29 Aug 2011

Liverpool FC 'years behind' Man United, Chelsea + Man City? I totally disagree...

In a recent interview, Liverpool owner John Henry claimed that it could take years for Liverpool to be in a position to challenge rivals like Man United and Chelsea for the title. Clearly, Henry is doing a great job of managing expectations, but is he right about the club's current status?

In his excellent interview, Mr. Henry stated:

"Manchester United has done an incredible job of building a young, talented, deep squad. I watched a number of their pre-season matches and they seemed in top form even then. We've just begun to build and are years behind them so we don't expect this to be our year to win the Premier League".

Liverpool is in transition at the moment, and when it comes to expectations, sensible restraint is is clearly the right approach. However, I personally disagree that the club is years away from winning the title.

I actually believe the club is capable of mounting a title challenge this season.

Obviously, this season's primary goal is to get back into the Champions League, but I feel that Liverpool can do better than just hanging on for 4th place, and here are some (fairly obvious) reasons why:
  • Arsenal and Spurs are already on the rack and arguably out of the equation. We already have a 6 and 7 point lead over both clubs, and this could prove significant (as long as we don't let them claw their way back).
  • Last season, we beat Man United at Anfield (and narrowly lost at Old Trafford); did the double over Chelsea, and Beat Man City 3-0, and all this in a season of turmoil and transition.

  • All three teams have strengthened this season, but so have Liverpool. We're not that far behind, and United, City and Chelsea are all eminently beatable.

  • With Enrique, Adam, Downing, Henderson and Carroll, the club has recruited players who are already adapted to the Premier League, and as we've seen, they've (mostly) hit the ground running, which is a massive benefit.

  • In Carroll's case, he hasn't done the business yet but we're still winning and scoring without him. Unless he turns out to be a humungous flop (which I doubt), the goals will start flowing sooner or later, which will be another added bonus.

  • Suarez is new to the league but he's already had half a season to adapt, which means (in theory) he should be well up to speed this season, and he's already showing that's the case.

  • The squad has far more strength in depth this season, which will be vital when injuries inevitably start occurring.

  • We still have Steven Gerrard to come back into the team! The captain's return will be like a new signing all by itself, and he could literally be the club's talisman this season.

  • Fewer games this season should mean fresher players, more recovery time and (hopefully) fewer injuries. With the focus squarely on the league, this could work in Liverpool's favour.

  • No one really expects Liverpool to challenge this season, so there's no pressure, which might be better for the psyche of the players.

  • And then we have the Dalglish factor. There's a palpable sense of magic and possibility around the club that's been missing for years, and King Kenny is largely responsible for that. As we've seen in the past, the Dalglish factor has often been the difference between winning and losing titles.
Of course, the opposite could be true and it could all go pear-shaped, but I just can't see that happening.

I'm not saying that Liverpool can win the title this season, but I totally disagree that we're 'years behind' our rivals. I can't really explain why; call it faith (or delusion!), but I just feel that the club can and will challenge for the title this season, especially if key players like Gerrard and Suarez remain fit, and one or two astute signings arrive in January.

Onwards and upwards!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Fully agree. I think Andy is unlucky to not have scored 3 already with 2 denied under dubious circumstances. Also what was up with that clear back pass last game? geez couldnt have been more clear.

  2. The owner believes one thing, and you believe another.

    Who the hell are you?


  3. Angel of Liverpool3:01 pm, August 29, 2011

    John Henry simply don't want to put too much pressure on the players!
    Of course we can win the title this year.
    But with top sides like Man. Utd., Man. City, Chelsea and even Arsenal and Spurs how can you say we have to be or we will be champions?
    EPL is thoughest champinship in the world and even Barca will struggle here.
    You need a big squad, not so many injuries, lot of luck(as Mancs had) and may be...
    But we already play a great football - that's for sure!

  4. ...if the owner think in this way it means positive..you slow pick up!there will be non stop transfer activities in Liverfool top players will arrive & will go on and on and on..untill Mr. Henry says we are a head of the mancs..no need to buy!

