22 Nov 2007

Crouchie exposes the technical ineptitude of England's prima-donnas

Peter Crouch’s performance against Croatia proved once again that it is utter madness to consider selling him in the January transfer window.

Crouch was the only player to emerge from the Croatia train wreck with any credit, scoring a goal that illustrated the excellent technical prowess that puts so-called ‘world class’ players like Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard to shame.

Crouch has now scored 14 goals in 24 games for England, and that tally is gleaned from only 11 starts! Not good enough? Well, what about Crouch’s Champions league form? He’s now scored 10 goals in the last 12 games! Still not good enough?! What about 18 goals and 7 assists from 30 starts last season?!

It is patently obvious that Peter Crouch is having a consistent and measurable impact on Liverpool and England. As such, it would be complete and utter lunacy to sell him.

In my last article, I proved with indisputable facts that Crouch is a Liverpool asset:


I will now go one further and say that I believe Crouch is the most technically gifted England player in England. The ‘good touch for a big man’ cliché just belittles the fact that Crouch is clearly streets ahead of his more illustrious England colleagues.

As I said in the above article, if you start Crouch, he will invariably score or create a goal for you. This happened again with England, and Crouch should start again against Newcastle on Saturday. He deserves his place, his confidence will be high despite the defeat, and he does not need to be rested since Benitez has kept him on the bench for most of the season thus far.

Crouch must stay, and Rafa must get over his apparent dislike of Crouch and start making decisions that benefit the team and not him personally.


  1. Brings a tear to a glass eye. He's gone now! And he was getting better all the time.
    I just don't get Benitez most times.

  2. I feel the same, Aiyic. Crouch was on Benitez's shitlist so it didn't matter how well he played, he was never going to make it. Crouch's goals/assists record was superb and he whenever he played he almost always scored/created a goal.

    Benitez has basically screwed Crouch. He's gone from the lofty heights of Liverpool to comparatively lowly Portsmouth. His confidence is probably shattered and to top it all off, Capello has dumped him from the England team.

    When you consider the treatment of Crouchie alongside the poor treatment of Alonso, Finnan and Riise, Benitez becomes less and less likeable.