28 Aug 2009

FOOTBALL CHEATS: No 4 - David Di Michele (West Ham v Liverpool - 2009)

Behold! One of the more laughable attempts at cheating over the last year.

As you can see, Di Michele lost control of the ball and in a last ditch attempt to salvage the situation, he decided to dive.

Amazingly, West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola later claimed that di Michele was unfortunate to be booked!

"I don't think he looked for it. The referee booked him, but he just lost his legs and lost his balance. I don't think it was a simulation.

Right. So the fact Di Michele immediately protested to the referee in a manner that suggested Jose Reina brought him down means nothing? Nationalist solidarity is one thing, but this is ridiculous!

NB.This series is in random order.


  1. Perhaps you ought to get your own house in order first.  Your talisman Mr Gerrard is the finest example of a blatant English diver there ever was.  Perhaps you shouldbe digging out those archives?

  2. I wonder if you'll put a certain Mr S Gerrard vs Aletico Madrid on here.....

  3. Ph, come up with a dive where Gerrard has gone to ground without any contact, yes he may of simulated more contact than what was there but a dive is where you to go to ground without any contact..... the word dive comes from jumping into water...if your pushed or someone brushes of you before jumping does that mean you are still diving no..... so try and understand the term diving before making your smart comments.  

  4. Oh and PH if you're looking for the greatest example of an english diver that award goes to none other than the great Wayne Rooney...... several occassions where he has gone to ground without contact.

  5. Realistic Observer12:57 pm, August 28, 2009

    Pot Kettle Black Gerrard anyone? He dived several times in the Villa game Monday night and he does it on a regular basis. Yes Di Michelle dived but he only did it once in a whole season.

  6. For you Colie

  7. Gerrard will be added in due course.  I have already written an article about Gerrard's diving anyway: 
    Article about GERRARD DIVING

  8. Unfortunatly diving is no-longer something that is exclusive to the foreign imports in the PL. Many British players dive, Owen, Rooney and Gerrard to name but three.

    Colie as far as I'm concerned exaggerating and simulating contact are the same thing in my book - CHEATING.

    Look at the clip below - that cannot be defended, can it?


  9. Rooney i'll give you but Gerrard is a class act in the diving stakes.  There's a couple of pearlers here - the very first video you find

  10. Add Joe and Ashley Cole to that list. 

  11. Jaimie, may I suggest that you point out that most Liverpool fans are well aware of Steven Gerrard's sporadic diving and that you have already featured it in the past every time you publish some new dives. It's a bit annoying to have countless people telling us every day. They entirely miss what you try to feature.

  12. agree totally... carra's control is funnier than the dive though