3 Mar 2008

Ryan Babel: A 'delicate doily' who needs to start acting like a Man

Every time Ryan Babel talks to the press it's the same old story: his fragile confidence. Is it up? Is it down? is it sideways? WHO CARES? Players who constantly need a pat on the back in order to ensure they perform are not what Liverpool need, which is why, in my view, Babel will never make it at Liverpool.

Babel does not have a winning mentality and his comments in the press this season prove that. He comes across as someone with a fragile ego who can only perform if his confidence is sufficiently high.

Emile Heskey was the same - a confidence player who always needed an arm around his shoulder before he could consistently perform well.

And like Heskey, Babel is massively inconsistent; he will perform well one week and the next, it's like he's a different player.

A prime example of Babel’s tiresome preoccupation with the state of his 'confidence' came after Liverpool's recent Bolton victory, where he said:

"I think that was one of my better games for Liverpool and I felt more confident as the game went on"

"We had a great week training and built up a lot of confidence. Today we played well and showed that confidence on the pitch.

"I was happy with my goal, of course, and it'll give me some confidence also. Hopefully I can push on now after that performance."

Why can;t Babel be self-confident? He plays for LIVERPOOL FC – the greatest club in the world! That should be all the motivation he needs to feel confident.

Confidence has been Ryan Babel’s theme tune all season. After the recent Sunderland victory, he stated:

"Hopefully we have taken a first step towards regaining confidence, which is a bit low at the moment".

Is there any benefit in telling the world this? And he went on:

"We haven't been doing well the past few weeks. Our captain Steven Gerrard already said that confidence is a bit low at Liverpool at the moment”.

Such comments should be no surprise coming from a player who clearly has no self-belief:

"I can't physically cope with the terrific pace of the Premier League. I invariably face a tall task, even also against the so-called small teams".

This obsession with confidence is maddening, and makes Babel come across as someone whose head will drop at the slightest thing, which clearly seems to be the case.

No doubt, after the Bolton game, Babel will have been waiting for all and sundry to praise him to the hilt, so he could build up his confidence. 'You were amazing Ryan!' - 'Fantastic goal, Ryan' - 'You're the best, Ryan', and so forth.

And what happens if such ego-massaging praise is not forthcoming? Babel's confidence will probably nosedive. And therein lies the problem.

I’m so sick of pampered players who need to be made to feel special and wanted before they can perform. Players like Babel are living the dream - they have everything handed to them on a plate, yet they still have a problem motivating themselves.

Whatever happened to players who just went out on the pitch and did the business? Players who had the self-belief and mental strength to motivate themselves?!

Modern footballers are ladyboys compared to footballers of the past, and Babel exemplifies this.

Poor little Ryan – such a fragile personality who can’t hack the pace of the premiership and needs to feel loved before he can perform.

No wonder Liverpool have struggled this season – the team is full of delicate doily’s who do not have the stomach for a fight and can’t perform unless everything is sweetness and light and their fragile egos are being massaged.

The club needs is strong-minded, tough players with self-belief with a real winning mentality, not precious wallflowers like Babel, who lose their confidence at the drop of a hat.

Liverpool have never prospered with this type of player and *will never prosper* with this type of player.


  1. ermmm ure gonna look super stupid when babel becoms a superstar next season ..
    Jamie Kanwar= mancuian

  2. Keep regurgitating what the media feeds you, Prashant. You are a sheep. He won't do the business long term for Liverpool. He's a baby who's fragile confidence weakens every time the wind blows.