2 Nov 2009

POLL: Should Liverpool re-sign JOHN ARNE RIISE?

John Arne Riise would (apparently) like to return to Anfield in January. Would the Norwegian be a good addition to the team, or is Liverpool well covered on the left?

There doesn't appear to be any official source for this rumour but I think it's worth discussing anyway.


  1. He was stale towards the end and i think alot of fans thought it was a good decision to let him go, but with everything that is going on at the min, I'd love to have him at left back and maybe if he did come back he would have some added motivation. If a swap is on the cards with Dossena, then i would do the swap.

    Comments about previous JK posts.

    Anybody with money, would rather build a new stadium now as materials and labour are cheaper. The key words being anybody with money.

    Purslow was not installed as chief exec by Hicks and Gillet, it was a condition of RBS on refinancing the loan.

    A reason there are potential new investors would be because Benitez has constistantly got LFC into the latter stages of the Champs league, where the financial rewards are incomparable.

    How can the club be better off with the amount of debt on the club and also a reason that potential investors are being put off.

    The owners havn't paid a penny out of there own pocket, its all loans and although this is legal, it means the club is paying for itself, which it currently cannot do, which makes the club no where near viable.

    You can also talk about large fees all you want but the truth is we have to sell a few to get these big money transfers in. Johnson shouldn't be included as money from the crouch deal was still owed. Try to come back at me about this point and you would be wrong as it has been leaked that portsmouth have failed to meet a payment to chelsea for Johnson.

    Alonso was sold, which was used to sign Aquilani. Keane was sold for more or less the same some, what happened to the money after that.

    You say fans keep coming up with the same old tripe about the owners. When was it a crime to complain about broken promises. I remember the first sky sports interview they did and they were the ones who were laughing and joking about money and how they were willing to spend. Gillet even pulled out a massive wod of cash out of his top pocket. Babel, torres and co were baught by loans.

    For one who critically analyses the club and so on, you seem to miss out conveniant stuff.

    Also an article i read recently that you had done suggesting signing villa, would be a disaster because of Gerrard, because he cant play in the centre of a 442 seems a bit over the top, you even suggest selling gerrard and buying someone who can play in the centre. All i'll say is when did you become a tactical maestro? and currently chelsea are  doing ok with a  diamond  with 2 strikers and one  in the hole, something lfc could  play but  obviously hicks and gillet  won't put out the cash for him.  They never capitalised on finishing 2nd last year.

  2. Rossi - your comment is filled with unsubstantiated generalisations, the chief of which is the idea that Purslow was fored on LFC by the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Where is your proof for this?  There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this is the case, and if you think about it logically, it's nonsense.  It's just a rumour that got started and has spread like wildfire.

  3. Yes yes and yes. He was stale at the end of his lfc career but I bet he would come back mega pumped up, and a more improved player after spending a year in a diffrent league... Ahh the thought of the big man slamming one in from that trusted left foot (but this time please use your right foot for a goal line clearance)

  4. you sir are a complete tit

  5. I know someone who works for pwc and did due dilligence work for DIC on lfc

  6. In Rafas words 'its a fact'

  7. No. No. Let me think again... No.

    We have Aurelio - who is good enough at the moment, and Insua who can become a very good player. Insua is progressing well, but how many minutes would he get if Riise's back? Our left back is just fine. Assuming Aquilani is a good player - for Rafa sake I hope he is - our main concern is left attacking midfielder (It would be perfect if the LAM could play striker role as well - I heard Lavezzi can play both positions). After we sort it out we can think about CB (sorry Carra, but if you dont get better we will have to do something. You know about that dont you?) and cover for Johnson (depending how Kelly and Darby develop). Then we should think about a really good RAM so Kuyt would become cover player for RAM and Torres (sorry Dirk). And then we can come back and discuss LB depending on Insua progress. If we are very lucky - I mean we dont need to make any emergency buys which is very unlikely - it will take us next 3 transfer windows. At least. We can come back to this january 20011.

  8. Love to see that great left footer driver back in Anfield again. True we have Insua...but imo the kid is too slow and can't pay the full 90mins (which often getting beating by the opposition in 2nd half of the games). Aurelio as we've seen in recent game agains Man U play better in midfield therefore will be great cover for Riera in LM (just to give as more depth).
    If we get Riise back not only can he play in CB, still have the speed in defence & attack, but also loves the club as much as the local lads by trying to watch our every games everyweek since sold to Roma, consequently will do his atmost best to help the club to succeed.
    So therefore we will now have proven quality in Insua/Risse at LB and saving us cash by converting Aurellio in the creative LM/M role

  9. Yes perfectly logical and viable if Dossena wants to move the other way. He loves LFC.

  10. shite. The Ginger biff

  11. this video actually shows how a players who is good (at best) is shown as some1 great. riise served liverpool well but i don think he is needed back at liverpool even if dossena were to leave we can promote chris mavinga who can play at LB and has been performing well for reserves. we also have buchtmann who is considered very good and we need to promote him. if aurelio and insua can hold fort for a couple of years i think mavinga and/or buchtmann could be ready. plus if you go further down there is jack robinson who is still 15yrs or so but is playing regularly for u18s. he is actually not even part of the current academy cos he is too young but features regularly for the u18s. he is rated very highly. if this bloke can continue his good performances would could have another LB ready in 4 years (conservative estimate)