15 Mar 2008

Revealed - The truth about Fernando Torres’ 20 league goals

Fernando Torres has become the first Liverpool player since Robbie Fowler in the mid '90s to score 20 league goals in one season. It’s a fantastic achievement, but glancing through Torres’ list of league goals, the real truth emerges, and it's not good news...

...for teams that score he scores against! The fact is, if Torres scores in a league game, Liverpool do not lose. His goals stats below illustrate this:


Mar 15 - (H) Reading (W) 3-0 (1 GOAL)

Mar 8 - (H) Newcastle (W) 3-0 (1)

Mar 5 - (H) West Ham (W) 4-0 (3)

Feb 23 - (H) Middlesbrough (W) 3-2 (3)

Feb 2 - (H) Sunderland (W) 3-0 (1)

Jan 12 - (A) Middlesbrough (W) 1-1 (1)

Jan 2 - (H) Wigan (W) 1-1 (1)


Dec 26 - (A) Derby (W) 1-2 (1)

Dec 22 - (H) Portsmouth (W) 4-1 (2)

Dec 2 - (H) Bolton (W) 4-0 (1)

Nov 10 - (H) Fulham (W) 2-0 (1)

Oct 7 - (H) Tottenham (W) 2-2 (1)

Sep 1 - (H) Derby (W) 6-0 (2)

Aug 19 - (H) Chelsea (W) 1-1 (1)

Torres has scored in fourteen league games this season. Ten of those games were wins, the other four draws. So, if Torres scores then the other team can basically forget it - they 'aint winning the game!

The goal stats also reveal that that Torres loves playing at Anfield – 18 of his 20 goals came from twelve home games. Considering there have only been fifteen Premiership home games so far, that’s a brilliant return.

A few more away goals wouldn’t go amiss though– only two so far. Hopefully Torres will redress the balance a little in upcoming games, preferably against the Mancs and Arsenal.

In total, Torres has 20 league goals in 24 starts and I have no doubt that he will make the 25 league goal mark by the end of the season.


  1. Oh my gosh!! Imagine my utter shock and surprise at finding that mr negativity here, Jaimie, has somehow managed to put a negative spin on the fact that Torres has reached the 20 goals in a Season mark and is backhandedly repudiating him. I'm just stunned. I really am.

    ( .....did I pour on the sarcasm a little too thick back there? Don't worry Jaimie, chances are that Torres wouldn't catch your hero Ronaldo for the Golden boot award. Rest easy now.)

  2. thanks for your comments about 6CM, you are doing an excellent job of sending new posters are way. It is certainly livening up the place over there
    again thanks for that

  3. That's really ironic, because I get hundreds of visitors from 6CM every day. Why? Because the idiots on that site have some kind of unhealthy obsession with me. The amount of threads they've started about me over the last year is ridiculous.

    Take today for example - why are we even having this conversation? Because someone on 6CM started yet an other thread about me, to which I responded with a short note at the top of the site.

    Have I ever written an article about 6CM? No. I wouldn't waste my time. But over there, they have about 50 threads about me.

    Pathetic really. But thanks for the traffic :-)

  4. No doubt Torres is the best forward in the league this season. The law of averages say he he WILL start to score more away...at least more than he has....but he may always feel more comfortable at Anfield and always tally more for the home crowd.
    What impresses me most though is the developing partnership between Torres and Captain Fantastic(Gerrard of course). They are starting to really understand each other very well. With Babel coming into his own and Masherano making the 18 million we paid for him look like a bargain....we may be finally witnessing the emergence of a group of players that can win the EPL...all anchored by Cpatain Fabulous(Torres!)

  5. I agree - Torres is one the best in the league this season, but Adebayor at Arsenal has also been superb.

    The Gerrard-Torres partnership has been fruitful recently, but it's not like it's been that way all season. I'll wait to see how it develops over six months before lauding them with praise.

    Gerrard, Mascherano and Torres are playing well, but, let's see how they do against top opposition - recently, Liverpool have been player poor premiership teams and teams that struggle to keep ten men on the field.

    In the coming weeks, we have Arsenal 3 times and the Mancs to contend with, as well as a high pressure game against Everton.

    We'll see what those three are made of in those games, and if they perform, then that will be a promising sign for the future.

    Gerrard invariably goes missing in big league games v Manure/Chelsea/Arsenal etc. Torres has yet to score against Man U/Arsenal, so let's see...

    It's all well and good doing it against the likes of Wigan, Bolton, Reading, West Ham, Sunderland, Newcastle and the ten men of Inter Milan. When are Liverpool going to produce against Arsenal and Man U in the league? Soon, hopefully.

    As for Ryan Babel - I don't think he's going to cut it in the long term, but we'll see.

  6. what is the point of this post? you've told us nothing we don't already know, can't you write something interesting?

  7. If you don't like this site, why are you reading the articles?!

  8. "That's really ironic, because I get hundreds of visitors from 6CM every day. Why? Because the idiots on that site have some kind of unhealthy obsession with me".

    That's why you feel the need to continuously sign up using different usernames, the last time starting a thread about you by you. Who's obsessed with who exactly?

