30 Apr 2008

Nice one, Rafa! Your stupid Drogba mind games have backfired

Half time: Rafa's pointless comments about Didier Drogba's diving have come back to haunt Liverpool, with the Chelsea striker scoring the goal that may knock Liverpool out of the Champions League.

Drogba is obviously fired up by Rafa's comments, as emphasised by the fact he sprinted over to the Liverpool dugout and took great delight in celebrating right in in front of Benitez.

Overall, Chelsea look like they're really up for it, and they've no doubt been motivated by Liverpool's cocky arrogance leading up to the game.

And quelle surprise, Steven Gerrard has been anonymous against Chelsea again, but that's no suprise, is it?

And Rafa has gone with the 4-2-3-1 formation that has never yields results against top defences.

Ridiculous decision all round, Rafa.

having said all that, if Crouch comes on, Liverpool still have a chance. The big man's hold up play alone will be worth his introduction, as so far, Liverpool's hold up play in the final third has been sub-par.


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