17 Feb 2008

Give the pessimism a rest, Carra. You're supposed to be one of Anfield's leaders. Start acting like it.

A raging victim complex is crippling Liverpool FC at the moment, and Jamie Carragher’s latest negative, pessimistic comments are irritatingly symbolic of this.

Carragher has often been lauded as the best Captain Liverpool never had. Indeed, many fans argue that it should be him and not Steven Gerrard leading Liverpool.

Well, this season, that idea has been well and truly blown out of the water, as it seems that every time Carragher opens his mouth, a stream of downbeat negativity spills out.

The worst thing about it is that Liverpool’s senior players, like Carragher (who are supposed ‘leaders’ who should be doing everything to motivate the club and the fans) who are the biggest culprits.

And it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in a sense because, every time the team plays badly, someone moans in the press about how bad things are, and then the whole situation just continues.

I wrote last week about how Liverpool’s winning mentality had been replaced with a loser mentality, and Carragher’s most recent comments just confirm this even more.

When asked about the club’s current bad spell after the Barnsley defeat, he whined: “I wouldn't call this just a bad spell; it's been a lot longer than that. We realise that we are not playing well enough. It's not a matter of putting your finger on one reason. It's simply because we have not been good enough".

He went on: "We're devastated obviously. It's a major, major blow to go out of the competition to a lower league team at Anfield. We realise that's not good enough”.

Carragher’s self-pitying moan continued: "This clearly isn't the best preparation for Inter Milan. But we had the same situation last season, when we lost to Arsenal twice in the cups and people said we're finished before we'd even played Barcelona. But we got through on that occasion and, hopefully, this can be the same again”.

Carragher continued to state the obvious when asked about the fan response: "You get feedback from supporters all the time. Obviously, they are not too happy about things at the moment. Myself and Stevie (Gerrard), because we are local lads, hear a lot from supporters and we are supporters ourselves. We know what is being said. The supporters are as disappointed as we are".

Carragher concluded: “We can't do anything about all the things that are happening off the field. We just have to concentrate on improving the football side”.

Just like Gerrard a few weeks back, it seems as if Carragher is passing the buck and indirectly blaming off-field events for the team’s abject performances. If this is not the case, then why mention anything off-field events at all?

And these comments are not a one-off-Carragher has been a fountain of pessimism over the last few months, as illustrated by the following assorted public comments.

After the recent West Ham defeat, he stated: "We've got to sort it out very quick, otherwise fourth place is going to be in danger as well. We just need a couple of results to get the confidence back”.

After the Middlesborough draw: ”At the moment, the confidence isn't quite there, we're not quite at our best”.

After the Reading defeat in league: "At the moment, obviously, the confidence isn't great and we're not playing as well as we can. We realise that, we're not stupid".

In another interview: "We should be doing a lot better, but we've just got to try to get through this period and come out the other side".

In a recent newspaper interview: "We are not good enough. It is not one particular 'this' or 'that'. It is just that other teams have been playing better than us. We have obviously got to improve both as individuals and as a team".

When is this constant moaning in the press going to end?!

What possible purpose do Carragher’s comments serve?!

I’m sure there will be apologists out there who will argue that Carra is just being ‘honest’, but what is the point? It is obvious that Liverpool are struggling; players do not need to spell it out in such explicit terms in the press.

In all my years as a Liverpool fan, I have never seen such a constant stream of players moaning to the press about how hard things are. It’s pathetic and makes a mockery of everything Liverpool FC stands for.

Self-pitying negativity is not what fans want to hear from the senior players at the club. The likes of Carragher, Gerrard and co should just put a stop to their tedious whining, start taking some personal responsibility for this shambolic season and quietly get on with working hard and to improve their performances.

Whilst this continues, the team will continue to wallow in mediocrity. Strong, positive leaders focused on constructive improvement are needed at Anfield.

Sadly, at the moment, all we have are moaning, self-pitying ladyboys with a collective victim complex.


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