9 Sept 2011

10 little-known facts about Stoke City vs. Liverpool

Liverpool play Stoke in the Premier League this weekend, and with the quality reinforcements brought in by Tony Pulis over the summer, it's inevitably going to be a tough game. The history of the fixture is quite interesting, so here are 10 little-known facts about Stoke-Liverpool (and one very well-known fact).
  • Liverpool hasn't won away in the league league against Stoke for 27 years (1984 was the last time)

  • The club has only beaten Stoke twice in the Premier League era.

  • Lucas Leiva's only goal of the 2010-11 season came against Stoke

  • In 16 games as a both a player and manager for Liverpool, Kenny Dalglish only tasted defeat once at the hands of Stoke.

  • As a Liverpool manager, Kenny Dalglish has never lost a game against Stoke.

  • Since 1968, Liverpool have lost only 3 times away from home against Stoke.

  • The last time Liverpool beat Stoke away in any competition was an 8-0 hammering in 2000, which is still Stoke's record League Cup defeat.

  • Luis Suarez scored on his debut against Stoke last season.

  • Liverpool have suffered a couple of heavy away defeats against Stoke over the years: 6-1 in 1897; 5-2 in 1903

  • Kenny Dalglish scored 7 goals against Stoke during his Liverpool playing career.

  • Stoke mounted a serious title challenge in 1946-7, and in the final game of that season, they needed to beat Sheffield United to win the league. Alas, the game was lost 2-1, which mean the title went to...Liverpool. It would be another 17 years before Liverpool won the league again (1963-4 - Bill Shankly's first league triumph).

If Liverpool have serious designs on a top 4 slot (or higher), then teams like Stoke need to be beaten, especially away from home. It'll be a touch game but the club definitely has the quality to put Stoke to the sword and (hopefully) continue Dalglish's record of never having lost against them as a Liverpool manager.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Typo in the first para mate: touch game - tough game. You can delete this message when you've changed it.

    Good article though, enjoyed it.

  2. after demolishing our record against arsenal, i think it would only be fitting to continue the record breaking against stoke

  3. Would be very happy with a win, but a draw away to Stoke is nothing to scoff too much at.  The problem is, if we draw it will be seen as disaster in the media and not what it would actually be...an improvement on last year.  And they certainly look like they've improved.  Just hope we've improved more.

  4. Thank you, Jaimie. Useful items... YNWA