11 Jan 2008

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  1. If anything, its high noon that we dump BR. FSGs thinking is questionable too. Joe Allen is mediocre, Borini is just as bad. Personally, I feel the demise of Dalglish was Comolli in bringing in cheap players on the expensive whereas experienced, talented players were not scouted.

    Liverpool cannot only invest in young talent, the team needs experienced talent. FSG cannot go on about their game plan based on Moneyball only.

  2. what a complete and utter shit Rodgers is. How dare he blame the kids. Like Hodgson before him does he not take responsibility

  3. Please. i ask again STOP calling lawrenson a LIVERPOOL LEGEND. 

  4. tony you must be too young to remmember the Lawrenson Hansen partnership otherwise you would not make such a ridiculous statement

  5. Without doubt, you do not originate from within 60 miles of Anfield, (though I suspect a lot further) your views demonstrate a distinct absence of knowledge of my football club,you've probably never played. Normally I'd recommend people like you to Man.city- however a complete change of sport, possibly synchronized swimming may suit you better.
    Another year, as things gain +momentum under BR, you will claim "I always new if we stuck with BR things would get better,you can't keep a good man down etc.etc...."

  6. So they should just fire him? This is the right manager for Liverpool. You should support Chelsea. It is a group. It is all about the GROUP. Group=Team=LIVERPOOL. It takes time to build, and he should get at least 3 years before anybody judges him. Its a young team, playing beautiful football, that will only get better and better. The  future is very bright for Liverpool football club. If the owners let him go after 1 year the owners should go as well.

  7. I must first declare my bias as a United fan. Now that that's out of the way I promise to be brief. My first reaction to the news that Liverpool had signed Rodgers as their Manager was met with disbelief as I struggled to arrive at a good reason for the decison. Exoperience--nope, had very little. Success-none, unless you count, slightly improving upon what Martinez had started at Swansea. That said, I believe that most folks would accept that Laudrup have made Swansea a better team, save for the nightmare of Sunday past. But, while Liverpool carved tham apart, if your honest and I know that this is tough for ardent fans:), but let's say that you are, you will agree that the task was made 74% easier due to 7 regulars being left on the bench or given the Sunday off. I had the same feeling not to long ago when Man U pu 8 gals past Arsenal. I was thrilled beond belief but i quickly put it into perspective as Arsenal played without so mant regulars on the day.
    What Liverpool have in Rodgers is a blowhard that falattters to deceive. He has more talent than most of the EPL yet he has Liverpool, yes Liverpool, over 25 points of United. We keep hearinf of the what-ifs and next year--WTF! United have been in transiton for yeasr but they still continue to win trophies. They have a team of boys,  with English Internationals Cleverley, Smalling, Welbeck and Jones under 23. Kagawa, Rafael, Hernadez, DE Gea are under 23. Evans,Young, Valencia and Anderson are just under or over 25. Yet they continue to win and win and win. No excuses! No wait ubntil next year. No wait until this kids mature. No BS--they just continue to build and rebuild and win. Liverpool need to find a proper manager and that 'aint rodgers'

  8. If Roy Keanes remarks/ideas regarding other players around the ball were were taken seriously, the overhead/scissors kick would also merit a red card, why Southgate and Dixon let him away with it is anybody's guess but mine is they were afraid he'd chin them  

  9. Time will tell! I think he is doing better then Ferguson did in his first year. It's his 1st year! Hallooo... let's be realistic here. To implement a system like that takes a long time. I am sure if he gets the time to do it then he could be a great manager for a long time. He has the character to lead a big club. 

  10. If they field a strong team in every game they will make cl because they are playing one game a week. We need to remember the fixtures for above us teams are very difficult and teams might drop points too. Go LFC for the win with the winning mentality and never look back or slow down.

  11. ferguson has a short memory-remember what he did to norman whiteside!!!

  12. steve nichol is wrong on 2 counts...and remember thoe a good player, was known as a player lacking in the grey matter, by most liverpool players at the time....ask dalglish souness, hansen...first suarez is world class..who would or could we get to replace him? noone...second fergie banned cantona afer fa said it would help case it never cantona was out for longer..fergie only said this on friday...he said liverpool were lucky they did not ban suarez or he would of been out for longer...and added knowing what he knew now he would of never put a ban on cantona....nicol has been out of game too long plus never been a manager in england...

  13. Steve Nicol is one of the odd noises coming from so-called Liverpool fan who want Suarez to be sold! I am quite sure he is in the minority because a great majority of Liverpool fans would definitely like Suarez to stay for as long as possible!
    Suarez has a problem and what we need to do is to cure him not to cast him away! Like it or not he is a pure genius on the field! We would be mad to let him go! I would rather let Suarez wear a muzzle when playing rather than lose him.
    Thank God Brendan Rodgers is the manager and not Steve Nicol!

  14. With all the attacking midfielders we are supposedly chasing, I pray to God that we cut Joe Allen. He never moves forward; only laterally or backward. We need better despite the fact that BR loved him last summer. Weakest transfer from last yr..........

  15. How can this reporter say that suarez has prostituted himself to madrid and whilst there seems to be a comment policy on the same page.... all you media freaks need to just relax on the suarez saga and if he is going to leave than good luck to him.... he doesnt owe anyone anything, you lot would be out of a job if you didnt have people like suarez.............

  16. Well with all respect to the comments concerning Southampton and Swansea - History is bunk as Henry Ford said. Liverpool may have been a great and successful club in the 60's,70's and 80's but it ain't now. Back then there wasn't very many clubs who could compete with the 'pool both financially and on the pitch. - Changed days - there are just too many clubs who can now. And it shows.

    The club are living on borrowed memories and new players to the game will not remember the good times at the 'pool as they were not even a twinkle in their parents eyes. The good times have gone. Gerrard is past it, Louis is cheat - not worthy of wearing the shirt and BR looks clueless. That combination alone is just about worth mid table mediocrity. If you wish to argue the converse - Look at the history of Sunderland , Wolves and even Huddesfield - all great clubs in their time - but now sadly not

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  18. ghoulam é un très bon jouer il pourras aporté bcp a liverpool

  19. allé vous faire foutre vs é vos jugement de valeur a deux balles

  20. innocent Ogbonnaya11:35 am, August 18, 2013

    I honestly qestion Borini's future at Anfeild giving that his master who bought him does not trust him.To be honest again here,that guy is an enforcer,fast and brilliant.I had thougt that he would have substituted Daniel at around 15 minutes 2 go against Stoke as he Dan looked worn out and tired.Please Rogers give him chance as a striker.

  21. you missed out another Liverpool player who is really blue. Stevie G - see the link http://www.thespoiler.co.uk/2008/04/04/steven-gerrard-is-an-everton-fan/