23 Oct 2009

VIDEO: Let's hope Rio Ferdinand makes more mistakes like these on Sunday

Liverpool's defence has been poor at times this season, and with the Manchester United home game coming up, more defensive lapses could quite literally end our league season. United's defenders are not infallible though, and they're just as prone to making costly errors.

Rio Ferdinand in particular has come under fire for his mistakes recently. Hopefully he'll make some more of these on Sunday:

Ferdinand mistake vs. Holland

Ferdinand mistake vs. Manchester City

Ferdinand mistake vs. Ukraine

Another mistake like this one by Nemanja Vidic wouldn't go amiss either:


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  1. We shouldnt be banking on opposition players to make mistakes so that we can win. Liverpool should be winning because of their own performance. Given their current form, it is hard for them. But nothing is impossible.

    A bunch of childish Liverpool fans are planning to protest against G&H in this upcoming match. Instead of protesting against the owners, why not channel their energy into supporting Liverpool players during these difficult time. This would give the players extra motivation and beliefs. 

  2. I agree Gu - it's not 100% serious, just a bit of banter.  I also agree about the protest this weekend.  It is not a good idea and will only create negative feeling right outside the ground.  Plus, there will probably be the inevitable yob element trying to incite violence.  Big groups of angry football fans gathered in one place = not a good idea

  3. i have no objections to the protest as it has nothing to do with the manager or the team. its against the owners and i hate them. but frankly i dunno how much of a difference it ll make. like one fan said "they have elephant thick skin". like players and managers are held accountable owners are accountable too. english football is not like american franchise sports. the club is an integral part of the community in england. its not a tool to make profits and expand your business empire. the owners have not lived up to the promises they made. the club has been laden with debt. its sad that a fantastic club like liverpool has such rubbish owners.

  4. Oh my god!! why do you hate the owners!! it is the credit crunch!! he has bloody spent money anyway!! 76 player bought and 68 sold!! what does that tell you?? he buys them, loses faith because they are shocking and sells them...

  5. you should read paul tomkins' recent article. also credit crunch happened about 18 months after their take over. and why have they increased the clubs debt level without actually investing in the club. whatever they borrowed was used to buy the club. why should lfc repay these jokers' debts