  9. Get real. That Ahmir Tosser was not me. In fact, I sent Rosco proof that it wasn't me via email. The idiot has been bombarding me with abusive emails for the last three days. So nice try ;-)

  10. Its interesting that, with some irony, you paint a whole forum of posters in a similar fashion to what some of them paint you as. If you are 30 odd then try rising above it all. Its somewhat childish to have your editorial banging on about one website, that you don't happen to like because you think they don't like criticism of LFC. I've been a member there since it started and believe me, they do criticism of LFC in bucketloads. Why can't you grow up about it instead of banging on about it?

  11. Six Crazy Minutes, with very few exceptions, is a forum full of idiots. If you want to be tarred with the same brush, then continue posting there.

    Certain people on that forum are obsessed with me for some reason - take a look below...about 30 different threads slagging me off to varying degrees:



    And in the last couple of days, yet another one started by some moron named Ahmir, who they are trying say is me in disguise!

    Whatever abuse I pile on that forum, it's deserved and then some.

    I find it incredibly funny that these idiots get so hot under the collar. The most pathetic thing is why...if you've followed this spat from the start it all stems from one thing: My views on Steven Gerrard.

    Cretins like Brendan, Singlerider and the rest just couldn't hack criticism of golden boy so they spat their dummies out proceeded to act like the terrace yobs they truly are.

    And now, they can't hack the fact I give as I good as I get.

    They can give, but they can't take, and you, whoever you are, are probably just as bad as them.

    And yes - they do criticise LFC on that site, but posts like 'Fuck off now, Benitez' and the shedloads of slagging that goes on is not real criticism' - it is just a bunch of ignorant, posturing, sub-tabloid cyber-yobs spewing pointless vitriol.

  12. Jesus. You just won't have it will you? You really are never wrong. You mention 3 or 4 posters out of several hundred and that makes most of us a "bunch of ignorant, posturing, sub-tabloid cyber-yobs spewing pointless vitriol". So you disagree with some of them and they disagree with some of you. I get the feeling you actually love it all because it just adds to your "notoriety". Sad really, because with all of your negative, so called realistic (you do realise opinion isn't fact don't you?) criticism, you do have some points that people agree with. They just get hidden amongst the vendettas - like some 6CM posters. So you're pretty much the same as those you berate. So Jaimie is all about the ratings or is it all about LFC? I'm yet to be totally convinced its the latter when you use your editorials to try and settle the same childish scores you're complaining about others doing.

  13. Forgive me if I find it hard to take someone who posts anonymously seriously. And as far as I'm concerned, anyone who posts on SCM gets tarred with the same brush.

    The truth is, SCM is full of people just stand by and do nothing whilst the hardcore idiots like Brendan spew forth their vitriol. It's just like the school playground where bullies run in packs trying to intimidate anyone and everyone, whilst the so-called moderates like you just stand by and watch, not having the balls so say anything.

    Anyone stands by and watches them character assassinate me or condones posts with titles like 'Sissoko is a cunt' or "Fuck off, Rafa' and says nothing whilst players, management and other posters are slagged off in the most vile manner deserves nothing but contempt.

    SCM is a cesspool of idiots and it's not just me who thinks so. Lots of forums across the net can see it, and if you are a real fan, then you should leave that pathetic site and go and post somewhere decent - like RAWK for example.

    Now that site has a forum full of passionate fans who know how to have heated debates without calling each other cunts every second word.

    I couldn't give a toss about 'ratings' as you put it. I want the site to be successful, but so what? Doesn't everyone who has a website?! My aim is to build a community of writers with lots of differing views, positive and negative. I am the first writer on the site and I will be followed by many more over the next 6 months.

  14. Ah, now you're using the "if you are a real fan" and "I don't take anonymous posters seriously" line. I'm not being abusive to you, I'm debating with you. I'm showing you that contrary to your experience of 6CM being a "cesspool of idiots", that people who post there regularly can engage in debate without vitriol. There are plenty more like me. To be honest I'm offended by someone who doesn't know me lecturing and patronising me about where I should be posting to be a real fan. What next? Real fans only sit on the Kop? etc etc. As for being anonymous, well if I was being threatening or abusive, then fine I'd concede your point. But I'm not so I don't see the problem. Besides, aren't usernames on sites pretty much as anonymous as people want them to be?

  15. Please spare me the crocodile tears! I have no problem with Anonymous posters, but you've had a tone of condescension the whole time, which is typical of SCM posters.

    And the depth of your fandom is not an issue - I'm sure you're as passionate as anyone else. However, if you post on SCM then for me, you condone abuse, intimidation and sub-tabloid 'debate'.

    I'm more than happy to debate anything LFC related with you, and I'm sure if we did, we would do so in the proper manner. It was *you* You brought up SCM, not me, remember? If you had merely discussed LFC related issues we wouldn't be having this connversation.

  16. The simple fact remains gentlemen, We all support the same team! For fucks sake get a grip. Torres is the most exciting liverpool prospect since the lad from toxteth burst onto the scene way back in 1993. It doesnt matter who posts where or whos who and who thinks whos great or shite!

    If you dont like this lads posts, dont read em, if you dont like him, avaoid him. Its as simple as that, the fact that he has emphasised fernandos scoring record doesnt show negativity at all, it merely shows the facts. He merely states that hed like to see him score more away goals, which is something wed all like to see.

    Ive never heard of 6CM because im new to this but judging by the immaturity shown by Mr Anonyous, im not too interested in finding out about 6CM either.