14 Apr 2009

What a way to go out of the Champions League!

If you’re going to go out of the Champions League - or any cup competition - then that’s the way to do it!

What a fantastic game! For sheer excitement, twists and turns, it was almost on a par with the 4-4 FA Cup thriller against Everton in 1991, after which Kenny Dalglish resigned.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about going out of the Champions League; I’m just happy the team really went for the jugular and put on an excellent display of fearless attacking football.

And the team can be justly proud of the performance, especially since it was achieved without Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. I know Torres played, but he was pretty anonymous for most of the game and barely had an impact. Hopefully, the myth that Liverpool is a one-man (or two man) team can finally be laid to rest.

I wrote before the game about how history was against Liverpool winning the tie, especially in light of the fact that in 107 years, the club had only managed to score 3 or more goals at Stamford bridge on three occasions.

Well, we didn’t win but at least we broke the Stamford Bridge hoodoo in a sense – scoring 4 goals against the meanest defence in the league is a great achievement. Indeed, the last time a Liverpool side managed such a feat was in the 1989-90 season, when Peter Beardsley et al slammed Chelsea 5-2.

Incidentally, the 89-90 season was also the last time Liverpool won the league. Perhaps that's an omen: every time Liverpool score more than 3 goals against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, the club wins the league.

Let's hope history repeats itself :-)


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