30 Mar 2009

Liverpool-Kop.com is looking for writers with a unique perspective on Liverpool FC

Liverpool-Kop.com is looking for writers to contribute articles to the site. if you're interested, please read on.

The aim of the site is to:

1. Take a critical, analytical view of all matters relating to Liverpool FC and offer a different perspective on the club.

2. Defend 'old school' club values, the Shankly philosophy and the 'Liverpool way' of doing things.

Anyone who frequents Liverpool fan-sites can clearly see that most of them just regurgitate the same old media headlines ad infinitum, offering stale, clich├ęd homogenized views.

The most pertinent example of this is news headlines. The minute a new story about Liverpool is released (via the official site for example) thousands of sites have taken the story, altered the headline a little and just posted the same thing again.

I personally don’t see the point of this as it’s just mass plagiarism on a grand scale. And who wants to read the same story over and over again anyway?

Liverpool-Kop is different – the site only publishes original articles that take a very specific point of view. The site comes in for a lot of criticism from the blind-faith brigade and those that think that anyone with a critical approach cannot be a real fan, but this is only to be expected.

It’s important to offer people a different perspective to the same old stuff being spouted every day, which is why the site remains popular, despite the best efforts of its detractors.

What the site is NOT looking for:

1. Fawning articles that drool over players/management (i.e. ‘Fernando Torres is the greatest ever…’). The web is filled with ego-massaging articles deifying players. Such articles are a waste of time.

2. Match reports (Every site has them, so what’s the point?)

3. Articles that regurgitate widely available news stories. *Articles that comment critically on news stories are welcomed.*

What the site IS looking for:

1. Critical analysis of any aspect of the club

2. Critical analysis of players/tactics/formation

3. Analysis of why something failed/why something was a success

4. Articles exploring/analyzing Liverpool FC’s history.

PRIORITY: Someone to do a comprehensive daily/weekly LFC transfer news round-up.

Articles do not have to be negative. Far from it! Writers can be as positive as they like *as long as there is a critical basis for the positivity*.

For example, the site is not interested in ‘Steven Gerrard is world class and amazing!’ generalizations. If you hold such a view, then it must be backed up with analysis and reasons why you believe this to be the case.

Furthermore, writers do not have to agree with me! You can openly disagree, as long as your articles adhere to the guidelines I have outlined so far.

The ultimate goal of the site is to build up a community of writers who each hold their own specific views about LFC – views which are based on critical analysis instead of fawning blind-faith and following the crowd.


  1. hi guys
    Wat Rafa said about Lucas is not right.and wat Rafa is trying to do is defend his selection. He has his favourite players in the team. And one of them is Lucas along with Dirk Kuyt.
    I wont actually say that Lucas is a bad player. But his way of play doesnt suit the english game. he is a kind of player who needs a lot of space in midfield, which he wont ever get in the english game. if he isclosed in on by the defenders he would struggle to control the ball and give away passes.he needs to develop hisball control skills... he is a brazilian and its really a shame to knw tat he cant dribble... lets forget dribbling in english game coz it takes a lot to do tat.. but what he can actually do is learn frm gerrard abt ball controls and the surging runs of a midfielder.. he seems to have a penchant for passing and giving  through balls... and everyone remembers he giving a magnificent through ball to gerrard...and that ended up in a goal. so he has got to polish off and fine tune his skills.. to be a part of this liverpool side.. and obviously Aquilani will replace him and if someone like van der vaart comes in.. then he wud surely be on the benches.. Anyways Rafas favourite doesnt seem to be favoured by fans.. gud luk lucas

  2. The worst thing that happened to Liverpool FC was Benitez winning the Champion League. The Kop adored him & he has lived on that success ever since. "I will create a new dynasty." was the headline in the Liverpool Echo in 2004. Unfortuneately, five years down the line, we are still waiting for `The New Dynasty` to begin.
    Whether you are managing six typists in an office or five thousand employees in industry management is an art. Management of a top level football club with great star players, good players and yes mediocre players and managing to blend these people in to a team that BELIEVE they can be successful is an art that only very few aspire to. I fear that Mr Benitez is not one of these few.
    Bill Shankly could make a player feel ten feet tall while demoting him to the subs bench. Bob Paisley`s cloth cap image belied an astute football brain that inspired the players under him. And dare I mention the dreaded Ferguson, with his own brand of psychology, inspiration & downright fear, the most successful manager in the last twenty years.
    How many times has Gerrard given a `Roy of the Rovers` performance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Or Carragher play out of his skin in defence. Have you ever heard Benitez praising these players. the stalwarts of his team? Unless I missed it I haven`t. On the contary Mr Benitez`s idea of inspiration is to send Gerrard video tapes of WHERE HE`S GONE WRONG. Words fail me.
    Way back in the mists of time when LFC had their great teams players were still criticised yes, even screamed at from the Kop. This is healthy & one of the reasons LFC remained at the top for so long. Players knew that they didn`t dare play below par. It is not healthy to say that everyone who dares to criticise the club are traitors. If the moronic blind faith brigade wish to politely applaud an nil nil draw against a bottom of the table club that is their perogative but please don`t criticise fans who make constructional intelligent criticism in an attempted to but a once great club back on top.
    Liverpool have just lost to Sunderland. I hope all you supporters, who have paid a lot of money for your season tickets, are content to sit out another unsuccessful season. Liverpool will never win the premiership with Benitez in charge. Personally I don`t think he could manage his way out of a wet paper bag. An opinion, incidently, I have had since 2004.
    For all you Koppites now straining at the lease no doubt with steam coming out of your ears sit back relax & contemplate these two thoughts. Benitez is not God. Niether are Gillette & Co., in my opinion the worst thing that ever happened to LFC, devils incarnate.
    I`m off to Anfield now with a large wet paper bag that I intend putting Mr Benetiz in just to see if he can manage his way out. I FEAR I WILL HAVE A LONG WAIT.
    For the record I have supported the club for more than forty years.      

  3. Lucas make us loose the title last season with stupid free kick and penalty he  conceeded during the last stage. He doesn't bring anything at all for lfc. Time to change Kuyt as well. Why he is not playing Babel at his place.