26 Sept 2009

Liverpool’s fantastic 55-year old record must not be allowed to end

In 55 years of competitive football, Liverpool have never lost a game against Hull City. Let’s hope this record continues at Anfield this weekend.

There is no reason why Liverpool should not emphatically win tomorrow’s game, is there? At the very least, last season’s infamous home draw must not be repeated.

If Liverpool are to be considered genuine title contenders then home games against comparatively inferior opposition must surely be won. As such, anything but a win against Hull is arguably unacceptable.

Liverpool’s record against Hull City (1954-2009)

Games played = 7
Won = 6
Drawn = 1
Lost = 0
Goals scored = 22
Goals Against = 9

Games played = 7
Won = 5
Drawn = 2
Lost = 0
Goals scored = 16
Goals Against = 7

Games played = 14
Won = 11
Drawn = 3
Lost = 0
Goals scored = 38
Goals Against = 16

Manchester United and Chelsea have eminently winnable games against Stoke and Wigan respectively, so Liverpool cannot afford to lose any more ground.

Most Probable scenarios

a) United and Chelsea win. Liverpool draw.

Chelsea - 21 points
United – 18 points
Liverpool – 13 points

b) United and Chelsea win. Liverpool lose

Chelsea – 21 points
United - 18 points
Liverpool - 12 points

c) United and Chelsea win. Liverpool win

Chelsea – 21 points
United - 18 points
Liverpool - 15 points

d) United and Chelsea lose. Liverpool win

Chelsea – 18 points
United - 15 points
Liverpool - 15 points

Clearly, we need to avoid scenarios 1 and 2 at all costs!

My preferred team:

----------- Reina

Johnson ---- Carra --- Skrtel ---- Aurelio

Kuyt ------- Masch ---- Gerrard --- Riera

------------- Benayoun

------------------ Torres

We don't need two holding midfielders against Hull at home. Rafa should go with his strongest attacking line-up and the team should go for the throat from the start. We'll probably see this team though:

----------- Reina

Johnson ---- Carra --- Skrtel ---- Aurelio

------------ Masch ---- Lucas

Kuyt -----------Gerrard -------- Benayoun

---------------- Torres

As long as we win, I don't suppose it matters what team/formation we play.

We must win!


  1. the two formations and the stats prove what a idiot you are please stop your fantasy league type rubbish

  2. mmm, 'e'

    xhelsea win
    man u draw and pool win

  3. Lucas will be in the line up because he has been one of our best and most consistent performers this season. He is also not a holding midfielder and when he goes forward, that is when we see him at his best

  4. In their entire history Liverpool have never lost their last 31 league games in a row and this cannot be allowed to happen now. If Liverpool are to be considered serious title contenders then they must not lose their next 31 games.

    It is arguable that anything like losing their next 31 games is completely unacceptable and should nbot be allowed to happen.

    I blame Benitez, he has shown that with his record of only winning La Liga twice, the UEFA cup and Champions League a pitiful once each and only being a runner up once outside of this that he is obviously not up to the job.

    People may point to the FA Cup win and that he has improved Liverpool's position and points total year on year despite having less money to spend than his rivals but I think we all know if a truly great tactician and man manager like Jaimie Kanwar had been in charge then Liverpool would not only have won the Premier League 5 years in a row they would also be crowned Galactic champions having beaten Mars Rovers 5-0 on aggregate.

    We all know Liverpool should be fielding this team on a regular basis


    and it only down to Benitez that all these players have not bought out their own contracts and offered to pay to play for Liverpool.

  5. I hear Jaimie has won the title 4 seasons in a row on Championship Manager using the same players Benitez has, surely it's time for the board to recognise what we all know to be true, Kanwar is the only man who can lead Liverpool to the title!