1 Apr 2009

Mascherano, Messi and Maradona massacred!

Oh dear. After basking in the glory of Liverpool's run of success over the last few weeks, Javier Mascherano has well and truly crashed back down to earth. Ouch!

As improbable as it sounds, Mascherano’s Argentina side were hammered 6 - 1 by Bolivia in a world cup qualifier on Wednesday - Diego Maradona’s first competitive game in charge of the national team.

This astonishing defeat is Argentina’s heaviest loss in over 60 years, and came against a team that contains the likes of Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez, Mascherano, Maxi Rodriguez, Gabriel Henize and Javier Zanetti.

How do comparative minnows like Bolivia annihilate a team with that much quality? It's amazing really.

Poor Mascherano – his first real test as captain of Argentina and it turns into a horror show.

I just hope this confidence shattering defeat does not have any impact on his performances for Liverpool, as he has been superb in recent weeks.

On the other hand, let’s hope that Tevez is shattered by the defeat to such an extent that his performances for Man United suffer and he's incapable of scoring goals.

Chin up, Javier. There could be a silver lining yet…


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  1. Heinze does not play for united any more!

  2. How right you are!

    Silly mistake by me, but on the plus side, this surely lays to rest the stupid idea that I'm a 'manc in disguise'. An real Man U fan would remember that Henize doesn't play for them anymore. Since I don't follow Man U and take very little interest in what goes on over there, I clean forgot.

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  4. Once a manc, always a manc...we could not care less about Heinze. Good point about Tevez..hopefully this heavy defeat will get to him so much that it will take till the end of the season for him to have confidence to have a shot at goal!!!
    As for Masch, I am sure a kick from Sammy and Rafa will be enough to make sure that he does not suffer a dip in form now at this crucial time...only downside for this game against Fulham is how fresh the players will be. Torres played virtually a full game. Most of our players who are needed to make a difference in the game played full international games.
    Hope we don't find a lethargic lfc on satuday with heavy legs costing us the three points.

  5. Mind you, Bolivia is a very difficult place to go to considering their stadium is at a very high altitude. Most teams struggle due to relative lack of oxygen.

  6. Yes Jamie how did the comparitive minnows do it?
    Nothing to do with being 3500 meters above sea level.

  7. I saw Boliva play 3-3 against Argentina i La Paz in 2001 - and the Argentine players only managed to run for 10 min. - then they walked through the match. It is horrible to be 3600 m. above sea level and have to run if you are not born there.