27 Mar 2009

POLL: Cantona, Keane, Laudrup, Law, Rivaldo or Ronaldo? Which of these is the greatest player never to play for Liverpool FC?

I've made a case for Michael Laudrup as a player Liverpool should regret not signing, but there are other players the club has lost out on that could have made a huge impact. So vote now on who *you* think is Liverpool's biggest missed opportunity.

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  1. Garry McAllister
    Though we fianly got him, he was over the hill, and still he played exelent. He should have governed liverpools midtfieldplay for a decade

  2. Gary McAllister was indeed a great buy for Liverpool. It was great to have such an experienced head on the pitch. Definitely a shame we couldn't have got him a few years earlier...

  3. Jaap Stam.

    Not because he was the best but because he was all the mid-nineties team needed to be successful.

  4. In Fowler's autobiography, he mentioned that Evans was keen on signing Sheringham from Tottenham in the summer of 1995. Unfortunately, however, the board refused to sanction the transfer on account of Teddy's age (he was already 30 by then).

    Although Collymore was superb for a season and a half, Sheringham would have complemented Fowler perfectly, in my estimation. He lacked Collymore's pace, admittedly, but his intelligence and vision would have made him a worthy addition to the squad.

  5. I agree, Sheringham would've been a good addition to the squad. I should've included him on the list actually...

  6. Cantona for me. After the FA Cup triumph versus in ..eh..'99(?), he let slip that he was a great admirer (read fan) of the great Liverpool sides in the way the played football. Souness was asked be Platini if he would be interested in trying a talented, but tempestuous Frenchman who wished to play for Liverpool, but he turned the offer down. Doh! He gave Utd the spur that brought them their first title under Ferguson. We were missing a character during the nineties who could be an inspiration to the abundance of talent we wasted back then. If Brad Friedel was in goal for Evans first two seasons as a permanent fixture instead of James, and Mark Wright was fit all the time, we would have won the league.

    Cantona'a famous flyin kick was the best thing I'd ever seen a player do. It was the sign of a real proud warrior who wasn't going to have his family name sullied by a chicken-chav. He was also very humble regarding the trappings of the beginning of the millionaire footballer epoch, and didn't get caught up in that whole scene during that era of the Spice Boys, and the heyday of Brit-pop. He drove a Honda Accord, while his team-mates all drove Porches, and married hisBut he was far from humble when it came to football, and was very focused. Something that was is short supply at Anfield, and no player of that time springs to mind as an equal. You have to put aside the fervent rivalry to appreciate the missed opportunity. IMHO

  7. Good stuff, Aiyic. I agree totally - Cantona was a superb player and a breath of fresh air. Like you, I was on his side over the flying kick incident.

    I also agree that with a few tweaks in the mid 90s, we would have won the league. Liverpool under Evans were such an exciting team to watch! With McManaman, Fowler, Collymore spearheading the attack, and the joy of still having John Barnes and Ian Rush in the team, it was great. Between 95 and 97 we definitely should have won the league, but for various reasons, some of which you've touched upon, we fell short.

    Even though we weren't winning much during the Evans era, I was a much happier fan then, not least because the football we were playing was so damn exciting :-)

  8. I can't believe that CR gets the most votes on this. I was delighted that his summer move to Madrid fell through. And I hope the same happens this summer as it's obvious he hasn't got the stomach for a fight. With Madrid looking a shadow of their former selves and the coach situation far from resolved, he might be put off from making a jump into the unknown.

    As regards Laudrup, did we actually come anyway close to signing him for him to count on this? I have no memory of it.

    This guy is such a narcissistic chancer that I congratulate Houllier for dodging that bullet. In fact it could be the biggest dodged bullet since Lee Bowyer thought himself too good for us. His huffing and puffing while sat on the grass makes my blood boil. And his puffing of cheeks when taking a free kick alone would get him booed off. As Dave Usher said, "Is that free-kick routine the most ridiculously cringeworthy thing in football right now? I think it might just be".

    As regards Laudrup, did we actually come any way close to signing him for him to count on this? I have no memory of it.

  9. My second paragraph above was meant to be moved down. So the third paragraph is about CR.

  10. Haha. Completely agree. That free kick routine really is laughable. Someone should do a parody of Ronaldo along the lines of Special1 TV. Have you ever watched that? It's hilarious. You'll find it on youtube.

    We actually came fairly close to signing Laudrup, twice in fact. I did an article about it: http://www.liverpool-kop.com/2009/03/michael-laudrup-liverpool-fcs-biggest.html

  11. Denis Bergkamp behind Fowler would have done it for me