor to Carragher that i have no doubt but he needs to be given time as he is still fairly young.
    I do not expect miracles this season but sooner or later Coates and Wilson may make up the heart of defence.

  6. @Daboy........I agree with your comment on COATES, but, WILSON???, no chance, from what i've seen!.

  7. I agree with you Wilson has looked pretty poor in most games so far. He looks scared to death in our first team. Not looking forward to a possible match up tomorrow of Bale vs Skrtel by the way...

  8. I okay with the mistake but im not okay with full time hoofball(long pass) job from Carra.

  9. Carraghar is in the team for being English & has certain hold on the management for his loyalty to the club.  At his peak, he was at best 5th choice CB for a very average English team & now at 33, he is at best a Championship quality.

    Take out Lucas & then see how he organizes the defence.  Actually, I am expecting Bale to give him enough insult so that he starts to fake injury.

  10. Lfc fan agree with you...carragher should do the decent thing and retire or go to everton

  11. Fake injury to get out the team, have you ever seen Carragher play?  The guy doesn't know how to fake it.  Whether or not his form is slipping some of the comments on here are terrible insults to one of our club's greatest ever servants.

  12. what da hell did liver signed coates for to have him watch games play da man and get on with it...about carra this man will only help the newies come on their own give carra time.

  13. Just thinking the same thing. And here I was convinced that Kanwar was an enemy agent. I still dream of a team of Carras.

  14. Whilst carragher is in the first team we will always be vulnerable. king Kenny grow some balls and kick him out and play with Skirtel and Agger as the pair.

  15. U are a disgrace, carra is a Liverpool legend and still has plenty to give, he loves that club more than anyone and I'm sure if he wasn't up to doing his job Kenny would have him outta there, so have some respect u twat.

  16. I cant believe how many people are slagging off Jamie,what on earth have we become??? Evertonians?

  17. Are these real stats, or made up ones, like the 16 facts about Liverpool vs Spurs you posted?

  18. yes , i know carra has been a great servant but the man is past it, period. Kenny   should not allow sentimentality to cloud his better judgement. the clumsy tackle was done on walters to try and compensate for his lack of pace. this wasn"t the 1st time in the last 2 years and it certainly will not be the last if we keep on playing him

  19. "Sebastian Coates has been signed, sealed and delivered to Anfield. For a fee of
    less than half the price of Phil Jones the Merseysiders have bagged themselves
    twice the player." - The Independent.

  20. He made his full international debut against Chile in the 2011 Copa América.[6].
    Coates went on to win the award for the Best Young Player at the end of the

  21. I watched Copa America because of Suarez, but apart from Suarez and Forlan,
    Coates is one of thier key for well-organised defenses alongside world class
    defender Lugano and hes only 20 years old!

  22. Saw a bit of him in the Copa America. He looked pretty good
    alongside Lugano. Nowhere near the quality of Lugano, but still quite good. And
    people call him Luganito (Little Lugano), so if he grows to be anywhere near as
    good as him, you will have a hell of a CB.

  23. he is the greatest young defender ive ever seen , there are
    videos of him on youtube , you can look them up , he is just brilliant