18 Apr 2009

VIDEO + POLL: Charles Itandje during the Hillsborough service. Does he deserve such widespread condemnation?

Charles Itandje is persona non grata at Anfield after his regrettable behaviour during the Hillsborough memorial service. His career is hanging by a thread and the vitriol being heaped upon him is growing by the minute; but does he deserve such vilification? Take a look at the video footage of his 'antics' and then vote in the poll.


  1. Having just watched the footage of Charles Itandje could I say, as a non-Liverpool fan, that I do not believe he was being deliberately disrepectful of the 96 people who died at Hilsborough. He was just acting like a spoilt child who's been forced to attend an event he has absolutely no interest in. I just don't believe he cares about the memory of those poor people. He is just symptomatic of the spoiled, over-protected, mercenary players in the game today. If I were in the Liverpool board's position, I'd hang him out to dry, show him the door and kick his a***e for good measure.

  2. sensitive times, he was prob laughing at the awful music, lyrics were powerful but he speaks french, i dont think he is evil but it will be difficult for him to play again in front of the fans as is football.

  3. It's kind of like the phenomenon of trying to hold back laughter at a funeral. Completely idiotic and childish behaviour, and if he was my my mate, or brother at a lower profile ceremony, he'd get his ear bent big-style. I wish it hadn't gone mindlessly headline - it was still on the Sky News ticker-tape at 02:00 Sunday.

    The ironic part is that most thought he was gone. Second-chances only come in ones, and he has had his already. He would be no loss to us if a spectacle was made; two birds, one stone.

    But there is also the take a breath, and take the opportunity to treat the remembrance-ceremony it demands, and not add fuel to an already fervent fire.