14 Aug 2009

It's official: Ryan Babel is better than John Barnes...

...at rapping. Well, he was never going to be better than Barnesy at football, was he? Take a look at these videos and decide for yourself. Prepare to cringe...

Exhibit A: John Barnes

Exhibit B: Ryan Babel


Rapping is my hobby
Rappers don’t want trouble
I'm the Liverpool star those bitches are loving
I know what time it is - I've just bought a new watch
I’ll give you a punchline: eight seconds, you’ll be knocked down
Towel in the ring
My family in the V.I.P
No caviar for us, Surinamers eat chicken
Ya'll know nothing: this is the Premier League
Representing the G
You can see this n***a with number 19
Ya'll can f*** off, I f*** with a whole team
Ya'll can talk, but you don’t get anything with it
Ya'll can't be like me, my status is too high
If rappers come to close, I have to take space
People watch YouTube to learn my actions
I have those skills, try some tricks
I was a poor n***a
Now I make f***ing money
I went from the Euro to the English pound
I put money in my pocket, now I spend money on nothing
I like it this way, I'm sure you like it
If somebody want beef, well come on
I like it with some pepper, homie
I'm sure in my life
Give me the f***ing ball, you lose both legs
And now my competition is past
If you hate me because of that, I say you’re right
If I was you, I would hate me too
I have the s**t homie
I can’t even spend all my money
Keep your daughter in sight. or you will be my family
I’ll take your daughter and let her make clean
101 Barz - this is the first time but I came hard!
I came alone, I don't have a back-up
I came because I mean it
Check it

Who knew Babel was possessed of such lyrical talent? Pure poetry as I'm sure you'll agree. And remember, Surinamers eat chicken!


  1. That surely cant be right!

  2. He's not really saying he was a poor Nigga, is he? Or now he' spending money? Oh dear!

    I have to disagree - John Barnes still outclasses him at rapping.

    Still, not as embarrassing as Man Utd's new away kit.

  3. Having considered the evidence again, I have to agree with you - Barnesy is a better rapper. Love tha pic of Ferdinand - what a poser!

  4. HA HA!!! Surinamers eat chicken. Well, you learn something new everyday, don't you?

  5. Sorry to disappoint you but those words bear absolutely no relationship to what Babel is actually rapping! Those swear words and things are dubbed on and as for the Surinamers eating chicken, they probably do but he isn't saying it here!

    Sorry to spoil the party but hey, why let the truth get in the way of anything. Make up your own 'facts', not uncommon on this site!

  6. How do you know the translation is wrong, Red Barron?  Are you Dutch?  Well, you better tell The Mirror and the BBC that they used the wrong translation because that's what they ran with.  I guess you know best though, eh?

  7. Also, if you listen to the words and read the lyrics at the same time, it is perfectly clear that the lyrics are correct, including the 'Surinamers eat chicken' line :-P

  8. In your e-mail you said:
    How do you know the translation is wrong, Red Barron? Are you Dutch?
    Well, you better tell The Mirror and the BBC that they used the wrong
    translation because that's what they ran with. I guess you know best though, eh?
    Yup and yup! But I don't care enough to make an issue of it.
    Als het u beleft meneer!

  9. Yup and yup! But I am not childish or LFC anti-biased enough to make an issue of it!

    Gissing die u blik stomme eh maakt?

    Red Barron

  10. I stand corrected! However, if you match the words to the wrap as you listen they seem pretty accurate. If they're not, perhaps you could translate? ;-)
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  11. hi guys

    ryan babel.. touted as the next henry by many.. bt wat has happened to this extremely talented young man and who is blame 4 his current situation

    first of all tryin to make a winger out of young and fast strikers always needn't be a success.. wat is rafa tryin to do... juz to imitate wat wenger tried wth henry.. 4get tat rafa.. u ve ur strengths...u cant be wenger.. he is too shrewd...its better  to treat babel as babel and not as henry..

    play him in the strikers position...he will score 4 sure
    he has a strikers physique.. can hold off defenders.. help torres by winning long balls.. and we knw he has got a cannon in his legs and can shoot the ball frm a long distance

    he is also fast and can dribble past defenders.. and he can overcome intimidating tough defenders playin physical

    in all he is an ideal foil for tores.. play them together.. atleast give a try.. give this boy confidence... and who knws he turns out to be the next henry.. coz dutch footballers are never short of talent and class...trust him ... he will deliver

  12. Test
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