  5. of course your right, you obviously know more and all the points you mentioned above are obviously unknown to the owner or anybody else. i mean who is this guy, he only owns the club and is aware of everything that goes on within it. we should all be listening to you, a guy who wrote an atricle stating the obvious

    we are years away from a title challenge, we need to get back into the champions league before we even contemplate anything else

  6. Not sure how great J Henry's knowledge is to form an assessment but I think it is a. reasonable conclusion. We are clearly infinitely stronger than last srason and have got out of the blocks sharp. However  claiming to be contenders afrer a couple of wins ( one of which has hide the shine removed ) is the  sort of things we used to laugh the bitters out of town for and rightly so.. As the great humble man Bob Paisley used to say ' Lets see how we are at the end of the season

  7. Perhaps you should read my article properly.  I clearly stated Henry's restraint/downplaying is the best policy for the club, but in my *personal opinion*, I believe the club can challenge for the title this season.  I'm not hyping our chances, I'm trying to get across something I *feel*.  Is that okay with you?

  8. Liverpool are looking strong and purchase of Adam has done most to turn Liverpool into title challengers, seriously challengers. Despite the early dominance of the manchester teams Liverpool can do it. Look at Chelsea last season, started well but faded, this could happen to both Manchester clubs.


  9. Agree about Adam.  I think he will prove to be a very influential signing.  53 goals and 31 assists over the last 5 seasons is a stunningly good return, and if he can continue that with Liverpool, we'll be laughing.

  10. I was reading stats recently. If you look at league form of all the top sides over the last 20 games,last season and this season the stats are as follows:
    Chelsea    P20 Pts 43
    Man U       P20  Pts 42
    Liverpool   P20  Pts 40

    Those stats are mostly before Kenny`s summer signings with a poor Liverpool team. To achieve that form almost on a par with Utd & Chelsea is Amazing. In short, upto now Kenny Dalglish has achieved the consistency and league points to the standard of winning a title. With the new signings, better squad, Kenny can achieve greater heights in the league over the next 20 games.....Not saying we will win it, but it won`t surprise me if we do. Hopefully we will be right up there.

  11. IMO LFC will further improve. One month ago, we were leaking goals and were testing all our players. 2-3 games later, total transformation.

    I can clearly see some teams taking more than a dozen goals (home and away) this year as was seen at Fulham last year. That very blueprint is already coming up on the horizon.

    My prediction for this season is
    1. Man City
    2. Liverpool and
    3. Man Utd.

    Next year we'll maybe crack it but we're not years behind. However John Henry has expertly taken pressure off Kenny's shoulder. Kenny will never accept that though, he'll challenge.

  12. sorry more than half a dozen goals... .

  13. To be fair though Lee Man Utd. had won the league with a few games to spare, Chelsea were fighting for nothing at that point. I don't think Liverpool are ready mainly because if they get injuries they will really struggle Comparitively to Chelsea Utd. and City. Take our Liverpools best 5 players (Gerrard Suarez Adam Carroll Reina? Maybe not the best 5 but take those 5 away and you struggle). Take away Chelsea top 5 (Cech Terry Lampard Essien Cole) and they will still challenege. Utd. got 8 against a SIMILAR arsenal team that played Liverpool minus a back four.

  14. I agree the only thing is not weather Liverpool can beat the top dogs the minnows cost Liverpool the title a few seasons back.
    I do believe they are full of talent and hope the title heads the clubs way its been a long wait.
    The side is yet to reach their full potential though so it may be a while longer, a lot of those new players except Downing and possibly Enrique are yet to play to their full potential.
    Just mentioning City though its going to be hard to beat a team that are able to buy anyone thank god they are not an attractive club to play for money excluded.

  15. Liverpool fan writes on Liverpool blog that Liverpool are really, really top banana.  Wow, that's an original idea.  BTW, you forgot to point out that Joe Cole will be the final piece of the puzzle this seaon.

  16. To those of you thinking we are very close to mounting a title challenge, consider this:

    With Gerrard and Meireles injured, (and counting Downing as strictly a winger) our midfield is drawn from: Maxi, Henderson, Spearing, Lucas, Adam + Shelvey.

