25 Apr 2008

Video: Phil Thompson's priceless reaction to John Arne Riise's own goal against Chelsea

Liverpool legend Phil Thompson was not impressed by John Arne Riise's own goal against Chelsea last night, as the following video clip shows!

Thommo's reaction

It was obviously a nightmare goal for Liverpool to concede, but from an objective standpoint, it was one hell of a finish! I mean, he gave the keeper no chance ;-)


  1. lol.

    but sigh... I screamed too. except that it was too early in the morning down under to be making any sort of noise.

    what did he say at the end when the other bloke was laughing?

  2. Hey Hazwan,

    I have to admit, I was choking with laughter when the goal went in! Of course, it was a body blow but the improbability of the goal just seemed funny at the time.

    I can't figure out what Thommop screams that the guy 0 it sounds like 'PENGUIN!', but that surely can't be right...?