30 Mar 2009

Martin Skrtel - How could you say such a thing?!

In the aftermath of Slovakia’s hammering by England, Liverpool defender Martin Skrtl committed the ultimate sin when he said something that no self-respecting Liverpool player should ever say.

Clearly disoriented as a result of being so far away from Anfield, Skrtl proceeeded to break one of the most important unwritten laws by which all Liverpool players are required to abide:

“Thou shalt not praise Manchester United players in public”.

Sktrl not only praised Wayne Rooney, he damn near eulogised him:

“Wayne Rooney was one of their best players. He doesn’t only play against the defenders but also midfielders because he drops so deep. He is one of the best forwards in Europe."

There is nothing I hate to see more than Liverpool players gushing over the ill-disciplined thug that is Wayne Rooney. Steven Gerrard made a similar mistake last season with his ill-advised ‘Rooney destroyed us’ comment.

With Gary Neville telling anyone who’ll listen how much he ‘hates’ Liverpool, and Rooney himself recently declaring that “I grew up as an Everton fan hating Liverpool — and that hasn’t changed.”, the last thing we need to see is Liverpool players drooling over United's players in public.

I demand a retraction! ;-)

NB. This post is toungue in cheek, just in case anyone thinks I'm actually seriously criticising Skrtl, though the basic point remains: Liverpool players should not be fawning over Man U players in public.


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  1. Firstly, Skrtl had an absolute mare against England and even if my 6 year old son had been playing he'd have run rings round the defender. Secondly, I thought that when Skrtl joined us he looked just as bad, but over time has aquitted himself to be a valuable addition the team. Maybe it's because he's playing with other good players that actually makes him look better than what he is.
    And lastly, he should be instantly dropped for the comments about Shrek, and made to train with the reserves, maybe he might find his level there.

  2. are you serious :D

  3. Mancs are jealous of our history our fame and our popularity because we have won trophies in the right manner, that's why they hate LFC. Evertonians are just BITTER and jealous that's why they hate LFC. koppites just pity them because they don't know any better and that's why our players give credit where credits due no matter who a player plays for.

  4. Jamie, you're being facetious, right?

  5. We're all fans here and appreciate good football - that's why we support Liverpool. Skrtel similarly appreciates it, and that's why he joined Liverpool. Though sometimes he's not afraid to point out that other uglier players do play well. Utd are a true two-man team and Rooney is one of those two men. So let's give credit where credit is due. He's a good player, albeit born on the wrong side of town, very confused about his loyalties, and currently plying his trade on a sinking ship. Cheers to Shrek, who hates Liverpool - he said so himself, just like he said he loved Everton. Maybe we're the ones who should be confused.

  6. Hey Aiyic - At the bottom of the post it states i wasn't being entirely serious :-)

    However, there is a kernel of truth to my point - For me, ability in a player is not enough; character and attitude are also important, and Wayne Rooney is a prime example of the worst kind of 'modern' footballer, and is a really bad role model for kids.

    If Skrtel or Gerrard praised, say, Giggs or Vidic, I wouldn't mind so much, as players like that are a credit to the game.


    I wish I could believe that Man U was a sinking ship, but you just know that they'll be back even stronger next season.

  7. This comment is completely irrelevant to the post, but I thought I might express it anyway. In light of Heskey's unfortunate injury on England duty, he might be unavailable for Villa's visit to United on the weekend.

    Hopefully, this will compel Martin O'Neill to revert to the formation that Villa employed to superb effect in the first half of the season - Carew up top with Agbonlahor and Young supporting on the flanks. This might bode well for Liverpool.

    Apologies for the whimsical nature of this post; just a perfunctory observation.

  8. Indeed - since Heskey arrived, Villa have been in comparative freefall, so it could be a good thing.

    On the other hand...Old Trafford...two consecutive defeats...three in a row? I can't see it. I don't what the stats are but I'm sure it's probably been 10 years or more since United lost three league games in a row.

    Then again, stranger things have happened...

  9. Its ok to give a comment about a fellow professional, Thats the sign of GOOD Professional Player. Thats says how magnanimous Liverpool Players are. Man United players are arrogant as their club and who don`t have respect for fellow players. Ofcourse there are exceptionally rare players in Man U, Like Giggs, Robson. I just hope there are few players like Martin Keown, Viera in EPL to teach Man U players a lesson.
    Selvan , Liverpool fan

  10. Its ok to give what's due. Everyone has their on and off days, and roni probably had a good day for the 3 lions. As liverpool fan we quietly like him not to play well for manu

  11. Skrtel is excellent, who cares what he says about the ape - it's only a matter of time before he brutalises a whole selection of different players (including man utd ones) in the premier league and personally I'm looking forward to it...having someone as intimidating as him in our team is undoubtedly a good thing...he looks great in the tunnel before the games too - total psycho look about him.

  12. .... its Skrtel not Skrtl
    and dont diss skrtel hes a ledge

  13. I agree that Liverpool fans shouldn't be "drooling over United's players" however I do believe that this is one of the many reasons that Liverpool and United differ.  Liverpool players aren't afraid to give respect when it's deserved.  They are reasonable enough to admit when a Manc had a good game.  Manc's, on the other hand, tend to have the "screw all that is Liverpool" attitude and are purely disrespectful.