    If Adam gets injured while SG and RM are still out, (and with Lucas anchoring the Defensive/Holding midfielder role), we are down to Maxi, Henderson, Spearing + Shelvey to perform the Xabi Alonso + Steven Gerrard roles.

    Still feeling confident of a title challenge this year? I think THIS is what John W. Henry was referring to - it will take time to build the strength in depth required.

  17. Joe Cole to Everton. Good riddance.

  18. Everton fans have nothing else to discuss on Everton blogs, that's how they end up on Liverpool blogs. They're shit anyway.

  19. It's no good beating Chelsea, Man U, ad Man City if you then go and draw or lose to Stoke and Norwich, this is what we must improve on to win the league.

  20. I think if we keep playing it down (like J Henry) we could possibly run them close to the finish. Nice to see a bit of optimism on here J. JFT96.

  21. I totally agree with all you said and believe also that we can win the leauge
    and if you dont think along these lines you defeat yourself with negativity
    you must be positive and project a winning mentality,and if come the end of the season another team does better and becomes champions then you can as a team know that you have given it your best shot and try the next time around to
    go one better,and i believe that with a positive outlook dreams can become reality,
    liverpool fc are very close to being champions again...very soon.

  22. I think JH is talking about the finance, revenues and stadium etc which he sees as related to our long term competitiveness rather than the actual teams prospects this season. If everything goes right we can challenge.

  23. jamie you are just a noise maker. tomskin is a better analyst with facts than you. the fact that you show so much disrespect for rafa makes me dislike you. you are almost always wrong  wrong

  24. So Arsenal & Spurs are 'arguably out of the equation'???

    Some might argue:
    <span>'Any reasonable person knows that being in the bottom 3 at this stage of the season means practically nothing.'</span>

    '<span>Top teams can sometimes drop into the relegation zone, and how early season form does not reflect or predict how a season might turn out.'</span>

    They might be <span>'experiencing relegation *form* right now, but the team will not remain in the zone. Fans need to be logical about this.'</span>

    Now, I wonder who might have said all that this time last season??
    Oh, was it you Jaimie? Obviously doesn't apply now though!!

  25. william hill groupie5:51 pm, August 29, 2011

    brilliant - i love you william hill

  26. I think top 4 is achievable, but we will need a lot of luck to challenge for league. If we stayed injury free in key areas we might have a chance

    Other teams have Champion's League commitments, however United will pulverise their group with an almost reserve side

    Our home form needs to be perfect, had a bad feeling when Richardson stayed on the field on first day, and we dropped 2 points

    United won 18 of 19 home games last season, only dropping 2 points

    They only won 5 away matches all season!! We need to make Anfield a fortress, Saturday was a good start!!

    Man City are biggest concern, they could field 2 top 4 sides

    Jaimie, stop being positive ffs. People don't like it when they can't hate you!!! ;)

  27. I agree with your article. I also think that Glen Johnson and Enrique together would give more attacking options to our team once Glen is back from ijurues and they will make more crosses for Carroll.
     I however think it would be better f we at this stage aim for 4th place and dont put unneccessary pressure on our players, I have seen when things dont work out and fan getting agitated and that would not help the team in long run.
    our main weakness at the moment is in defensive midfield although Lucas is doing a tremendous job there, i fear that if he got injured then we would struggle a bit. i also think we should start playing carra less and use oothers as i want him fresh for important games.

  28. Great stats. They overlook one small difference over this time period and that is that Manchester and Chelsea were balancing these league matches with champions league games (both of them reaching at least as far as the semi-finals) - players succumbing to more fatigue, pressure and more squad rotation. Liverpool did reach the round of 16, losing to Braga in march, but it still meant that Chelsea and Man Utd had 4 and 5 extra matches to balance in their schedule than did liverpool - with the pressures of each match understandably growing with increased significance. A better comparison would possibly entail comparing summer pre-season stats and those of the opening 3 league games (when the teams had their new squads assembled, for the most part) to paint a clearer picture.

  29. ref saw that Suarez touched the ball first. Me too. Sad, but I think that's the reason.

  30. This is the second time I've revisited this sight and been shocked by Jamie's octimisusm, it's actually quite unsettling! It's nice but strange! Kinda like having a violent partner who all of a sudden comes home with flowers and says that things have changed! You want to believe them but you're weary as you can still remember the scares and Benitez bashing!

