15 Nov 2007

Gerrard: England more important than Liverpool

Coming hot on the heels of his ‘foreigners are taking over the league’ comments, Steven Gerrard has angered many Liverpool fans by proclaiming that playing for England is ‘ a lot bigger’ than playing for Liverpool.

I have been repeatedly shouted down when advancing that opinion that Gerard cares more about England than Liverpool, but once again I have been proved right. Gerrard stated:

"When I join up with England, these games are bigger than Champions League games or league games. You're representing your country. If you go to a major tournament and play well or achieve something as a team it's going to be a lot bigger than achieving something at your club."

Gerrard’s disappointing views are arguably at odds with the majority of Liverpool fans, who prioritise club over country. Not that Gerrard seems to give two hoots about damaging the expectations of his loyal fanbase:

"Maybe that is supporters being selfish. As a player, you want to play in the biggest games. Those are European [Championship] games and World Cup games."

It’s nice to know that Gerrard considers games against Macedonia and Trinidad and Tobago to be more important than games against AC Milan and Arsenal.

These comments confirm what I have been saying for years about Steven Gerrard: He is more interested in playing for England than Liverpool. In that respect, he is similar to former Liverpool player Michael Owen, someone who has shamelessly prioritised country over club for years.

Gerrard’s comments are depressingly unambiguous, and whilst I can understand his patriotism, this is not what you want to hear from a Liverpool Captain. The fact that Gerrard is a homegrown Liverpudlian makes it even worse, as there is now a damaging dichotomy between him and the Scouse fans that worship him every week.

Fans love to believe that Gerrard is an extension of them, representing their hopes and dreams as a ‘local boy done good’. The reality is sadly very different. Gerrard is as far removed from the average fan on the street as it possible to be. He lives in a different world, and has nothing in common with the fawning fans who put him on a pedestal.

In my view, the reason Gerrard prefers England over Liverpool has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with vanity. He wants to be immortalised on the international stage, and considered one of the best players of all time. He is hungry for the fame that the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Maradona enjoy. It’s all about 'Stevie Me' and what he can achieve for himself, rather than having anything to do with the team or the pride of England.

With these comments, Gerrard is close to destroying the special bond that exists between Scousers and ‘one of their own’. Would you ever hear Robbie Fowler say such things? .


  1. i wholeheartedly disagree.

    "You're representing your country. If you go to a major tournament and play well or achieve something as a team it's going to be a lot bigger than achieving something at your club"

    tell me, where in that does he suggest country being more IMPORTANT than club? he claims (rightfully so) that the results of matches involving nations will be bigger because it's ENTIRE NATIONS involved. bigger != more important.

    who's to knock him if he wants glory on the world stage. i can't believe you're actually belittling our player, nay, our captain who wants to succeed in every aspect imaginable. that's disgusting. that someone we support week in, week out should want to be the best for club AND country and you find a problem with that.

    you want to compare michael owen to gerrard, it seems the only thing they have in common is being english.

  2. Now this isn't a case of being objective ..... this is blatantly done 4 the attention it will no doubt get you as people tell you how ridiculous your claims are ? how dare you twist his words to make an article of no substance whatsoever ? he is a red through and through and he has not angered any reds in saying what he has , even in its most literal form it doesn't equate to what you are implying ?  playing for your country is a MASSIVE honour and he has every right to say what the hell he wants because there are no Reds questioning Stevie G's integrity to the club ...... bar you ? you know exactly what you're doing when you write this rubbish .... odd like , real odd ......

  3. Hannah - get off your high horse. If you don't like this site then don't visit. Your views are welcome but cut out the derogatory comments (which are against the comment policy), or I will ban you.

  4. you'll ban me for what ? I don't quite understand what grounds you have to ban me for whatsoever ? because I question what you are saying and can argue my point as well as you do ? I haven't been abusive, used foul language or really said anything of any great resonance other than in direct response to the articles content and your comments (which I found were condescending tbh) unlike you who took one word I used in a valid argument out of its context and turned it into motive for an attack against home grown fans and our values, implying my respect 4 our past equates to ignorance ? It isn't me on my high horse in fairness ..... disagreement with your opinions and a personal dislike towards being condescended are the only reason I commented back ,ok fair enough they may have been negative but that does not make my comments derogatory just cos they oppose yours (bar my last 1 which il edit now b4 i go and i apologise 4) ... just saying... and no I have no issue with the site just with certain posts on it .....