13 Dec 2009

FOOTBALL CHEATS: No 20 - Wayne Rooney (Man United vs. Aston Villa - 2009)

The Premiership's most prolific cheat was at it again at Old Trafford yesterday. Wayne Rooney shamelessly attempted to win a penalty with yet another dive in the area, but luckily the referee was on the ball and booked him instead.

Here is the master in action against Villa:

Rooney should've been sent off for that if you ask me. How is a yellow card any deterrent? He was booked for diving once before (Spurs, 2008), but did it make any difference? No.

In 2006, Rooney stated the following:

"I'd never dive. I’d like to think of myself as an honest player. That’s the way I play. I don’t like diving, football doesn’t need it.”

Then, after he dived to win a penalty against Arsenal in September 2009, Rooney made the following laughable claims:

"Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player. I play the game as honestly as I can.".

You can say it as much as you like, Wayne, but it doesn't make it true.

In any event, the following evidence contradicts his claims:

Exhibit A: Dive v Blackburn (2008)

Exhibit B: Dive v Spurs (2008) Rooney was booked for this one:

Exhibit C: Dive v Arsenal (2004)

Exhibit D: Dive v Arsenal (2009)

Exhibit E: Dive v Chelsea (2008)

Exhibit F: Dive v Slovenia (2009)

In the aftermath of the penalty incident against Slovenia, Wayne Rooney exchanged some words with fellow diver Steven Gerrard. Luckily, a pitch-side microphone picked up what was discussed between England's two most prolific simulators.

I would include Rooney's infamous dive against Villareal in this series but, alas, there is no video footage of it anywhere.

The Villareal incident proved once again that Rooney is not only a cheat, but a self-confessed cheat. After the game, Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that Rooney had actually apologised for the dive:

"He apologised to me and said he didn't mean to do that. I think he's been watching Robert Pires too much. At least he apologised to their players. You'd never see Pires do that."

Will the biased British media make a big deal out of Rooney's latest dive? Will they demonise him in the same way they did Eduardo or David Ngog?

Of course not! He's English, therefore diving is okay.

The beautiful game?

Not anymore.

Now, it's the ugly, desecrated, corrupted game.

NB. Yes, I'm aware that Steven Gerrard dives, which is why I've written about it in the past many times, most recently last week --->>>

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Does Steven Gerrard take the previous 19 entries.  The master of the cheat

  2. Gotta say Jaimie, I'm not usually a fan of your stuff, but you've got this one spot on.

  3. Ofcourse the media make a small reference about there world cup darling. Had it been a foriegner (Ngog, Eduardo and Henry) there would have been an outcry. That also included Gerrard who is also guilty but not as blatent as fat Shrek.

  4. Rooney Booked for Diving at Ole Trafford - It just does not get more classic than this lmao

  5. jamie, 

    2 points that i would like to make - both not linked to this article.

    Firstly - if rafa goes with lucas over aquilini - i realise your write a negative report on rafa - but am interested to know why - remember lucas and mach both won the match vs united
    secondly - you have defended both hicks and gillet in the past - what are your thought on them making 330 million recently - and if they decide not to help iverpool out in the transfer window - what are your thoughts on that?

  6. The beautiful game died when it became acceptable to dive in a football match, meaning it's been dead for at least 20 years...

  7. Thanks for your comments.

    1. If Rafa starts Lucas ahead of Aquilani I won't write an article lambasting him for that.  I may mention it when I do my review of the game but I wouldn't dedicate a whole article to it.

    Lucas and Masch may have featured in the Man U game, but that is just one game. What about the 9 defeats and 4 draws they've also been a part of?  You can't take one game and use it as an ultimate example of their effectiveness. That game is the exception this seaosn, not the rule.

    I said before the United game that we would win; I posted an article saying I had complete confidence in the vitctory, and I also said the same in an interview with another site.  Why?  because this group of players will only really push themselves and raise their game in the prestige matches.  Against the likes Blackburn, Fulham etc, they do not show the same type of passion.

    Anyone can motivate themselves for games against Untited, Madrid etc; it's harder to do so against the lower teams in the league, and that's where the manager comes into play: Benitez cannot motivate the team to play at the same level in the non-prestige games, and that is a problm.

    2. Re Hicks + Gillett's cash influx.  If they have money available then it would be great to see some spent on new players.

    Having said that, can Benitez be trusted to spend the money properly?  I don't think so.  20m wasted on Keane; 18m on an unfit Aquilani; 17m on right back; 8m on a left-back who never plays; 11m on Babel, who also never plays. Benitez regularly wastes money.  Furthermore, he has COST the club money by failing to qualify for the group stages of the CL.

    If H+G don't give him any  money in january then I can understand their caution.

    Just imagine how much stronger our squad would be if:

    1. We'd spent 20m on someone else other than Keane (a different top class player who actually fitted into the system)

    2. A good left-back instead of Dossena

    3. A good right back instead of Degen

    4. A FIT midfielder instead of Aquilani.

    That would mean that at the start of this season, we'd have 4 more class, contribution players, all of whom would have made managing our injury crisis easier.

  8. Just curious on your opinion Jaime, as we now know it will be Lucas and Masch starting...IF we win the game convincingly with a solid dominating performance, does that make it the right decision from Rafa?

  9. i agree to a degree, but as you know there is no sure thing when buying a player - dossena was an italian international for 7m thats good money - degen was a free...and aquilini could be a world class player.

    remember rafa also brought in some great buys, beneyon, kuyt, torres, lucas, insua, skirtel, agger, reina, alonsa, mach etc...

    what my point was- if hicks and gillet really cared for the club they would provide money for investment - i believe if they dont it could be argued they are just looking to sell up and never really cared..

    interested in your thoughts

  10. Nr.20 wasnt a cheat.. was a penallty

  11. It will be good if we win, however, it will not be down to Benitez's genius.  How do you account for the same team losing games too?  The players will probably be more up for this game, just like they were v Man U, so the chances of winning are already increased.

    Using your logic - If a win today means Rafa got it right, then surely the opposite is true:  He got it wrong all the times he played Lucas and Masch and we lost..?

  12. Since Hicks and Gillett arrives, Liverpool have spent more on transfers than at any point in the club's history. They HAVE provided the money; Benitez has not spent it wisely.

  13. jamie that isnt the point - surely if u love ur club and have just received alot of dosh u help them out?

  14. Think you will find Jamie that all teams have spent more during the last 2 years as they get an extra 20M for Sky per year. Moyes bought Fellaini for 15M for example. Hicks and Gillete have effectively taken all our profit and using it to pay their loans.....

  15. maybe you should worry more about your own crappy team and less about rooney

  16. Yep fair enough, personally i can understand playing Lucas and Masch against other top teams...but totally agree with you that two defensive mids against teams like birmingham is pretty poor for a team like liverpool.

    For what its worth, i thought that tactic of playing Lucas and Masch together worked a treat in the first half, both played fantastically and i thought we dominated the game...unfortunatly it all fell apart in the second half :| although i think on this occasion it was more down to the players than Rafa

  17. i think whoever posted this was stupid...rooney's penalty against arsenal was not a dive..almunia made contact and thats enough...as for aston villa..there was minor contacts...

  18. As a United fan, I wish I could come on here and offer some kind of repost. But unfortunately, there is nothing I can say. Wayne made all of us look like twats. But at least you point out your captain as well