    Anyway, good article dispite my above concerns! I think all involved are underplaying our chances to stave off disappointment but I have no doubt the King is aiming for the top, I'm just surprised that Jamie agrees!

    Long may this continue! In Rafa I trusted, in Kenny I BELIEVE!

  31. Blackpool did the double over Liverpool last season, so does that mean Blackpool are better than Liverpool? Of course not but just because you beat Man Utd, chelsea and Man City last seson does not mean your better than any of those teams. Anyone can beat anyone in a one off match.

  32. To be really honest abra, who gives a crap if you dislike Jaimie, have you heard that the world is coming to an end soon?

    I am happy for you that you pay to read Tomkins Times...LOL another Rafa apologist who probably is also still sour about Rafa being kicked out of Anfield. Cry me a river.


  33. What's your point? I'm not suggesting Spurs and Arsenal will stay in the relegation zone, and last season, I argued Liverpool wouldn't stay in the rel zone. And both are arguably out if the title equation; arsenal are in turmoil; Spurs have had a crap start. If liverpool keep up the good form then, at a minimum, 4th is ours for the taking.

    So again, what is your point?

  34. Where did I say Liverpool were better than united, Chelsea or man city? That's right, I didn't . All I'm saying us that the most recent results v the top teams in the league show that we're not so far off.

  35. Hahhaa stop dreaming united could field two top 4 sides and we proved that city are still behind us.you lot think YOU lot could beat us right now bahhahah!!!
    U talk as if only u lot have improved look at our back four no vidic ferdinand or da silva twins, no valencia or fletcher or even chicha hasnt fully got going. Now that is strength in depth. Oh amd by the way dont rely on stevie g, he an amazing player but he wont be at his best forever now

  36. 1) Man United
    2) Liverpool
    3) Man City

    Man City are balancing champions league matches with prem. league matches for the first time - and they may look strong now but I fear they will lack that pedigree that is so crucial in the closing months of the title race.
    Up until a month ago it looked as though Man United hadn't really done enough in the transfer market. Having watched their games closely in recent weeks, I fear that everyone is underestimating the strength of their midfield, particularly Anderson. He seems a revitalized, modern-day David Silva except with a far more physical presence. 
    Liverpool will be title contenders but I fear they lack just that extra bit of depth. They are (and have been for some time) missing that one pivotal player in midfield (the role played by Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney or Samir Nasri) and I just don't think Gerrard will survive the whole season without injury. If proven wrong, and if Gerrard hits form sooner rather than later, I'd say Liverpool could take it.

  37. Dont laugh at everton, im a united fan but if they had the money u lot have and with david moyes u lot wouldnt stand a chance

  38. Henry's just trying to be realistic, and shows he is thinking long-term, which imo is the right way to go about running a club.  We need to concentrate on getting back into the Champions League before we concentrate our energies on the title, if only to attract the players we will need to win the title.  Although I wont complain if we get through half the season and realise we have a chance at the title, and go for it.

  39. Anyway i don't think it's just Utd Liverpool should be worried about, as lets face it if Utd don't win the title then City will then there is Chelsea who are bound to get better. Unfortunatly for Kenny it's not like his first spell in charge when all you had to do was to finish above one team to win the title, so i can see Liverpool not winning a title for a very long time.

  40. The point is.... this time last year you were saying everyone was being overly negative in writing Liverpool off after just a few games under Roy Hodgson.

    You insisted that it was knee-jerkism at its worst and that we would come storming back and finish fourth (I think you even had a £500 bet on it)

    Now, in stark contrast, you have completely discounted Arsenal & Spurs for a top four finish after just THREE games of the season!!
    In fact, Tottenham have only played TWO matches, which were against Man Utd & Man City.

    I am just highlighting that you have contradicted yourself totally... and shown clear proof of it using your own quotes.

  41. so what you have had good reacent resluts against those teams i mentioned. Like all Liverpool fans your living in the past last season has gone, so those resutls mean nothing now.

  42. but 8 - 2 does imply that things are pretty bad!

