26 Oct 2007

'Proper Scousers' push for 'Fan Apartheid'

The Kop should be segregated from the rest of Anfield and preserved for ‘proper scousers’ only…

This is the pig-ignorant view of a growing minority of extremist Liverpool ‘fans’ who believe that anyone born outside Liverpool is incapable of being a proper fan.

It all sounds depressingly familiar. Apartheid anyone?

Apartheid is generally defined as: ‘A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups’.

The idea that the kop should be segregated just for 'real scousers' is a moronic idea, underpinned by insidious discrimination and xenophobia...

The further notion that Anfield would be louder and more intimidating if the Kop was full of scousers is also nonsense. In my experience, the dwindling atmosphere at Anfield is more to do with bitter, cynical scousers spending more time complaining about ‘wools’ than focusing on the game.

Respecting the worldwide fanbase

These same ‘true fans’ are the ones who always go on about how you can’t be a ‘real fan' unless you watch games at Anfield. This simplistic view ignores the practicalities and realities of the situation, illustrated by simple mathematics:

1. Anfield Capacity – 45,000
2. Worldwide fanbase – Millions+

Even if every fan *could* travel to Anfield, it would be impossible for the vast majority to even into a match. Tickets are ridiculously hard to come by and general sale is very limited anyway.

The simple fact is this: Without overseas and out of town (OOT) support, Liverpool FC would wither and die. Of course, proper scousers will never accept this point, claiming that they are the ‘lifeblood’ of the club and have a greater affinity with the club due to the fact they are Liverpool born and bred.

The vast majority of LFC's huge fanbase is outside Liverpool and the UK, but I suppose they should just be ignored them because they're not 'proper' scousers?

Proper scousers should be thanking the overseas and OOT town support, not denigrating them, as it is this support that provides the lion's share of LFC's merchandising income, which allows the club to attract top players and managers to the club.

Massive Scottish influence

I myself am a Scot, and I feel I have as great right as any 'proper scouser' to stand on the Kop, considering that a large part of LFC's enduring legacy was built on the shoulders of Scottish managers and players. Take away the Scottish influence from LFC and the club would still be languishing in division 2, a million miles away from the world class club it is today.

I'm proud of the Scottish impact on Liverpool, and it is this influence and the contribution of a multiplicity of different nationalities that has made LFC into the greatest club in the world.

On a related note, LFC's success has *never* been founded upon the talents of homegrown 'proper scousers'. *All* of Liverpool's success in the modern era has been created by managers and players born outside Liverpool. Hardly any homegrown players featured in the all-conquering sides of Shankly, Paisley, Fagan and Dalglish, which again makes a mockery of the idea that scouse fans should take precedence.

This should be reflected and *is* reflected in the worldwide fanbase, and to suggest that 'proper scousers' are better fans or should have priority on the kop is arrogance and ignorance in the extreme.

The fanbase is representative of the historical demographics of the club. That is the way it is and the way it should be.


  1. Ha ha, I knew it, a bitter out of towner.

    Keep Anfield scouse.

  2. dats da biggest loada shite ive erd  scousers come from the kop and are liverpudlians born n bred frm da city  the fans from the docks that made the kop famous throughout the world  liverpool is the most fanaticial football city in the country and could fill that ground 10x over every week  all these norwegians and southeners n whatever else is bringin are proud idenity down  and taken half the fukin tickets when they should be goin to propa liverpudlians that have a natural instinct to follow liverpool  the kop deserves better than fukin easy chants and dodgy accents from every corner of the globe  bring back the real spion kop  1994 RIP

  3. Why would you not support a Scottish team over Liverpool then?

    Scottish people have had a big influence over clubs all over the country and the world.

    I don't need to mention the success Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson have had with Manchester United.

    By your logic you'd be just as well supporting Nijmegen, Bolton, Cardiff, Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa or Arsenal Ladies!!

    Could it have something to do with the fact that you wish to hide the inadequacies in your own life by clutching onto to the more successful coat-tails of anothers'?

  4. OOT fans who bang on about 'having the right to support who they want' and 'without OOT support LFC would die' are typical of the Sky TV generation football supporter - i.e. those that 'chose' to support a club, most likely when they were at the peak of their success (How many Man U fans started 'supporting' Man U in the early '90's?

    Footy shouldn't be about numbers of supporters or financial clout, its in your blood. You support a team because your dad did or your grandad or mum or whatever, you don't just pick a team to start liking, what's the point in that? If footy teams lose their local support due to OOT fans then we might as well start changing their names. Man U could be the Northern All Stars or whatever. These aren't footy teams anymore - they're franchises. No wonder Scottish football is in such a sorry state with people like you choosing to look elsewhere. Support your local team - encourage others to follow you too and maybe one day they'll be successful.