4 Aug 2009

VIDEO: Steven Defour - Xabi Alonso's potential replacement?

With Xabi Alonso seemingly on the verge of leaving Anfield, Standard Liege playmaker Steven Defour is the latest name to be linked with Liverpool. Is he up to the task? Take a look for yourself.

Defour's agent has confirmation Liverpool's alleged interest:

"Steven's name has been mentioned not only at Real Madrid, but also at Liverpool - they are looking at him too. Normally he would stay for another year, but nobody could say no to clubs like those - and Liege would not stand in his way."

Defour himself seems interested in the move:

"I have an agreement with Standard Liege that I could go to a top club, and Liverpool fit the bill".

Defour received the official award for most valuable player (Golden Shoe) for season 2007-08, then the following season, he captained Standard to the Belgian League title for the first time in 25 years.

As the following quote illustrates, Defour seems to have a good attitude:

"At Genk [Defour's previous club] things became too easy for me. At Standard I may not play in every match at this stage, but I would rather have 20 good matches and start on the bench 14 times, than play 34 moderate matches".

Self confidence clearly doesn't seem to be an issue either:

"Even in training I've become a better player by working with players like Conceição and Rapaić. They give me advice, but they also listen to me. I've already criticized Conceição. Sérgio accepts my criticism as he realizes I am a good player."

His creative stats are pretty dire in my view: 134 career games, only 9 goals scored so for. Last season for Liege: 4 goals and no assists.

At 21 years old, I'd prefer someone more experienced to be honest. What do you think?


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