  43. I'm just glad that it doesn't feel like the season is over after 3 games

  44. You can keep trying to make tenuous connection but it won't wash. The two situations are world's apart. I am not denigrating or personally ridiculing wenger or redknapp, nor am I calling for them to be sacked. That's what fans were doing to hodgson last season. And re knee jerk reactions, I was clearly referring to fans calling for RH's head so early in the season.

    You're twisting my views deliberately; If you're going to paraphrase me then do it accurately and fairly. If you continue to deliberately twist my views I will ban you. I have better things to do than waste tine correcting you.

  45. KK has the right way of thinking about the league. You go from game to game and try to win each and every one of them. At the end you'll see where you are in the table. We have to finnish in the top 4 that's for sure, but we have to do that every season, so that's nothing new. If we end up being 4th or title winners, will depends on many factors.

  46. If you're going to publish your personal thoughts for the entire world to read and comment on quit being so defensive when people have a different point of view. 

  47. If you're going to publish your personal thoughts for the entire world to read and comment on quit being so defensive when people have a different point of view.

  48. Oh what a supprise - a SCUM fan commenting on an LFC site. You lot are obviously worried or why would you even be on here. SAD SCUM

  49. SCUM fan still on here commenting on our stories. You really are getting more worried by the minute hey. SAD SCUM

  50. Hmmm so your telling me that if you take Rooney, Hernandez, De Gea, Anderson and Vidic Manure are still title contenders?? No way mate. only City have enough players to take out  5 and still be challenging but we still have to see how they will cope with champions league and players ego who are not playing 

  51. Well I guess if it was for you then we should buy another CM cause we dont have enough!! What the hell are you thinking!! Most of the games we won last term had Lucas and spearing in the middle with Mereiles on the right and Maxi on the left. With Kuyt interchanging with Mereiles. Now from what your saying they are not even good enough to be reserves and play a couple of games here and there?? In the case Gerrard, Raul and Charlie are all out at one go we could put Henderson in the CM role as he played most of the games with sunderland and have Downing and Maxi on the wings or start with Kuyt on the right and carroll up front. And if Johnson is back he could play further up the right wing as well.

  52. My heart says yes, we arent that far behind but my head says when Luis Suarez isnt playing, we arnt as good as we think or possibly when he has a dip in form which must surely happen at some stage. I do think we have good players around him but i feel he is the main catalyst to anything good that we do.

    I'm also praying that Andy Carroll isnt going to be a massive flop. I keep thinking hes struggling because of the price tag and probably the expectation but its still early days and hes only 22. However watching him, i feel his touch is off, his movement is a bit poor and hes never busting a gut to get into the box when good crossing opportunities arise. In hindsight i kind of think Suarez plays best with kuyt and with 35 mill we could have bought a couple of those type of players, maybe with more pace. However im hoping im really wrong n he turns into the beast i thought he was watching play for newcastle early on last season.

  53. Jaimie, not like you to use your big red delete button when you're clearly losing an argument!!

  54. You couldn't be more WRONG. Very very clearly the goal keeper scooped the ball first,with both hands, and then grabbed it at the second attempt.I suggest you watch it again.

  55. I keep getting this feeling recently Jamie Kanwar,as you continue to write positively about "us" that you are falling in love with the game again?   :)

  56. 8-) guys those who doesnt have faith can wonder but once lfc beat the big four last season , believe me those spec fans will change their opinions on us reaching top 3 or even hey win the titles .. Its possible durable achievable !! Ynwa!!

  57. Don't worry, Simon - there are still plenty of people around who hate me/the site, despite the positivity  :-P

    On a separate note: if you ever want to post an article on the site then the door is always open.  You have strong, interesting views across the board, and I'm sure a wider audience would appreciate reading them.

  58. Decent article Jaimie, but having read the entire interview with John it seemed to me the context of us being "years behind Manchester United..." etc, was meant in relation to finances generally and economic growth, particularly regarding our stadium and possible expansion etc.

  59. There's no point in arguing the hypothetical scenarios Don - the simple fact is that ur lot have accomplished a lot more than us in recent years, and we've accomplished infinitely more than Everton in the same period.

