26 Aug 2009

VIDEO: Fernando Torres hat-trick against Hull City

Fernando Torres - what a player. Here is his superb hat-trick from today's game at Anfield.

First goal

Second goal

Third goal

Two great assists from Yossi Benayoun too. As I've argued for ages - start Benayoun and he will invariably score or create goals.

Full highlights will be posted later tonight.


  1. He's so good it makes me cry. What a player. Probably the best in the world in his position.

  2. I wouldn't swap him for any other striker in world football.  I just hope that the recent good form doesn't go to the players' heads, with all the backslapping and eulogising each other.

  3. Not only is he great, but he works hard for his goals as well.

  4. He certainly has that X - Factor... Whenever he gets the ball I shiver with anticipation... And, He seems such a sensible lad, always dignified... Unlike thugs like Drogba and Rooney... He is certainly a level above them!

    Great display by the team, and Reira played for the full 90 mins! He certainly makes a difference and has it in him to improve... Way to go Rafa!

  5. Absolutely amazing. As Rafa has said, he's absolutely priceless. And he's totally irreplaceable in Liverpool. Just hope he'll continue improving as he has done so far.

  6. I know this is going to annoy a lot of people, but if you have ever played the game then hopefully you will understand my point.

    I am not crticising the man as he has just scored a hat-trick and by all accounts domintaed the game.  Yet, for me, Torres was a little fortunate and displayed the type of decision making which i think costs him when his or our form is not quite in top gear.

    lt me explain.  His first goal was outstanding.  Fantastic finishing and skill of the highest order.  However, for both his 2nd and 3rd goals i  feel his decision to not pull the trigger earlier on his right foot was the wrong one.  On both occasions, the covering defender SHOULD have made the tackle which would have stopped th move and frustrated thousands inside Anfield.  they were both there to be hit, at a good angle, on his strongest foot.  I think he often over-complicates situations, however, when on form he can recover and still find the composure to score.  My point is, when he is not on form then those decisons cost him opportunties to score and sometimes cosrt us points.

    But i am delighted for him and the team and it's the perfect tonic before next week's showdwon at the Bridge.  there is no doubt that when Torres is in form, as he is now, he is one of the finest forwards in Europe.  I just hope some can see my point regarding his decision to vut back for the 2nd and 3rd goal.

  7. Fernando Torres will refind this form soon! New owners will guarantee it!