6 May 2009

VIDEO: Alvaro Negredo – a decent back-up for Fernando Torres?

Liverpool are allegedly interested in Almeria striker Alvaro Negredo, with the player himself publicly expressing an interest in coming to Anfield. Could he be the back-up striker the club needs?

Negredo confirmed his and Liverpool’s purported interest in a recent interview:

"To play next to Fernando Torres at Anfield is a dream and any player would accept that, but I prefer to talk about reality and I have not spoken with Rafa Benitez, but I do know that some contact exists between the clubs."

Have a look at this clip showcasing Negredo’s talents:


1. Good touch, athleticism and decent pace.
2. A goal ration of 1 in 2 over the last two seasons with Almeria
3. Young and comparatively unheard of, so an exorbitant transfer fee will (probably) not be involved
4. Would not expect to walk straight into the team so possibly would not mind being a back-up


1. Real Madrid have a £4.4.m buyback clause
2. Relatively inexperienced. Would he cut it in the premiership?

The club should not be buying more expensive superstar strikers because it just would not work, for reasons I’ve outlined in this article: Why Liverpool Should Not Sign Samuel Eto'o

As such, I would not be too unhappy if this type of player was signed, though I wouldn’t pay any more than £10m.

What do you think?


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  1. Good touch??? Not sure how you worked that one out from the a 5 minute video, but what did seem clear was he's a decent headerer of the ball. Didn't look particularly quick but might be a good target man, we never really replaced crouchy... and rafa loves players that have different qualities from the current crop at anfield.

  2. Yes - Clearly I formed an opinion based on a 5 minute clip.

    Like many others, I watch Spanish football regularly so I've seen him play lots of times.

  3. with regularly i assume you mean on tv, and they show almeria matches all the time don't they... so how often do they play real and barca????....lol
    i agree that he prob won't mind being an understudy, which i think is important when thinking about team morale, and all these ppl thinking we need villa/eto.

  4. If you have the right satellite dish you can pick up practically anything. Plus, if you look hard enough you can find many games online anyway, especially if you speak/read Spanish.

  5. I think that Edin Dzeko would be a better option.He seems faster and more skillful on the ball.

  6. Nikola Vuk Macedonian4:10 am, May 06, 2009

    Best option Pandev and nothing else.See goals which scores for Lacio and you gone see what i`m tacking about

  7. I'd love him at Anfield but at the moment I believe this to be no more than a pipe dream.

    As someone who watches a lot of european football I'd say this lad is the perfect replacement for Real for Van Nistelrooy and there are remarkable similarities to their game.

    There is one problem however and that is he would share his time with Torres and I don't believe this is something he is willing to do. While I respect that in a young player (23) who is trying to make his mark and would sign for a "smaller" club to see more playing time, this is not what Liverpool need or want and for this reason I can see him signing elsewhere.