  60. Why are we years away from a title challenge?? Even assuming that we fall short this season, who's to say that we can't go out and make another big splash in the transfer market, bringing in 2 or 3 more world class/top quality players, to supplement a team that also could have Carroll, Henderson, Coates  & maybe even a breakthrough player or two also potentially developing into additional elite calibre players with a years experience under their belts?? (with Kuyt, Maxi, Skrtel, Carragher etc all making way to balance the books a bit)

    Top 4 should be minimum standards this season (how people can say anything else is acceptable after our recent expenditure strikes me as slightly ridiculous) but a challenge for the title shouldn't be regarded as a step too far. Yea, Man U and Man City have better players than us atm, but there is a finite amount of points that can be won in the league. As long as we can pick up around +85 points, we should be expecting to be in title contention. If another team goes out and leaves us in the dust by racking up a La Liga type points haul, then fair play to them and we'd just have to aim higher the following year...

  61. I totally agree. Everybody talks about the improvement that Liverpool need to make from last season, ignoring the fact that Man U were the only credible title contenders last year. Chelsea racked up just 71 points, yet it is just automatically assumed that a new manager will have this rabble of ageing players performing at Mourinho's levels again. Or that Man U's kids will maintain their early levels for the entire season. Even assuming that we fall short this season, those suggesting that we are years away from a title challenge seem to forget that we could potentially go out and make another big splash in the transfer market, bringing in 2 or 3 more world class/top quality players, to supplement a team/squad that also could have Carroll, Henderson, Coates  & maybe even a breakthrough player or two also potentially developing into additional elite calibre players with a years experience under their belts by next season (with Kuyt, Maxi, Skrtel, Carragher etc all making way to balance the books a bit)  
    Top 4 should be minimum standards this season (how people can say anything else is acceptable after our recent expenditure strikes me as slightly ridiculous) but a challenge for the title shouldn't be regarded as a step too far. Yea, Man U and Man City have better players than us atm, but there is a finite amount of points that can be won in the league. As long as we can pick up around +85 points, we should be expecting to be in title contention regardless of anybody else. If another team still went out and left us in the dust by racking up a La Liga type points haul, then fair play to them, we'd just have to aim higher the following year... :)

  62. Spot on.

    In fact, I would go as far as to say that Man Utd have been made to look better than they are by the feeble attempts of both Arsenal and Tottenham. Not to mention the fact that, despite winning 8-2, two were free kicks and two were long range shots by Young, plus one penalty. Then Arsenal missed a penalty at 1-0 and could have scored another couple themselves. A tired team, who have been criticised from pillar to post, the press want the manager out and they have just played in Italy in midweek. And they show up at Old Trafford to play the best flat track bullies the league has ever seen, who have had a week to rest. And, because they are Arsenal, not Stoke, the home team are fired up and want to humiliate them. A thrashing was on the cards. 8-4 would have been fairer. The fact that Arsenal could, and should, have scored so many is an indication that Man Utd just went for the jugular, knowing their opponents were tired, demoralised and inexperienced. Tottenham always roll over there, but they did not look unbeatable at West Brom.

    City, on the other hand, are starting to look like a team. And they are starting to look better than anyone else in my opinion. No one can complain if they finish up runner ups to them this season or any of the next three seasons. Chelsea have a creaking side who need these young players to come through fast. Their four biggest stars are ageing or injured. They have to consider what to do with Drogba and Lampard, Essien is out and Terry is not getting any younger. They have plenty of problems and we should be able to stay above them. Their manager has a huge rebuild to come and the press are only not saying so because they want to move the witchunt from Wenger to him asap. I can see Arsenal coming back and breathing down Chelsea's neck. Tottenham, I suppose, have a better chance than Arsenal of coming above us because we have already played at the Emirates, so a 6 point advantage for us, and a home game, would make it difficult for them to catch us, even now. But it is only early days and two losses can change everything.

    In my opinion, City have the title in the bag this year. Man United might just shade us, but I think it will be close, we will be third and Chelsea might just edge Arsenal for 4th. Don't think Chelsea are nailed on for 4th at all and the press are creating all this Wenger hype while forgetting other teams', including Man Utd's, problems. Whether they sell Modric or not, do not think Tottenham will do better than 6th.

