13 Nov 2009

POLL: Does ANDREI VORONIN have what it takes to make a difference for Liverpool?

Misfiring striker Andriy Voronin has told of his determination to help Liverpool get this season back on track. Does he have anything to offer or is he a lost cause?

The Ukraine striker has yet to find the back of the net in eight games this season, and to be fair, hasn't even looked remotely like scoring. However, Voronin has told Liverpoolfc.tv he is eager to give fans something to cheer about in the coming weeks:

"I've spoken with Rafa [Benitez] and I want to take my chance, work hard and play for Liverpool. I hope in the next game I play, I can give the Liverpool supporters more."

Not sure about you, but I would be cheering loudest if I heard we had accepted a £3m offer from a German club for his signature.

You have to admire his attitude in saying he wants to do well for us, but I'm not totally convinced his heart is really with the club. I think he would be off like a shot if he could find a way out of the door for good.

I'm not sure I can bear to see him with another chance like that one he got recently away in Lyon, which was one of the most precise back-passes to a keeper I have seen in recent times.

For me, it's fingers crossed for a January departure. Or does Voronin deserve more time?


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  1. please god he goes he Jan. i cant stomach seeing him in a pool jersey again, he belongs in the adult industry!

  2. Alex, I have to agree. Every time Voronin touched the ball I hoped he would prove me wrong and do something special with it. Alas, Voronin has failed to deliver.

    I think Babel would do better playing in the position Voronin was given recently; simply because he is younger, seems more eager to learn, and has a more powerful shot (which needs some fine tuning). Voronin simply does not have the work rate, consistency or heart to make it at Liverpool.

  3. we've had this debate over and over....get him out.  He's 30 and going backwards.  On another matter I noticed Eccleston rejected a contract yesterday...I beleive we have another Owen on our hands.  Seems like a right big time Charlie.

  4. Big-time Charlie?  He's only 19.  Maybe he doesn't fancy rotting in the reserves for the next 5 years, being shunted out on loan endlessly and then sold to some 2nd division side.

    it's not as if any youth strikers have made it into the first team and stayed there under Houllier or Benitez, is it?

    He's probably just being realistic, which in the current climate is very sensible if you ask me.

  5. Jaimie, I think at 19 youre still learning your craft and what his refusal says to me is that he is an ungrateful bastard. Repay some of the faith shown in him by at least TRYING to get some first team experience or basically just put more time in.

  6. realisticly would we be able to find a striker with more experience and quality than voronin for £3m? If so who?

  7. ok hes not got much quality but - what else is there about for same price.... heskey he can't score either?

  8. hahah nearly 96% say NO
    yes.. january departure please, or if no one will have him,
    just let him rot on the bench until his contract runs out
    hes shite.
    i hate the way he looks
    i hate the way he talks
    i hate the way he takes his first touch
    i hate the way he does his hair in the morning
    i hate the way he passes to the opposition
    i hate the way he shoots
    i       hate          voronin
    he doesnt deserve to wear the liverpool shirt

  9. "Big-time Charlie?  He's only 19."

    My point exactly.  His only aspiration at present should be to make it at Anfield and prove he is good enough not ruffle feathers.  If at 21 he feels things are not to his liking he should ask for a transfer.

    "it's not as if any youth strikers have made it into the first team and stayed there under Houllier or Benitez, is it? "

    That's a poor argument.  Who since Owen has been good enough?  Has any young striker left Liverpool in the last ten years to go on to bigger and better things?  Please don't bring up Neil Mellor, he just about cuts it at Preston. I don't believe any young player we have released in the last 20 years has gone on to embarass us.

  10. Agree 100%

  11. Unfortunately, Voronin is just not good enough.  I didn't dismiss him as quickly as some of my fellow Reds, but his last 2 appearances for the club were absolutely shocking, to the point that I believe we would have played better with 10 men - at least we would have kept the ball more!  Babel is not much better either.  He can produce moments of magic (like his goal against Lyon), but his general football is just not of a consistently good enough standard for Liverpool.  The media pundits go on about him needing more chances, but I watch Liverpool on a regular basis and he's had plenty of opportunities to impress me, he's just never taken them.  For me more time has to be given to N'Gog, whose shown real hunger, a touch of class, and whose goals to minutes ratio is outstanding.  Hopefully Ecclestone too will come along, and beyond that Nemeth back from his loan will do me.

  12. I will never tell any Liverpool player - even Voronin - he needs to go. I'm a supporter not a manager. I will support any player in red jersey. Any. I would support even you Jaimie. Seriously.

    It doesnt mean I cant see Voronin didnt play well. He didnt. But until he is a red I believe he can do better. Sometimes it's hard to believe - I know. But who said being a supporter is easy?

  13. obviously voronin is a decent player, you don't score loads of goals in the german top flight if your crap. Voronin just dosent suit our type of play. any forward that is not world class would struggle in a team with out a play maker. Luckily we have torres.

    Forwards rely on service at the moment that is lacking. I am not saying he should stay, but I dont think playing the younger lads t this present moment in time will be any better, it could damage there confidence, playing every week getting no service then getting called a waste of space by the fans.

    the thing with eccelstone is he knows how hard it is to break through at a top club. How many top forwards have broken through from the academy or reserves of any of the top four clubs? we had the luxury of fowler and owen. you will find it hard to name many more from any of the top 4. 

  14. To be honest I don't think our service has been lacking that much.  Despite the numerous injuries in the midfield department, I feel we've created plenty of chances, especially in the two most recent games.  Our problem has been in not taking those chances, whilst trying to bed in a relatively new defensive line up (which has suffered it's own injuries this season).  And I think N'Gog has done far more in that regard than Voronin so far this season.

    Obviously it's going to be hard for anyone to fill Torres's boots, but at this moment in time I would choose N'Gog ahead of Voronin every time.  I agree that Voronin is a decent player, his record says as much, but he hasn't done anything in a Liverpool shirt so far this season to warrant selection.  In the long run maybe N'Gog et al won't be good enough either, but going off performances so far I've got more hope for them than Voronin of ever making it in a red shirt.

    Samsamire - I agree that every supporter should do just that for any Liverpool player while they're on the pitch: support!  I'm disgusted whenever a Liverpool player gets booed by their own fans.  I think my devotion wavers with players like Voronin and Babel because it doesn't seem to matter to them as much as I think it should.

    They always look to blame someone else when something goes wrong.  Unlike someone like Lucas, who's had more than his fair share of critisism.  At least I know there's a good player in there who'll always give 100% for the team.

    But as long as Voronin is a Liverpool player I'll support him as best I can - and hope he proves me and the rest of his critics wrong.  That said, if I'm asked a question about whether a player can make a difference to Liverpool's cause or not, I'm not going to hide from it.  And at the moment my answer would be "no".

  15. "if I'm asked a question about whether a player can make a difference to Liverpool's cause or not, I'm not going to hide from it.  And at the moment my answer would be 'no'."

    And my is: 'I dont know.'

    Maybe you are right - quite probably you are... But till he is in our club there is a chance he will improve.

    I'm not deluded. I recognize the chance is slim. Extremely slim. If you asked me I would say something like 1% (and 0.5% for Babel)

    But you know what? I dont care how slim the chance is. Voronin is our player and I believe he can take this chance...

  16. Why are you suprised that a terrible players is terrible ?

  17. when i watched the game against lyon   there were loads of highlights lots of flowing movement and a fine silky finish yes voronins pony tail has it all

  18. I'll pack for him and drive him to the Airport.

    He's possibly the worst striker I've seen at Liverpool since Sean Dundee, his first touch is so bad his second is invariably a tackle.