8 Apr 2009

POLL: CL vs. Premiership - Who is right: Torres or Shankly?


  1. It's natural for a foreign player to regard the Champions League as a higher priority than the league, regardless of how long it's been since we won it.
    eg. Michael Owen didn't go to Real Madrid to win La Liga, he went there for a better shot at winning the Champions League.

  2. Oh come on. Players can believe what they like. Just because they're at our club does not mean they have to share every "belief" this club may have. We do not control the minds of our players.

    You're also forgetting that when Shankly was around you had to win the league to get into the European Cup, so of course it's going to be the "bread and butter" because Europe was a bonus coming directly from that. Now-a-days you don't need to win the league to achieve European glory.