6 Aug 2009

Debunking Liverpool FC myths: No 4 - Ian Rush's most infamous comment

Ian Rush’s comments about his struggle to adapt to Italian life whilst playing for Juventus entered into Liverpool FC folklore long ago, but did he really say that living in Italy ‘was like living in a foreign country’?

According to Liverpool’s goal-scoring Legend, he made no such comment:

“I was set up! It was someone's idea of fun - probably one of my Liverpool team-mates joked that I'd said it and things went from there. I had just re-joined the club [in August 1988] and wanted to get back to playing football, not worry what was being written about me”.

In his autobiography, Rushie revealed that it was Kenny Dalglish who originally came up with the line, which he fed to journalists during interviews about his return to Anfield.

It’s a shame it's all fake really, as the comment is a big part of the Ian Rush legend and is oddly endearing in a way, as well as being hilariously funny!

It’s amazing how that quote has endured over the years and seeped into the consciousness of football fans across the globe. Indeed, the quote is so synonymous with Ian Rush that it’s possibly one of the first things people will bring up when asked about the player.

Anyway – the man himself has, sadly, debunked the myth.


  1. Why did you have to write this Jaimie it has no relevance whatsoever...One of the good things about Liverpool Football Club is that little ancedote but you have to go a ruin it..well done.

    Anyone who would have not read the biography, you have just sullied it for them, take a bow.

  2. Yes, I've ruined it. I've shattered the lives of thousands of Liverpool fans and life will never be the same.

    Get a grip!