1 May 2009

VIDEO: Lorik Cana – Do Liverpool FC need him?

Rafael Benitez is reportedly interested in signing Marseille captain Lorik Cana as a potential replacement for Xabi Alonso. Is he a player that would improve the team? Take a look at the clip and decide for yourself.

How many fouls did he commit in the above footage?!

The club already has a tough-tackling central midfielder in Javier Mascherano – is there a pressing need for another player with a similar style?


1. Strong, fast and tough in the tackle
2. Seems to have the energy and physicality to thrive in the premiership
3. Clearly a strong-minded winner and you can’t have enough of those in the team
4. Seems to have some decent skill and a good first touch.
5. Rarely injured.
6. Potential future captain material perhaps...?


1. His goalscoring/assists stats are not that impressive.
2. Passing doesn’t appear to be his forte
3. Seems like a very physical player so could be prone to suspensions.
4. Is this position one that *urgently* needs to be filled?
5. May stunt the progress of young midfielders trying to break through, like Jay Spearing for example.

For me, selling Alonso is a huge mistake unless we buy someone of comparable quality when it comes to the creative/passing side of things, and I personally don’t think Cana is that player.

However, as a replacement for Lucas Leiva I say bring it on! Lucas is a decent player but he is not really dynamic, strong or quick, and Cana certainly fits the bill in that respect.

Ultimately, I think he would be a great addition to the team...just not at the expense of Alonso.

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  1. Is he good for Liverpool? That depends on the additional moves that would need to be made by Rafa. Who does he let go or is he just in addition to what we already have. Does this move exclude Barry from Villa?
    As you can see only the mind of Rafa would know what he intends to do and why he thinks this way. Replace Lucas? Instead of Barry? Is Masch going somewhere else (Spanish)? Can Spearing play for Liverpool? Or is this just another of the 95 players that Rafa is keeping an eye on in case a buy is required?

  2. My piece of mind.
    Before I saw this video-clip, i had read article of mascherano saying that he would consider leaving if bi bucks knocks the door and club decided to sell.
    If its true that Mash is leaving, then this fellow is the direct replacement for him.
    If mash not leaving, then he is still perfect replacement for Lucas.
    Furthermore, this fellow is such iron in the midfield.
    He will provide some versatility in the term of strategy on the games that needed midfield battle such as with chelsea, man u, arsenal or even everton, as long he didnt got booked or red carded.
    He has the ability to crackdown the tough opponents midfield which will open spaces for gerrard and torres to run forward with less player marking them.
    Love to see this fella on our next season team sheet.

    SRI, malaysian Liverbird.....

  3. I would roll out the red-carpet for this chap. Roy Keane didn't have many goals or assists to his name - but who could argue his contribution?

    Lorik Cana did score a against us in the CL this season. I advise checking it out for his composure, and short hair.

    He should be brought in to augment Xabi Alonso's game; not to replace it. He is definitely an upgrade on Lucas, but to be fair, Lucas is asked to do something different than play his natural game.

    In Javier Mascherano, we have a great DM who can't pass, so we wouldn't be missing out on that either element of a DM's game if we signed him.

    Eric Cantona was constantly at war with French officials, but he did alright when he came to England. I still love that flyin kick, and the look on the chav's face.

    From what I read about him, he has a reputation for being passionate about football - and not just another tanned playboy. I don't see any clips of him with an Alice-band either- which is a good thing.

    This clip is obviously made by someone who loves that element to his game, so it definitely doesn't tell the whole story.

    Get him!

  4. We need to sign this guy right now. This dude is exactly what we need. In the last few games (Chelsea, Arsenal) it is obvious that we need to improve DM and Defense.
    Should we sell Alonso for this guy? I am not sure but we definitely need to buy him. He is fast, bloodthirsty and does not get injured. Christiano Ronaldo would not get near a ball if this guy is on the field. Also, he scored a goal against us in the CL. If you look at that goal, you can see he is composed and has some level of imagination which makes him even better. I say buy him NOW.

  5. Replacement for Alonso? Yeah because Liverpool would really want to sell him after the season he has had wouldn't they, especially when compared to Barry.

    I said at the time it was ridiculous to even consider selling Xabi for the following reasons:

    He is

    a more complete player
    a younger player
    a more experienced player
    a full international for the best national side on the planet and as good as ANY of those that play in said side.

    Barry is a very good player and one I have a lot of time for but Xabi Alonso is simply oirreplacable and to suggest for a second someone like Lorik Cana would be a viable replacement for him is laughable

    All that being said I do have a sneaky feeling that Javier Mascherano is not over enamoured by having to share so much of his playing time at Anfield. If Cana could be seen as a possible replacement for anyone it would be Mascherano and it would be because HE wanted to leave Liverpool and not vice versa.

    Just to finish off this train of thought though...

    As someone who has followed Mascherano's career since he was 18 I always believed he would be a special player in the future. I was ecstatic to have signed him and believed he could be a great player for us. While I believe he has been an excellent addition to the squad and would not like to see him leave, I do think he is slightly overrated compared to those that play his position.

    In top top class football you can only really get away with having Mascherano's lack of skill on the ball if you are a holding midfield who is a very good passer of the ball. Mascherano has never and will never be this player for two reasons: first he lacks the ability to pass the ball as well as those who play that role such as pirlo and alonso for example and second he lacks the positional sense or discipline to play it.

    He is clearly the "middle" of the midfield 3. A player who is given license to "destroy" and go box to box at times. This is again where he falls down for a truly top class side.

    If you compare him to the players who play this role he is found wanting in a big way despite his very likable attitude and work rate.

    Xavi, Essien, Iniesta, Fabregas (although not having the best of times) Toulalan etc

    This is really not meant as a dig at Mascherano and he certainly has his place in our side thanks to Mr Benitez but don't delude yourselves in to thinking he is better than he actually is.

    So is Lorik Cana a replacement for Xabi? Only if we want to put ourselves back about 4 years and is he good enough to replace Mascherano? Not given the experience Mascherano has and the fact there are MUCH better players out there who should be MUCH higher on the list should we be forced in to taking that route.

  6. Xabi isnt going, and i doubt he is half the player so therefore liverpool cana be bothered and will concentrate on a striker and a left back.

  7. I think that cana is a replacement for Xabi because he is intelligent and stronger player than Xabi.cana is only 25 years old and has a lot of experience .he has a very stronger foot at the shots from distance and from free kicks.he is like gerrard for those skills but not as good as gerrard.if you see the last match albania-portugalia he did not let christiano ronaldo to go anywhere so liverpool needs him.I think that Besart Berisha that playes with Burnley is a good striker to play for liverpool soon.

  8. Sure that liverpool need him, im sure Lorik Cana ,marseille's captain is even better than xabi alonso.LIverpool has gerrard as an mid-striker,is needed an strong midfielder who could keep the middle strong and non-touchtable by the other side,i read and watched olympic marseille.Lorik Cana is 25yrs old and he is captain ,very strong on legs,and he is simply everywhere in the stadium,mid,defender,striker.If liverpool get rid of xabi alonso, could win money and an player like Cana,who is more needed than alonso at the moment. JUST GET HIM. liverpool would be stronger with him.and he is not expensive.

  9. SIGN HIM NOW!!!.
    He is the player for our game,he is not expensive,strong,mid-defender,,he is the best for us. GET HIM NOW