  63. I guess the ''consensus'' of most level headed LFC fans is that:

    1. KK signings are developing quicker than even the most optimistic of us even dared to believe. With every game more and more doom sayers are eating their hats. (Including myself with regards to Henderson) If we are successfull in our next 3 games (which is perfectly feasable considering the fixtures), and maybe even perpetual whingers and complainers might get on board and allow themselves to enjoy the ride.

    2.The fact that we are not in CL will definitly give us added strength - particularly in the final stages of the season - and will compensate for not yet having the depth that we need. It will at least help to get to the next transfer window without too many injuries. I cannot wait for that time in the season when the form/fitness of the the top teams dip because of trying to 'win quadruples' and we will just keep pushing on through.

    3.What John Henry is doing is being a responsible owner. In all his interviews he is advertising to the world that Liverpool is headed by a shrewd, level-headed businessmen that is going to continue investing until we are succesfull. He is not here to go for broke, buy a whole team and get throphies instantly. He is telling everybody he is here for the long term. I'm sure he can see that we have a decent chance of winning given our run in the second half of the season and all the improvements we made - but it would've been horrific if our owner came out saying that. At this point it would've made us look pathetic. But we know what's going on at our club, we can tell the difference KK has made. Let them think they are unbeatable. I would much rather be the dark horse that wins the race...

  64. Andy Carroll is 22 years old. Don't forget, it took Drogba a good couple of years to round himself into one of the best strikers in the league, after a pretty poor player first couple of years at Chelsea (although he did batter us before that with Marseille).

    Admittedly I am also basing most of my hope on what I saw of him at Newcastle rather than what I've seen during his Liverpool career, but I honestly believe that although Carroll may never show himself to be a £35m player and despite the fact that I far prefer fluid strikers to target men, he will be a massive threat for us moving forwards.

  65. Unfortunately I've got to agree with you Gab, hence my failure to point out any obvious potential downfalls for City. Even their biggest weakness, Mancini, probably won't be able to hold the team back this year - they've just got such an overwhelming team that he could send them out in a 6-3-1 formation every week and still expect to pick up the points.

    I hate the idea of him picking up the title and acting as if that justifies his tactics, but unfortunately you just have to make his team firm favourites this year :(

  66. Unfortunately I've got to agree with you Gab, hence my failure to point out any obvious potential downfalls for City. Even their biggest weakness, Mancini, probably won't be able to hold the team back this year - they've just got such an overwhelming team that he could send them out in a 6-3-1 formation every week and still expect to pick up the points.

    I hate the idea of him picking up the title and acting as if that justifies his tactics, but unfortunately you just have to make his team firm favourites this year :(

  67. they got 8 at OT do u think we would have beaten arsenal just 2 at Anfield and give suarez a full 90 min...jus dont think so

  68. Hi Jay
            the fact that Mancini has bought Nasri worried me greatly. As he seems to have recognised that City do not need to be so defensive when they are playing Norwich at home. I think that certain teams will take a real beating there this season. If you look at the replacements, they have people like Kolarov, Toure, their new Serbian defender, Zabaleta, Milner, Johnson, Hargreaves, Barry (if they choose Toure and De Jong as their first choice central midfielders) and then, up front, they have Tevez and Balotelli. That is their second choice of outfield players! It is a team that would still probably fight off Tottenham and Arsenal for 4th place.

    I've had a lot of sympathy for Wenger over the last fortnight or so and cannot see how supporters, of all clubs, can feel that what City and Chelsea have done to the game is better than a good manager sticking to his guns and refusing to pay more for an average English defender, with one year on his contract, rather than an established German international with 75 caps at 27. I hope we win everything we can but if we cannot I really hope that Wenger gets the chance to stick two fingers up to the media, come May, by winning something. For me, City's main benefit is that they begin to deny Man Utd going away from us in league titles! I really do not think we are far behind Man Utd at this point, if at all.

  69. September and the sousers are still talkign about winning it, i guess i'l come back newxt month and see if we can see the annual return of the now famous phrase of "its out season next season" haha!