1 Oct 2010

Liverpool-Kop.com iPhone App launched!

I've created a free iPhone app for the site. For installation instructions, please read on.

The app is very basic at the moment, and contains the following sections:

* Latest Articles (updated every time something new is posted).

* Latest comments posted to the site (You can read, but to comment, you'll still have to come to the site. I'm working integrating app-commenting)

* L-Kop YouTube Videos

* Archive

* Twitter feed (Under the 'Shouts' tab)

Installation is very easy:

1. Launch your iPhone web browser
2. Click the following link from within the browser: http://LiverpoolKopgksc.isites.us/
3. Follow the instructions to save to your home screen.

The site itself renders fine on the iPhone, but the app is just quicker and easier (no having to zoom in etc).

If you experience any problems/issues, please leave a comment below.

Thanks in advance to anyone who uses the App, and thanks to everyone for continuing to visit the site :-)

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. It's not really an iPhone app then is it? Poor show.

  2. Why is it not an iPhone app?  The app makes the site optimised for the iphone, ergo it is an iPhone app.  Admittedly as basic as it comes (!) but it still qualifies.

  3. Would be like smearing shit on my iPhone.

  4. Would be like smearing shit on my iPhone.